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Autotravel across Scandinavia (part 1) of

I Will be very glad if information stated by me helps any of you with drawing up a route and the budget of a trip.

Route : Riga - Paldiski (Estonia) - the ferry - Kapellskar (Sweden) - Stockholm - Karlstad - Oslo - Bergen - Andalsnes - Lillehammer - Elverum - Karlstad - Stockholm - Kapellskar - the ferry - Paldiski - Riga.

route Extent : 3806 km.
trip Terms : 27. 06. 2001 - 13. 07. 2001.
Purpose of visit : to admire the nature of the Western part of Norway with arrival on the way back to Stockholm.

Participants of a trip :


About beauty of Norway I for the first time heard

from the acquaintance last year. He so enthusiastically told about this country that he instantly inspired me for travel on this northern pearl. But last year circumstances developed not in the best way, and I decided to wait. It was necessary to wait not too long because at the beginning of May of this year everything spoke well for the forthcoming trip.

During the winter I developed a detailed route with places of parking and visit of various amazing places. Obtained information from the above-mentioned acquaintance and partially from the Network. Also the friends living in Sweden helped.

Actually direct preparation began

on May 21 with registration of the passport of the daughter (the term of its action expired this year). This procedure took 3 weeks. In parallel with it I got acquainted with the prices of the ferry (www. tallink. ee). The choice fell, naturally, on the Paldiski ferry - Kapellskar. Through one of tourist agencies a month before departure booked tickets for the ferry there and back, having chosen a class B2 cabin - 1, and also issued safety policies according to the minimum program (0,55$/day). In the Norwegian Embassy learned about an order of receipt of a visa to this country. The following documents are necessary:

  • the questionnaire (it is filled on the place, but signatures all leaving in the original are required, for iskl. children);
  • of 2 photos to everyone;
  • of the passport;
  • tickets for the ferry there and back (or at least confirmation on a reservation);
  • safety policies on all driving off;
  • the invitation or confirmation of armor in places of the planned stops.

on June 12, having received the passport of the daughter, rushed off in embassy, but was not in time (operating time with 10 to 12). It was necessary to wait for Thursday as on Wednesdays there is no reception. Terms are threateningly reduced - on June 27 by steam, and there are no visas yet and the reservation needs to be redeemed not later than 3 days before departure. And here 23 - 24 more numbers - the national holiday Ligo in addition financial side of a trip cannot be solved in any way - money it seems here - here have to appear, but slow down small subquality work of three (!) at the same time handed over objects (I work in construction). Tension increases...

there Comes the 14th - run in embassy. As I had no invitation I agreed in department of visas that I will provide them the reference about a post and the income, instead of confirmation of armor in hotels to convince them of the financial solvency. First they, it seems, agreed, but at the last minute all - the documents confirming that I made a reservation of a lodging for the night demanded from me. As I explained to officials of embassy that the planned places of my lodgings for the night for certain will be corrected depending on various circumstances, they were unshakable. Therefore it was necessary to find quickly in the Network of the address of the Norwegian campings for implementation of this requirement. I give the address - www. camping - east - west. as. The answer received immediately from several campings and these papers to me helped to overcome ridiculous formality. At last, on June 15 all documents are handed over, it is necessary only to wait and hope for the best, and also to beat out money from customers. The visa is made out within 10 days. It turns out that a deadline of obtaining visas and redemption of tickets - on June 22, but it is possible and not to get on well at my case. Tension increases...

About a miracle!!! 22 numbers in 10. 00 long-awaited call from embassy - documents are ready! From there I run in tour agency to redeem a reservation, in the same place I make out “green card“. Already easier, but remains not solved a financial question. In the remained days I, to all other, need to pass checkup. The car not a message what - VW Passat 89 - go years of release. Two years go - it would be time to be engaged in repair also. On Monday 25 - go numbers stopped by in service - changed all running for $400, and from there for checkup, but not here - that was. Found still different small things :(. Mood - you understand, but the peak, apparently, is passed - the part of the expected money was received in the evening. Since morning again in service, children eliminated all claims for $100 and hinted that it would be advisable to change the brake shoes “to a heap“ also. But I regarded their eagerness as desire to untwist me on unjustified additional expenses and refused (as further it appeared - very in vain). There took place checkup in the evening! Tension falls down...

But tomorrow to drive off, and finance sings romances. It was necessary to make every effort on the solution of this question and, with the God`s help, the 27th in 12. 00 I with money are ready to assemble the car to departure. We buy on a market provisions for all the time of travel (in Norway everything very expensively). A mistake was the fact that I blindly trusted in information in the Network concerning import to Norway of certain types of products (in particular - dairy, alcohol, fresh vegetables). In actual fact it turned out that examination of baggage is a mere formality, only in Estonia for a moment slightly opened to the customs officer a trunk lid, and in Sweden and Norway this procedure was not at all. So mine to you council - collect everything that you will count necessary in order to avoid unnecessary expenses in a trip. Then we take just in case from acquaintances tent (we planned to spend the night only in cottages), we exchange currency and in 14. 30 safely we leave. In four and a half hours, having passed 335 km, we appeared in Paldiski port, but did not consider that a ferry departure time local therefore only in more than three hours we sailed from the mooring.


28. 06. 2001.

B 8. 00 we arrived to Sweden. Departure from the ferry took place without delays and soon we already rushed on the route. Suddenly from under the car some unpleasant sound was distributed. I did not allow thought that it is malfunctions in the car, but, in that case, what it could be? It appears, a dividing strip (and sometimes and lateral) here relief. Having run into it a wheel you obtain information on a deviation from a trajectory of the movement on the strip. Nicely!

of the Road here excellent quality therefore to go lower than 120 it seems as well as indecently. First I was very cautious with a speed and “hung“ on a tail at local - the Latvian habit to avoid meetings with police affected. But very quickly adapted to their culture of driving. In everything the respect for participants of traffic, in particular to pedestrians was felt. To pass the person at the crosswalk - a sacred duty, to be displaced slightly to the right when overtaking - too. And police officers in Scandinavia do not hide on bushes and do not humiliate the advantage with requisitions from the, to see greed for them already a remnant of the remote past. By the way, for all the time of travel I never happened to meet them on the road!

Road E18 is the two-way cloth in each direction which is periodically passing into the highway. Rest in specially allotted places, and on the highway at congresses according to indexes or on gas stations. By the way, WC is at all petrol filling stations. Gasoline in Sweden fluctuates from 9,30 to 9,50 SEK/l (a comment of 0,9$/l).

Weather stood hot and we drove over Vasteras on a kupalka ( Kemp. Jovudden ). The quite good town - boats, a canoe, water bicycles, and also a swimming bath, cafe and other. Went further. At me in plans was to stop in a camping for Karlstad, so it also turned out. Children already began to complain from a heat and time - 17. 00. The camping was called Skutberget - Karlstad, 4 asterisks, on the bank of the big lake. Cost for the place for tent + the car made 180 sek. Season peak in Sweden and in Norway with 22. 06 on 04. 08, and in other time of the price is 30% lower. From all Swedish campings this was pleasant to me most. In Sweden of campings much less, than in Norway therefore they are very big. And you understand, the more the camping - the is less than cosiness and purity. On this indicator the above-mentioned camping differed to the best from the others in which I happened to stop.

Run in a day - 410 km.

29. 06. 2001.

lodgers are obliged to Leave a camping to 12. 00. At us usually and left - until children wake up, we will have breakfast, we will pack tent and things, on hours already 11.

One more important point! We took with ourselves two gas 5 liter cylinders and an odnokomforochny tile to make a lunch on stages. But, in principle, it is possible to do also without them as in each camping there is a kitchen with el. plates on which without problems it is possible to prepare something to the road and to put in a thermos, or to boil water further to fill in with it quick-cooking macaroni, mashed potatoes or porridge.

After Karlstad the landscape slowly begins to change. Flat sites come to an end and low mountains begin. Border between Sweden and Norway transparent, and you understand that it appeared in other country, having noticed only small distinction in a road marking (the white dividing strip becomes yellow), before it having, however, passed along the green channel of border point (there is nothing to declare). we curtailed into Mysen on 22 - uyu the road, consciously going round Oslo - our plans did not include visit of the cities (children quickly are tired). Exceptions made Bergen and Stockholm. Further curtailed on 4 - uyu in the direction on Roa . On the road one more stop to bathe - of Sanstangen . The truth very abrupt descent to the lake. Before Roa of the first two tunnels 1 and 1,5 km long. Impresses, especially when you fly in it on 100 km/h in addition from a bright daylight. The first several seconds you go nothing without seeing - something new! Further passed ten two - three tunnels of various extent (7,5 km came across even!) . For Roa curtailed on 35 - uyu in the direction on Honefoss. In the downtown the road passes by beautiful falls (on the right side), it is visible from the car. Then curtailed on 7 - uyu in the direction on Bergen. For Noresund the beautiful road along the mountain lake begins. Having passed kilometers 40 we stopped in the first camping which occurred in our path. It is called - Stavn Campingsenter. The nice place on the river bank. In it it was pleasant to children at once as on a trampoline (they were almost in each camping) children froliced, and it is more important than any falls and rocks for them. Place cost for tent + the car made 80 nok, still added 10 nok for the adult to it and for 5 nok for the child. Total - 110 nok. Time - 20. 00.

Run in a day - 406 km.

30. 06. 2001.

Since morning was drizzled by a small rain (the only time for all trip), we descended in a shower (depending on a camping from 5 to 10 nok in 3 - 5 min. hot water) and moved further. On the road of interest for the sake of came into some shop. I give estimated prices for food:

  • milk of 0,5 l - 20 nok;
  • frozen - 10 - 25 nok;
  • white loaf - 18 - 20 nok;
  • beer of 0,33 l - 15 - 25 nok;
  • of Pepsi - Coca of 0,33 l - 15 nok;
  • cucumbers (sticks) of kg. - 10 nok;
  • potato it is old. kg. - 8 nok;
  • potato pier. kg. - 15 nok;
  • cabbage of St. kg - 6 nok;
  • of egg of 1 piece - 2 nok.

the sun appeared Again. After passed of Gol the real mountains and rocks began! Beauty is indescribable! I do not know whether will be though somebody who will not be delighted by this wild northern country! I guarantee that any tourist who visited Norway will take true pleasure from contemplation of this magnificence!

Soon drove up to the Voringsfoss falls (he was marked out in my guide by three exclamation marks). Entrance on an observation deck - 20 nok. Unforgettable show! Surely visit, I recommend.

At once behind it several tunnels of various extent. And the road goes under a bias of 10%, a leg on a brake all the time. As a result I filled with smoke rubber. Rescued that I with myself carried the 5 liter canister with water, and after the tunnel there was a platform for rest - directly among steep rocks. It was necessary to stop for lunch and to pour out all available water on the heated disks. Council: surely before a trip check a condition of brake shoes, otherwise you will get into a similar situation. To all other the engine at my “horse“ is rather weak for such rises too - 1,6 l. When I climbed the streaming road with a bias to 12% to panoramic places with three passengers and a full luggage carrier, heart clenched from a strained sound of operation of the engine.

continued by

Through an hour a way, left from poslednegog the tunnel and got to Heaven! Not to be at other loss for words for a camping under the name Mabodalen! Very picturesque place in the middle of mountains with excellent lodges and a beautiful lawn for tents. There are a summer cafe and bar with a unique interior. Directly in the middle of a camping the whole avenue of sweet cherry, and berry already ripe and very sweet grows! We removed a lodge on 3 krovatny places for 300 nok. Lodges are absolutely new, still water and WC smell of a pine, inside. A sin not to uncork the small bottle which is laid up on such case! I recommend to stop exactly here!

In general finishing in all cottages where we stopped, was only from a tree, any synthetics. And still the important detail - at them is forbidden to smoke in lodges therefore air pure and easy. Everywhere there is a rangette, the refrigerator and a heater.

Run in a day - 185 km.