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I am a father and this happiness!

Want to share with you the story as I became a father and about what this difficult and hard business - to raise and bring up younger generation!

Ya - the former military, repaid ten years a debt to the Homeland, after resignation contacted the citizen and thought of a reproduction... I went to all ultrasonography and already on the first we were told that there will be a son. I wanted at once that he became a Suvorov Military School student, having carried on our family tradition.

Sacrament of childbirth I divided

together with the wife and took the first it on hands, at this moment I understood: here the most expensive that I have! When he cried and wrinkled a forehead as it is done by me, my euphoria was not a limit. It is my krovinka! This is my son! This is my little man!

after that and here it is a long-awaited smile! I as captivated sat over Tributes with the camera and caught this unusual manifestation of an inner world of my little man... also caught!

So far Danya lay, we tried to entertain him and though somehow to acquaint with world around - read fairy tales, showed books, figures (which by G. Doman`s technique should be written with a big font red letters), allowed to iron a cat.

I here synulya learned to turn over. Acquaintances advised to leave Danya on a floor. What our surprise when it one fine day began to spin, “as a spindle“ was and to reach those toys which HE wanted!

A then he got up! And here I decided to train him a vestibular mechanism: I put his legs (what they still small!) to itself on a hand also did not hold. Mother and grandmothers were horrified and ran to insure Danya, but he was very happy!

Big “assistant“ in education of the son for us was and is fit - Bol. From 5 months I taught Danya to fish - put him a stomach on a ball, displayed toys and rolled, and Danya tried “to catch small fishes“. It could play long, his pleasure was not a limit when “fishing“ was successful. Now to us year and on a ball to Dana we warm up a back, handles, legs.

I consider

Ya that the child should strengthen immunity as during an illness the organism spends all forces for recovery, and on it many forces leave! The easiest way of strengthening of immunity are water procedures. Every day we swim in a big bathtub and we take a contrast shower.

Now Danka already very surely goes, and I taught him to march. Also we carry out various revolutions and “krutilka“. It very much likes such “acrobatic etudes“. During walks I can with it and run about, and from a hill to drive (if they maintain my weight).

further I plan to master with it a horizontal bar. I very much want to bring up it the hardy, strong-willed boy and I will do everything possible to give it on - maksimy both health, and education!