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In a theatrical court yard of

this year Mr. Nikolaev (Ukraine) in September notes the 220 - the anniversary. City of shipbuilders and brides. The city under the patronage of Nicholas The Wonderworker.


For this date dated concerts of the Nikolaev regional philharmonic hall which take place every Wednesday in a summer court yard of theatrical cafe of dramatic theater of Chkalov. Today there took place a concert of Free Cossacks ensemble.

Online - evening of communication was cancelled by the dear friend. “And evening foretold melancholy...“, as it is sung in Yu. Antonov`s song. In an hour a concert in a theatrical cafe which poster we noticed on the main city street for a long time began. And I solved:“ And I will arrange - I to myself instead of tears “REST - the HOLIDAY“! And with children jerked in theater. Evening before a concert began with a pleasant surprise. The ticket collector allowed not to buy the ticket younger (saved to himself for a dessert). In a summer theatrical court yard little tables with cherry satin cloths and the menu, shops for the audience were placed. There were enough places for all.

the Concert began

in time, an hour lasted. In ensemble five performers were in the suits embroidered by gold Lurex and sang national songs (about Ukraine, about love, about the childhood), playing the guitar, a violin and other unknown tools. The people applauded with all the heart and shouted “bravo“. Young waiters brought to intelligent public fruit desserts, vegetable salatik and red wine in glasses. Cool wind blew. Beauty! And there is a wish to tell “lyapot“!

In the sky the dark cloud seemed to

and the rain began to drip. First the public did not worry, actors continued to sing and even one listener from a visual row volunteered to hold the umbrella over the singer. Well than not “self-advertisement“ and the actress it is pleasant. Very lovely and comic picture from outside turned out. Then the rain began to pour “outright“. A concert was “curtailed“, musicians began to assemble the equipment, the people hid to premises of theater.

you Think evening and rest were spoiled? Anything similar! We with children took a picture of actors, sculptures and fountainlet in a theatrical court yard. Then sent photos to a city competition to anniversary of the city which carries out our juice plant “SANDORA“. The city children barefoot ran on pools in cafe of theater and parents did not forbid them. Actors got wet “to a thread“, but all were happy from a rainy incident, national triumph was felt.

the People long did not want to disperse. Home there was no wish to go transport and we went a peshochok under the drizzling rain. The son in shop for “works“ (photographing) chose to himself ice cream with poppy which was called (mother expensive, I nearly fell!) “Stop, drug!“ It should be thought up?

the Mood was iridescent, one day of holiday and summer vacation was stamped on the memory a bright, pleasant page. It is not necessary and to go to Maldives abroad. In the city “exotic“ suffices if the person has a sense of humour.

I the worse what my friend did not leave in online today?