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Crimean diary

16 of July, 2009, 24. 30 h. Long-distance bus station, 9 people: 2 families + dog (spaniel + terrier) and 4 more persons, guide (tourist`s bureau “Chernov G.“). Went on a comfortable minibus with the TV. Cost 3 - x the day permit (360 hryvnias) included journey and accommodation, food and excursion programs at own expense.

Wanted to sleep, but sleeplessness. Night seemed heavy, the back was tired indescribably, stops at stations of the passing cities did not rescue. The dog as a part of tourists was for the first time - is brought incredibly up and noble, on a neck a handbag with the address and a phone number on a lead.

on July 17, 7. 00th mornings. A stop in the first city of Ordzhonikidze. Cool weather, review of vicinities, beach (2 hours): bezhevo - light pebble, water transparent.

Following stop Koktebel. On the road the Blue mountain valley, vineyards open to a look. The beach in Park of writers, in the territory Voloshin`s Museum. Souvenir alleyka, amusement park. The coast without sand - dark cobble-stones.

Following stop Karadagsky biological research station (SUPER!) - an aquarium with sea inhabitants, a botanical garden, a dolphinarium and sea walk on the boat along Mount Kara Dag. Walk on the boat and a dolphinarium (show of dolphins and seals deserve separate words) - juggling, acrobatic numbers, the mathematical account, drawing and auction selling the picture painted by a dolphin (it is sold for 300 hryvnias). Walk on the boat opens to a look picturesque pictures of the mountain. It cannot be passed and it is necessary to see in the life! View of mountains from below up. Among the sea a stop for diving from the boat. In the mountain there is “A bay of lovers“ and “Gate of desires“. This excursion at own expense on 50 hryvnias from the person.

the Stop for the night in. A pike perch (the private sector, on 2 persons in the room), conditions awful, but what was seen blocked all defects and minuses of a trip by 10 times in the morning. 1 day in the Kara Dag replaces on a positive and a saturation there is 1 year of life! With 18. 00th free time and rest. Collective “5 drops“ for acquaintance and sound sleep to a break.

on July 18, 9. 00th mornings, New World. Paid excursion “the Golitsynsky track“ (SUPER!) where Golitsyn stored in cellars and stood the wine. It it is necessary to take place in life! Height of the mountain is 450 meters, extent is up to 3 km., duration of 1 - 1,5 hour. Pedestrian walk at the height of 45 meters, a footpath was specially created by dynamite explosions. There was a rain, rocky steps were wet and slippery, it was terrible and dangerous, but nobody returned back. The view of the city from top to down - intercepts breath. Came back a pine short track. Stopped in a bay on the beach to bathe, saw dolphins. The dog the Small chest dived with the owner, climbed up rocks, chased seagulls.

After a lunch. Height of fortress is 162 meters, extent is 1 km., duration of excursion is 1 hour. Foot high-rise walk. On an eminence there is a museum, it is possible to be photographed with a hawk or on camels. From height all Crimea is visible! The Genoa fortress needs to be seen too and to walk surely on it. The cost of excursion is 20+5 hryvnias.

on July 19. The solar valley till a lunch. Visit of company shops of the Crimean wines (in a container and on pouring red, dessert, sparkling, cognacs, port). I do not understand, I cannot describe taste.

After a lunch Feodosiya. Hot, the beach without shadow, walks on the embankment. To 18. 00th free time. Visited the museum in the form of the ship of the writer A. Green (the author of the works “Running on Waves“ and “Assol“). Here the exhibition of the young artist Nadia Rusheva who died in 17 years, but in time to draw 10 thousand drawings is located. The museum accepts for an exposition and storage drawings of children according to Green`s books, took the address.

B 18. 00 drove off home in Nikolaev. I remained more than is happy, that record on video was gone. Helped out the bought disk “Appointment to the Crimea“, the film has to be shown. Stopped in Krasnoperekopsk and Dzhankoy on parkings (many cafe, the market and wholesale trade in melon). Profits in 24. 00. The road passed easier. The Crimea - a heavenly spot on Earth! I advise all.