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Ear ring of

Stirring legs and twirling on the parties by the head, the Ear ring anticipated pleasure. The future day promised continuous pleasures. Not only that parents led it in the Gomel circus on opening of a season, exactly today the Ear ring was six years old. Therefore the house it still was waited by festively laid table and the concerning procedure of delivery of gifts.

only one Disturbed: it is unclear, where the father suddenly got lost? Already time of the beginning of representation came, and the Ear ring did not manage to hint unostentatiously it that it would be quite good to consider drawing on new, earlier unprecedented packing of ice cream... And here the father appeared. He held two eskimoes in hand: To an ear ring and Sasha - the elder sister who is sitting next. Here it is children`s happiness!

It is possible, deciding from what party to bite appetizingly sweating chocolate flank, the birthday man turned to phrases which among themselves his parents in a low voice exchanged a deaf ear.

- Well as, it turned out? - mother asked.

- At full scale. Both found, and agreed. We leave on the third reprise...


meanwhile on the arena festive action began to be developed. Acrobats in snow-white suits with gold spangles somersaulted. They were succeeded by two trainers with clever monkeys...

- the Ear ring, look, the clown!

It is valid, the leader declared:

- Today with you all day on the arena the Red clown!

- Red is and there is that Sergey Suvorov, - having bent to mother, the father told.

the Ear ring even jumped up:

- Fathers, you know it?

- And as! You want, and I will acquaint you?

Red stopped singing

Alla Pugacheva`s by voice, got a big multi-colored ball and, addressing the audience, offered:

- And well, who courageous? Give we will play basketball!

- You are not afraid to play with the clown? - the father to the Ear ring bent. That reproachfully raised on it huge eyes, and sparkling blue sparks. The father went to pass and gave a hand to the son. An ear ring skipping hurried down steps and suddenly stopped, having turned to just left places. Red threw a ball which, having described a high arch, landed directly in the extended mother`s hands.

- Fathers, look: our mother... - choked the Ear ring.

the Clown, costing below, stretched before himself a ring with a grid.

Mother clumsily lifted a ball two hands up and threw towards the arena. The ball loudly slapped the stout man on a bald head and jumped aside.

- And you will get to a ring? - the father heatedly shifting from one foot to the other the Ear ring asked.

the Clown delivered to

on the tyrsa of an arena of two boys covered with felt meanwhile: one long and thin and the second - low, but thick. Turned back to running to the Ear ring and as it seemed to that, friendly nodded. Father`s hands picked up the little son and put near boys.

- Well, and you, “kid“ what felt shy of? - the clown addressed the father, - Become near on, so to speak, border. You, by the way, how call?

- the Uncle Vitya, - playfully inclined the head the father.

- You are not afraid, the uncle Vitya?

- Well...

- Here and correctly.

the Clown stretched a ball to the tall boy, and itself kept in some three meters before it a ring.

- Try

, get!

the Boy safely threw

, but Red took a ring aside.

- By, the friend. You should grow up still. Give, following.

the Fat man got to a ring.

- the Maestro, the flourish!

Under sounds of bravura music the boy received a balloon and happy ran on the place. Remained the Ear ring with the father together.

- And you how to call, the friend?

- Seryozha.

- Here it is so healthy! - the clown made a helpless gesture. - Me too. And whom you want to become when you grow up?

- the Marshal, - the kid honestly told.

He somehow tried to find out at the father who the most important military chief to whom nobody can order, but in whose power to send the father to serve to such city where inhabitants do not shoot each other and where there is no curfew. Therefore for himself the Ear ring decided that the marshal to be quite good.

- And the fool how I, you do not want? - laughed loudly Red.

the Ear ring angrily was thrown by the ball stretched to it somewhere aside... It seemed to it that the clown himself substituted a ring and even waved it as a net.

- Got! Maestro, flourish!

of the Searchlight snatched out the person in a dress coat holding the tray covered with a color napkin in the given hand. And Red, mysteriously smiling, a dexterous wave broke a napkin and stretched to the Ear ring a package. Having pressed a gift to a breast and still plainly without having considered its contents, that managed to notice through a translucent film a doll - the clown in a hat aslant.

the Ear ring was going to run for the place, but in confusion stopped: a set of lamps blinded, hundreds of unfamiliar persons looked at it, but only among them mother and Sasha was not visible anywhere. And while the kid twirled by the head, he nearly passed the most interesting: his father already got a ball to a ring and now under orchestra sounds something big, closed by the same napkin, took out on a tray and for it.

When Red broke a color cover, on the hall the sigh rushed: on a tray the champagne bottle flaunted. And at that very moment, when the father, happily smiling, gave hands to a bottle, the clown sharply lifted it up. The bottom at champagne was cut accurately out, and on a tray the children`s dairy small bottle with a pacifier flaunted.

... The remained representation the brother with the sister, having divided into four parts the chocolate which appeared in a package “Circus“ and having hasty swallowed the share, played with a doll. And it was really unusual: having maliciously put out a uvula, the clown pressed to a hand breast in boxing gloves. His long shirt hid a core and two a rychazhka, pressing which, it was possible to force the clown to box.

Happy the Ear ring did not assume

that from this day to it the nickname the Marshal will for many years be pasted.

* * *

Along the shady avenue of the serene city in thoughtfulness the person in an officer overcoat went. Breath of fall was hardly felt, only occasionally under legs prickly boxes of chestnuts through which white fringings of cracks dark sides of brilliant kernels were seen came across.

In two days to it should depart to far and uneasy business trip, and tomorrow the younger son had a birthday. There was a wish to think up something unusual. . It would be quite good to descend in circus, opening of a season in itself is already bright and unforgettable holiday.

Absent-mindedly looking at

on showcase glasses, the officer suddenly stopped: his eye was fixed by a doll - the clown in boxing gloves and a hat aslant...