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The small country for big opening of

Jordan recently - the fashionable tourist direction. It would seem, the country tiny to our measures (from the capital of Amman to the most distant resort of Aqaba of only 335 km), and from tourists is not present a release. There is a lot of reasons of such popularity: the extraordinary hospitality of locals, lack of fanatical Muslim bans, modern hotels and resorts, for a trip is not required visas... But the main thing - “baby“ can brag of two warm seas at once - Dead and Red, the hot desert and green oases, Christian shrines and ancient Roman ruins, Byzantine mosaics and fortresses of crusaders. And still the mysterious city of Pyotr who carefully disappeared from eyes of Europeans in pink unapproachable rocks the Arab tribe nabateev.

the Wonder of the world

Even if you read to

about ten books and guides to Petra, watched movies and photos with its tremendous landscapes, be ready that everything that you saw - only the faded copy. Any image cannot precisely transfer its beauty and the atmosphere. Petra always surpasses expectations, this rule which does not have exceptions. Travelers begin the acquaintance to “the pink city“ (as his nomads called) with the long narrow rocky gorge of Zeke. Steep walls soar up up on tens of meters. When the gorge suddenly breaks, you appear before the huge rocky temple of Al - Hazne (in translation - the Treasury). Fancy 30 - the merovy facade with columns and jewelry is beaten out in the pink rock. After the first enthusiastic okh, sighs and exclamations, there is a question - as the people who are not knowing modern equipment could create this beauty. Scientists have no exact answer even.

Petra`s History began

4 thousand years ago. Constructed its nabate - Arabs - the nomads living here still B.C. Nabate took a lot of things for the architecture from Romans and Byzantines. Openwork stone tombs, monasteries, palaces and an amphitheater are hollowed in rocks, the nature, apparently, helped builders. After an earthquake 363 years inhabitants left the city. Till 1812 Petra was lost for the world, and convenient temples and tombs were chosen as housing by bedouins. The city was incidentally found by the Swiss traveler Burkhart. Today Petra is visited by more than one million tourists a year, she is recognized by UNESCO part of world heritage. Recently the city was included into the list of seven wonders of the world, having occupied in world the Internet - vote the second place.

Petra`s Territory is huge

, it is necessary to come here for several days: to hire a burro and to travel over all vicinities: at top Dzhebel hell - Deyr you will find the beautiful rocky monastery, and on Aaron`s the mountain - the grave of the antiquated prophet esteemed by believers of all religions. Receive unforgettable impressions from excursion according to night Petra in torches (but it is worth remembering that it will be organized by only 2 - 3 times a week).

On the holy sites

Jordan - the real well for pilgrims, on its lands once lay a way of prophets and Jesus. Moisey`s source, a cave Lota, Aaron`s tomb - names of the holy sites speak for themselves. The place of a baptism of Christ long time caused disputes of scientists and priests. Only at the end of 90 - x years of the last century of excavation in the town of Vadi Harrar put the end to discussions. The father John Paul II during the visit confirmed here: in this place John the Baptist made an office of Baptism over Jesus. Now hundreds of pilgrims make every day ablution in the sacred Jordan River, handing down a story about the curative and cleaning force of holy water, and the Russian Orthodox Church builds the farmstead here, the earth for it was presented to our country by the king of Jordan Abdullah II.

One more shrine - the mountain the Sky. The prophet Moisey driving the Jewish people on the desert at the end of the way brought him here, saw the promised land and died. Now the mountain the Sky - the place of pilgrimage, and at top in the 6th century constructed church with mosaics. They say that somewhere the prophet is buried here, but his grave is not found yet.

Having arrived to Jordan, would be inexcusable mistake to spend all holidays on the beach, there is a lot of interesting around: ruins of ancient temples in Amman, the ancient Roman city of Dzherash which still Alexander of Macedon`s soldiers, unique mosaics of church of Saint Stefan and mirages in the desert Vadi Ramm put, palaces of Muslim governors and powerful fortresses of crusaders. In a word, in small Jordan you are waited by big opening.

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