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Read lips

Harmony and sensual beauty of the person in many respects define lips. The chubby, beautifully outlined mouth - the integral component of potential of temptresses. The makeup artist Michel Limonzhi will tell how, having eliminated small defects, it is softer and more beautiful to make lips.

Skin of lips is more gentle and thinner than

, than on other sites of the person, and represents something between actually skin and mucous which does not contain neither fatty, nor sweat glands. This feature does lips extremely sensitive to external aggression. Not to crack on the sun or under the influence of cold, they need hygienic lipstick and balms which plentifully put at the first signs of irritation.

to Soften

to make lips smooth, it is necessary to remove the died-off scales. Ideally it is possible to use a face scrub. But there is also other way: having blotted lips with the cotton wool moistened in warm water smear them with a thick layer of the moisturizing balm, and then very carefully massage the soft toothbrush or a tissue which is wrapped up around a forefinger. This reception stimulates blood circulation, slightly increases lips in volume and forces them to turn pink naturally. Young mothers who do not want to abuse decorative cosmetics can note it.

to Draw

As well as in last season, the mouth is emphasized with more or less transparent lipsticks, however karamelno - pink and lilac came to change deeper plum, saturated chocolate and zolotisto - ocherous shades. That lipstick slid on a surface of lips easier and longer kept, apply at first a thin film of the moisturizing balm.

you want to increase a mouth or to change its form? have not enough One lipstick.

of Companies it seems to you too chubby and volume? Large lips now in fashion. But if all of you decided to reduce them... At first apply to

you like to Correct

in general not too the lips, consider that they too small, thin, ugly outlined? Today this injustice of the nature can be corrected thanks to special injections. Some substances, not defiant allergies, dermatologists and surgeons use without preliminary tests. On the first time it is better to choose the resolving means, such as restilayn. It is hyaluronic acid which is naturally removed through six - eight months. Similar procedure is done at Institutes of beauty and cosmetology, a network of Rednor and LV salons. Prepare that two - three days after an injection of companies will look slightly swelled up a little.