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Restoration after Cesarean section of

Restoration after operation in many respects depends also on your age, a constitution and even conditions under which you had an operation. Therefore time of restoration varies at different women.

Nevertheless, all women who had Cesarean section have to be ready that some time will be felt pain. Pain usually arises from - for wounds, per se (from - for offices of a placenta), plus postnatal uterine reductions are added to it. The congestion of gases in a body can also provoke pains. At first anesthetics will be prescribed you. Though there are cases when anesthetics have to be drunk even discharged from hospital.


after operation conducts Days the round-the-clock supervision over a condition of the woman. The bubble with ice for reduction of a uterus and a stop of bleeding is put on a stomach, and also the anesthetics, preparations promoting reduction of a uterus and preparations for function restoration zheludochno - an intestinal path register. Also sometimes register antibiotics, and physiological solution for blood loss completion is entered into blood. Early applying of the child to a breast is especially important for the best reduction of a uterus and stimulation of a lactation. The first few days after Cesarean section are especially difficult. Even such trifle how to turn over sideways, to cough, deeply to inhale or reach phone at a bed, at first troubles. Follow simple advice to feel more conveniently in the first days after operation.

Revolution sideways

Here reception which allows to turn over easier from a back sideways: bend knees so that foot rested against the plane on which you lie. Rest stupnyam and raise hips so that the body became straight from shoulders to knees. Turn hips aside and lower them. Then turn an upper body in the same party. You lie on one side. Such way of revolution rescues your seams from damage and relieves elbows of painful friction about sheet.


Irritation in a throat, cough

Cough is given by pain, but after the general anesthesia it is necessary to cough to get rid of the slime which accumulated in lungs and sometimes causing an infection. Use the following equipment called “barking“ to clear the throat with the minimum pain: strengthen your seams hands, a small pillow or tie with a towel. Deeply inhale, having completely filled lungs. Completely exhale - strongly and sharply, but it is accurate - having pulled in a stomach, but not inflating it. Make a sound “gav“. Repeat several times within an hour, especially if you feel gurgle or whimpers in a thorax. If the thorax is clean, and you regularly get up from a bed, there is no need to do it often. It is useful to be trained “to bark“ before operation to understand how it becomes.

Rise and walking

you will for the first time risk to rise by legs from a bed in several hours after operation. The nurse or your assistant will help you to sit down, then to rise. Having for the first time risen, you can feel weakness and dizziness. It is possible to reduce dizziness, having done in a bed exercises by hands and legs for blood circulation improvement. You do not hurry, let`s themselves get used to each new state when you pass from lying situation into standing.

Here is how to be roused by

: having turned sideways, allow legs to overhang from edge of a bed and transfer yourself to a sitting position. Sit a little and do the movements by legs. When you are ready, lower legs on a floor and get up (with someone`s help). Stand as it is possible pryamy. It will not damage to your seams even if it seems that they stretch. As soon as get used to stand, take a small step. Every time, rising from a bed, you will notice that it is easier and easier to do all this. Try to increase duration of your walks gradually.

Intestinal gases

Intestinal gases sometimes become a real problem after Cesarean section. As well as after any operation on an abdominal cavity. Will swell out you, the acute pain can develop until you let out gases. Accumulation of gases is caused by delay of intestinal activity as a result of operation (use of anesthetics also worsens work of a digestive tract). Advances and back in beds, deep breath, rocking in a chair will help to prevent or facilitate accumulation of gases. Try to avoid also products and drinks from which it is emitted gases. The nurse can deliver you an exhaust tube or an enema to help to be exempted from gases if you cannot.

the Urination

difficulties with an urination after a catheter in a mochetochnik, anesthesia and operation on an abdominal cavity Can arise. The nurse will offer you the ways helping to cope with this problem. If you are not able to urinate for a reasonable period, introduction of a catheter can be required again.

Feeding by a breast

Is possible

and it is desirable to nurse after Cesarean section, but to find a comfortable position it can be a problem. To protect the seams from weight and gestures of the kid, put it near yourself on a pillow or enclose a pillow over seams before taking the child on hands for feeding.

If your maternity center is focused by

on a family, the partner can remain with you in the certain room. If so, the child can remain with you too day and night. If the partner cannot remain, the child may contain the most part of time in chamber for newborns and to bring to you only to feed and nurse.

If you are in chamber with other women in childbirth, it is more convenient to appear with those, to a lump Cesarean section became too. Perhaps, it will be difficult for you to see how other mothers who gave rise in natural patrimonial ways easily and vigorously move and eat normal food. Give yourself time; soon you will become vigorous and free from pain too.


of the Woman after Cesarean section in hospital seven days. It is not enough for a complete recovery. All of you are still weak and tired. Whenever possible find who would help you at home. Your recovery will be faster if you are helped with cooking, care of the child and household chores.

When will be allowed by your physical state (possibly, in a month), begin postnatal exercises. Learn from the doctor when it is possible to begin.

of the House

Before you go home, you will be warned that it is not necessary to lift heavy things, to give to a body loading exercises or to do difficult housework. It is very important to have a rest as much as possible, allowing a body to be restored as soon as possible. It is possible to do easy exercises (walking). It is useful to do respiratory gymnastics.

Usually recovery after Caesarian takes with

about 4 - 6 weeks. At this time the fatigue and discomfort are possible. So far you recover: