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To be happy in a full family!

to be very kind, tender and gentle. Loving. To care and cherish. To read books, to learn letters and figures, to allow to jump on the father, to walk, climb and run. Here so one-year-old Nikuli`s father a question of mother “Answered and what is, darling, man`s education?“ Where here education in the true sense of the word, I was perplexed...

A it is also education! In everything. In game, walk and a dream.

Having thought over words of the husband, I could not catch in any way a thread of thought which curled in my head. Re-read several times when suddenly on the word “care“ I understood! In his words and idea of education there are no words “abuse“, “forbid“, “punish“. There is just Lyubov. Boundless and comprehensive.

Of course, the father spends less time with the kid, not so often feeds, not so often tries to put on a pot, not so often calms and listens to whims, not every day explains what to eat bugs and sand is impossible that a ball others, and everything it is impossible to buy in shop; that it is impossible to bite mother and to go to cellars that it is impossible to walk all 24 hours and though sometimes it is necessary to go home, to eat, sleep and wash that the leg on a table is not put that in porridge do not put a toothpick, and cookies do not replace soup.

Yes, to mother it is heavy. It - a source of bans and restrictions. But, at the same time, source of pleasure and wisdom.

But also the father it is not easier than

! In those several hours after work and before going to bed the daughter it has to become it another. To show what means to love women and life in general. To manage to play, esteem and present a part of. I never heard that the father raised the voice on the princess.

Being surprised to his patience, I slightly envy the baby, I had no father. I lacked that confidence which the father gives. Our father - our support and protection. And not only in the material plan. He loves Nikulya such what she is. Whimsical and naughty. Cheerful and sad. Harmful and appeasable.


I as its eyes when she jumps on the father burn. She won against it! Let it is only game, but on that and there is a childhood to be happy. Happy when the father opens a door when plays at hide-and-seek when gives a part of!

to be happy in a full family...