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Development of small motility: a decorative plate Many adults for certain still remember

how they were proud of the fact that in the childhood mother and the father hung up their drawings on a wall, and hand-made articles put on a shelf. And then numerous relatives, coming on a visit, admired “masterpieces“ and Katyam, Petyam and Lyudam designated small career of the artist or sculptor. Moreover and candies treated - as “the first salary“.

still I remember

Ya how at school arranged an art exhibition, and then awarded all winners including me. And not only a chocolate and the diploma, but also money - that for “dashing nineties“ was very opportunely. And still I just now thought, what is the time and means mother with the grandmother spent for searches of a framework for registration of my pictures. But now, coming to parents, I can look at a wall and tell: “Yes, I and in school days, which - that could!“ It very much supports me - especially now when I decided to embody the children`s dream and to become the graphic designer.

But, of course, for the child verbal encouragement, especially from relatives, not less important, than material. And the hand-made article which is standing on a shelf or hanging on a wall is for the child a symbol of the fact that his merits were recognized by the most important people on the earth - parents.

Therefore today we will talk about how to make a durable and “solid“ hand-made article - a decorative plate. Similar plates often sell in souvenir shops - painted under Khokhloma. But their main minus consists that they become “under a carbon paper“ and look somehow lifelessly. We will try to make a plate, more modern, creative and not similar to anything! for this purpose to us it is required by

to p:

should note

At once that on a usual plate we draw oil paints, and on a paper plateau - gouache. Otherwise paint will not lay down.

For a start the kid has to paint with

a background - it can be as not really bright color spots (on a bright background plasticine flowers will be imperceptible), and just gentle monophonic color - lilac, pink, blue... If the child is younger than three - four years, then he can paint a plate with fingers - to leave color prints on a surface - it is simple and cheerful. Then it is necessary to allow to paint to dry. Gouache completely dries minutes for fifteen - thirty, and here oil paints require not less days. Yes, it long and not really conveniently, but the plate painted with oil paints will be very durable and will remain for memory.

When paints will finally dry, start together with the kid a portrayal of details: branches and small stalks on which volume flowers from plasticine or plastic “will blossom“ then.

Flowers become very simply: the small piece of plasticine is rolled in thin “sausage“, and then displaced by a spiral like a snail. But the child - the preschool child, most likely, will try to make more difficult flowers - tulips, camomiles or even roses. And it is excellent - skill needs to be done something on a sample (the card with flowers will approach) at school when the child needs to copy something or to write off from a board.

I plasticine, and plastic equally well stick to the painted surfaces (but on oil paints it is better to attach flowers from plastic - besides, for durability of a hand-made article). But even if couple of petals will fall off - it does not matter, it is possible to stick plasticine PVA glue, and the stiffened plastic - “Moment“. The main thing that adults, but not the child worked with this toxic glue. And then allowed to be aired properly to a hand-made article on a balcony, and only then gave it to the kid.

the suitable place for “masterpiece“ is a high time to find

Now. If the child worked with a paper plateau - that to make an eyelet of a thin string enough and behind a plate to fix it by a big piece of an adhesive tape or an insulating tape. And here it is better to put a heavy table plate on a shelf, otherwise it can fall and break. And, of course, do not forget to praise your little creator!