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11 myths about contraception of

Contraceptives still remain a source of myths and prejudices. Often it is caused by the fact that about such intimate question prefer to consult at the “chief“ experts - mothers, girlfriends, forums, but not at experts in any way.

Mezhevitinova Elena Anatolyevna, MD, leading researcher of Federal State Institution Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology of V. I. Kulakova Romedtekhnology, expert of the There Are No Surprises -! project will try to understand that from this - the truth and that - no.

  1. From hormones inevitably grow stout. The combined oral contraceptives at some women in a varying degree can influence change of body weight. The estrogen which is a part of contraceptive tablets promotes a delay of liquid which through some time is brought out of an organism. The more the estrogen dose in a preparation, the more can be expressed this effect. Change of body weight can be also connected with individual shipping of a contraceptive. The importance of nature of food and physical activity does not decrease. Earlier contraceptive tablets contained a high dose of hormones and therefore the increase of body weight was one of frequent side effects of reception of contraceptives. Today this problem is almost solved as in an arsenal of doctors there is microdosed the COOK also a vaginal ring containing the most minimum dose of hormones.
  2. Spirits and the COOK are incompatible
  3. . Alcohol in itself the COOK, and here does not exert impact on contraceptive effect if the alcohol caused work violations zheludochno - an intestinal path in the form of vomiting, for example, then within 7 days better to use additional protection.
  4. From the COOK the libido decreases. Changes of a libido against use of hormonal contraceptives meets extremely seldom. If it happens that, as a rule, in the first several months of reception of a preparation and is connected with the fact that the organism adapts. It can be shown both by increase, and decrease in a sexual inclination. On the contrary, in a number of researches at a third of women against use of such hormonal contraceptives as the vaginal ring was observed increase in a libido and frequency of sexual contacts.
  5. Reception the COOK conducts
  6. to infertility. According to numerous researches, infertility frequency at the women accepting the COOK was one hundred times less, than at their contemporaries who had childbirth and abortions without contraception use. Moreover, there are data that short-term reception the COOK can increase in the subsequent probability of approach of pregnancy - so-called rebaund - effect. to lower side effects it is better for li to do to
  7. breaks in reception of hormonal contraception. On the present is not present any scientifically - the reasonable data indicating the need reception interruptions the COOK each several years. From the medical point of view there is no advantage for an organism of similar breaks, moreover at renewal of reception after cancellation the frequency of development of side effects (including intermenstrual bleedings) within the first 3 months can be higher as the organism will be forced to adapt to reception the COOK again. Also breaks in reception of contraceptives are fraught with what at every fourth young woman arises, undesirable pregnancy that forces to doubt need of such breaks; also the positive not contraceptive effects connected with application the COOK can come to naught.
  8. the COOK - for women is more senior than 20 years? Actually modern contraceptives can be applied also at young age, of course, after consultation with the gynecologist. There are preparations which possess not only reliable contraceptive effect, but also reduce greasiness of skin and quantity of spots on the face. And it is a big problem for young girls!
  9. If the woman nurses
  10. - she will not become pregnant. This popular belief leads to the fact that 10% of women address to medical institutions for interruption of pregnancy in the first year after the delivery. The female reproductive system in 3 - 4 weeks after the delivery comes back to a habitual rhythm of work and it is necessary to use contraception.
    it is valid, the nature provided natural protection from pregnancy for the feeding mothers - the so-called period of a laktatsionny amenorea, but he acts only when periods on condition of feeding of the kid only breast milk, without dokorm did not appear, strictly observing the feeding mode at least 7 - 8 times a day. If at least some of these conditions it is not met, there is a probability to become pregnant.
  11. If sex life not really regular whether it is better to take a pill once after sex but not to drink chemistry all month? Those who believe that if you have sex seldom, then it is much safer to take few times a month one medicine, than to swallow of them every day put the organism at big risk. Not only that one tablet of a postkoitalny contraceptive contains in 6 times more of hormones, than usual, such “one-time“ introduction of hormones is the hardest shake-up for an organism. Regularly addressing “fire“ contraception, it is possible to break the hormonal background that quite often conducts to various diseases including to infertility. Doctors do not consider similar tablets as a method of regular contraception at all. If the girl at least twice a month needs a contraceptive, so it is about regular sex life, and, therefore, it is necessary to pick up appropriate means.
  12. If to have sex during periods, chances to become pregnant are equal to zero. Many women consider that the unprotected sex during periods or the first or last days of a menstrual cycle - the most reliable method of contraception which does not threaten them with pregnancy. However actually, in spite of the fact that many women have really more chances to become pregnant in the middle of a cycle, the probability of conception exists during any period of a menstrual cycle. One more fact which each woman has to know: sperm remains in a body of the woman of the whole five days.
  13. the Interrupted sexual intercourse gives to 100% protection against pregnancy. It is one of the most popular beliefs in which women trust. Yes, you can become pregnant even if your partner accepts this precaution. Before an ejaculation there is an emission of a small amount of the greasing which is also containing spermatozoa. Fact: any penetration of a penis into a vagina can lead to pregnancy even if the partner shows the maximum care.
  14. 45 years are more senior than
  15. of the Woman do not become pregnant. The age after 45 years is a so-called late reproductive period. As a rule, by this time the woman already has children and actively is engaged in their education. But for it also late childbirth is also not excluded.