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First word FATHER!

to our baby nearly 5 months and, of course, having seen the competition “Man`s Education“, I wanted to participate, but at once was a little puzzled what can be told - that for so short term? I look also stories - that a little validly, fathers do not take part in education perhaps? You will tell, cannot be? Here can!

Only yesterday, having returned from guests who too small lyalya also have a father who even never took the baby on hands for all the time of our presence, I understood, just lit up me as it I do not see education of our father! Yes here it.


Yes, ours the daddy all day long works, it is the only supporter in our family. He very much tries to bring us a money and to indulge our berry. And we a nibler will ask, bodik, a spoon, a stool and all we want, we want something... And the father everything works, tries to please us and never told that what we are baddies and nonsense we ask everything also to anything to us and a half of all this!

the Daughter adores a papulka, I can rock to sleep for hours the baby and everything is useless, but once the father comes, we have a smile to ears at once, we are vigorous and cheerful and there is already no wish to cry! And since morning happiness for the child when I still sleep, and the father plays with the daughter, rocks to sleep that mother has a rest still slightly, itself at the same time being late for work. On days off we like to take the daughter to ourselves in a bed - the daughter pulls the handles to the folder, touches it for eyes, a mouth, cheeks and it is so much pleasure, a rappberry at it and all day good mood!

I Know

firsthand that for many the husband`s position such is - I work, I bring money to the house, and you be kind a dinner, fresh shirts and with the child be engaged. No, our father does not afford it, he works too and too late comes, but will always find minute for the baby, and it returns him love.

in the Evening the father will play

until I warm a dinner, before going to bed will help to bath if it is necessary, at night will get up and will make a small bottle with a milk. During week-end we walk or I am released to descend somewhere one, for example, in shop or a hairdressing salon.


Perhaps, at first sight education it is also not visible, but I consider, time my husband can make practically everything without me (at the same time it needs to be asked only, but not to row in the afternoon, beating out a couple of hours for itself), it is already big plus!

Besides, after the child`s birth the husband became more reserved, does not allow to raise the voice at the child, refused midnight games on the computer, does not watch TV at the child, including it excessive owing to her (daughter) of age. Among other things, we are going to buy me rollers, it the bicycle - should set an example to the baby!

I consider

Ya, our father the best! And unlike other mothers, I will only be glad if not “mother“, but “FATHER“ is the first word of my Zayushka! The father, we are proud of you! Your darlings wife and daughter.