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In a bed with the enemy of

“... Few weeks we live serenely, then the husband „ out of the blue “ provokes scandal. In the heat of quarrel of expressions does not choose what only I did not hear in the address! Having finished raging, blessed changes anger for favor and tries to reconcile in a bed, and shows „ aerobatics “ in caress. Then the short calm then again scandal with bed reconciliation follows... In three years of family life I understood that quarrel with continuation - for the husband as if special ritual on the eve of sex, but a role „ humiliated and offended “ bothered with order...“

From revelations of beautiful, but very sad woman.

most of men indeed has this strange quality: in the heat of quarrel to cut plain truth, and later a couple of hours to stick to beloved with the most immodest intentions. And to them it is deep to a bulb that the poor thing still pouts and sglatyvat offense tears, having remembered his words:“ You do not want to understand me in any way!. To you if only to squander money and to meet the girlfriends - gossips!. And my mother cooks borsch better! (necessary to emphasize)“. Men are firmly sure that kisses - embraces and other bed pleasures are capable to erase all “nelitsepriyatnost“ which they the day before “extorted“ from memory of the darling. Why to spend words for empty explanations? If the gentleman is gentle and tender, therefore, he is ready to a truce! Here only we, the fair sex, do not welcome so original approach. Means, until recently we were useless hostesses and silly hysteric women, and now “as gratitude“ it is necessary to rain kisses on the offender from top to toe? Pipes!

we will make a reservation At once: there are “Italian“ couples where scandal as a prelude to intim - a commonplace and even action pleasant to both participants. If to you on temper to rush in embraces after a throwing of plates in the head “the enemy - the spouse“ - on health! As they say, council yes love and a set of unbreakable ware “in studio“! All rest whom the similar scenario depresses, a request to proceed for us...

- and - thetas

you Wish to know

With the emperor of thetas from where “legs grow“ at so-called post-conflict sex? Davny - long ago once upon a time there was an emperor Neron. The man was, softly to tell, strange: ruled the Roman Empire, dreamed to become the actor and, of course, spun intrigues with smertoubiystvo - and where without them in that hard time? Also Neron “became famous“ for the fact that in the heat of love passion called partners words which are not pertinent in a lexicon of the patrician at all. The emperor acted not from this way - for perversity of nature (though not without that), and from - for the fact that he was terribly excited, pouring damnations on the head and other parts of a body of the darling.

the Behaviour of the crowned hooligan gave the name though not dangerous, but nevertheless to a sexual deviation - Neron`s syndrome.“ Neronova a mark“ is carried by about 10% of all men (as a rule, it is uncles with the lowered potentiality). Quarrel acts on them more any viagra as there is an emission of testosterone and adrenaline. On the Hamburg score, “obzyvalka“ - only game, but the lady needs to have strong nerves and to be able to distinguish why blessed rages: whether indeed did not find pair socks, whether simply desired “a commissar body“...

Ice and a flame

A happens so that god reduces in couple of people with absolutely different temperaments: for example, the spouse - “the man with a spark“, and the wife - quiet, sedate madam. Certainly, give it sparks to cut in a bed, and it aims to fall asleep, having snatched the moment. What do we have in the dry rest? The woman whom “and it is so good“ and the man to whom “will be a little!“ To balance excitement level, the man provokes scandal: and itself will a little dump tension that it is not sick - that to flare during intim, and will a little inflame the thick-skinned partner. Psychologists say that usually such rebelliousness unconsciously, the publican himself also does not know what it is necessary to his dear, but without finding a way out, again and again starts abuse.

“Akhtung! Strangers occupy! whether“

Should say

that a natural result of quarrel - some alienation from the partner. In the head and thoughts spin: “Ah it radish! I to it „ sweater; rombikam “ presented, and it cannot take out the third day garbage! I hate!“ Similar experiences fill also “opponent“. Well about what relationship of souls and the more so bodies can there be a speech? And here the nuance is also concealed: having become for a while strangers, we are capable to endure brighter impressions of bed fights. Until recently hotly beloved wife who accused the husband of all grave sins up to “and bread forgot to buy!“ turns into the foreign young lady. And by that becomes devilishly attractive: sex with the stranger attracts, promises an intrigue, allows the man to feel like the conqueror. Here he also invites “to walk on a mow what in vain time to lose“... This trick is used quite often by spouses with an experience, and of both sexes. In principle, the idea is good: abused the clumsy husband like a sailor, in embraces as if of “stranger“ it was consoled - “And it is good to live, and life is good!“ And any changes. And who does not know how “horizontal“ reconciliations are delightful: feelings on a limit, both understand how both close approached a side, still slightly - slightly - and there could be “an eternal separation“...

All so, however sexologists warn: it is not necessary to consider scandals before sex by improving action. The medal has a back: angrily always generates the evil. And each inflow of aggression, including sexual, will mobilize the destruction hunting dozing in the person. If uncontrolledly to awaken it and to encourage with delightful sex, the bad feeling increases as an avalanche. And the first that it sweeps away on the way - your union which until recently had a reputation happy. A family - not only and not just caracole on sheets, it also friendship, mutual understanding, support, care and respect. Let`s say over and over again you with the partner make each other offensive attacks, and then are with pleasure and violently reconciled. Sooner or later there will come the moment when you wonder: “He for the sake of a witty remark called me the silly woman or in all seriousness?“ Also it will ask the same question. Whether it is necessary to sound consequences?

the Animal, the maniac and the adversary

Prepare, now we will tell of some dark sides of male sexuality. In the nature there are such brutal machoes on the top stuffed with aggression. And sex allows them to get rid the easiest of all-consuming rage, otherwise these barbarians would be constant heroes of criminal reports. But the trouble is in that, as in relation to the woman “wicked creatures“ test the hidden or obvious hostility, and sexual excitement repeatedly it strengthens. “Chelovekozvery“ it is preferable to this look that during a coition the ladylove though is a little, but resisted - the facilitated rape option if it is possible to be expressed so. Generally, while the poor thing shouts, coils and scratched, uncles feel unearthly pleasure, fall almost into a nirvana. At the same time also become kinder for a while. Let`s not explain that this category of men has very much a kind feeling for the conflicts on the eve of sex to anger and offend the partner.

“Well, go to me!“

And still if you want to live long and happily, do not refuse to themselves pleasure to tickle nervishka a showdown with the subsequent diving in a bed. The matter is that quarrel is also an excellent way of rapprochement of partners, the proof of their emotional connection. When feelings cooled down, on the ashes of former passion and there are nothing to find out, and to intim and even less so there is no hunting. But so far connects couple which - that it is more important than the general surname and a living space, it is not forbidden to arrange blamestorming session. Having found out who is who, you receive a necessary emotional shake-up and in addition refresh the relations. But also, having splashed out surplus of energy on a love bed, it is possible to return quietly to the most burning questions - already without excess emotions.

Psychologists do not joke

How to be if the elect is very eager for post-conflict sex, and you do not divide its addictions? In - the first not to follow the tastes of his desires, psychologists “conjure“ if you do not want to begin to hate the gentleman, quarrels and sex once in general. Conceding to “brawler“ against will, the woman dooms herself to pain - both moral, and physical. No, the careless movements in a passion rush here at anything. Painful feelings at sex “on compulsion“ - no other than neurotic reaction of an organism which resists the conqueror. And who will want to have neurosises from - for unstable mentalities of the partner?


So if to you bothered to live from scandal before scandal, offer the following options of an exit from the deadlock: