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How to help the child to get used to kindergarten of

you received the permit with the place in kindergarten? Fine! Congratulations! And why such fright and alarm in eyes? Of course, of course. We understand. Quietly. The main thing to get it together and to calm down.

Task № 1 - to help the kid to adapt. How?

Council № 1. to begin to train the child for thought of a garden In advance. To walk nearby, to tell that all adults go to work. And children when become adults, go too to work (the emphasis is placed on the word the adult) that the child already big. It is important as children everything want to grow up somewhat quicker. Conversation is conducted unostentatiously, not every day, and sometimes. If you walk, pay attention of the child when other children go from a garden or to a garden.

Council № 2. It is very important that the mode coincided. At least in a month you transfer the mode to sadikovsky: early rise, lunch in 12 and a dream.

Council № 3. Play with the child a garden. Show it theater, play with his favourite dolls or plush toys that he just was a passive listener. You take dolls and you do everything, as in a garden. Some toy - the tutor, another - mother with a bear cub etc. You lose completely all day: have breakfast, walk, play, have dinner, sleep, have an afternoon snack, and the emphasis is surely placed then that parents come for it... As separation and fear that they will be thrown most difficultly are endured by the child. Show every day such performances. Surely focus attention that, for example, mother - the doll takes away the baby and praises it that it the adult, was at work that mother came for it as in a garden nobody remains and all are taken away home. It is very important.

I the last, never ask the child, it was pleasant or not to it in a garden. Why to chafe his soul. And if he answers “no“ what you will tell? The child has to take a garden for granted. It is pleasant - it is not pleasant, it is necessary to go. And it is obligatory to praise it for the fact that he fulfills the duty and goes to work. And in general all warn, especially acquaintances and grandmothers, grandfathers that in soul did not climb. Never discuss and do not condemn a garden in the presence of the child, and you praise even better what there occurred. Someone came to you, and you:“ Oh, and we have a news - ours (Mischa, Yura, Vanya) became absolutely adult, it goes as the father to work now. Such good fellow“.

Of course, children different. My son, when went to a garden, too, of course, worried. And I all on nerves was, but tried to keep. And he as then told me, was not afraid to remain since remembered the scenario of my performance - mothers always take away the kids home. Good luck to you and your kid.