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How from the most ordinary hanger to create a work of art? I do not know

why, but to the wardrobe I treat with special awe. Very much just I like to open it and to admire the treasures: suits for belly dance, dresses on an exit, seductive short skirts, appetizing T-shirts and airy blouses, everyones - different kerchiefs, galstuchka, poyasochka... To what it is pleasant to touch all this, to measure, put, hang out!

I I always watch that everything was beautiful - and clothes, and what it is stored in and what it hangs on. But even despite strict control, at me in a case enemies are brought from time to time - it is absolutely variegated hangers!

They get into a case cunning - for example, with a new thing. Or someone from house brings them from a dry-cleaner and secretly thrusts to me into a case. If in a case there is at least one such thing, then it is possible to tell with confidence that shortly the case will be occupied by the whole battalion of unsightly hangers. How they breed there - I have no idea, but I cannot suffer such disgrace - as soon as them it appears too much, I remove them from a case and I arrange to hangers radical change of image. I turn ordinary hangers into unusual.

Me very much it is pleasant to p when everything is sustained in one style. It is not terrible that hangers of different forms and the sizes - I will issue them in one color scale. Or, on the contrary, if a form and the size identical, then I conjure with a color.

By the way, conversion of hangers - excellent occupation not only for adults, but also for children. To the child quite on forces to make a hanger for itself, and there is a chance that on such hanger it without reminders and even with pleasure will hang up the clothes. I in the childhood had an amusing hanger with mother - a duck and ducklings., It seems, the most ordinary plastic hanger, but I had it such one and only, most - presamy therefore only on it I also hung up the dress.

still the child can make by

A a hanger for mother or the grandmother - to what it will be exciting to use such souvenir which, by the way, can serve to you all life.

That experiment turned out successful, it is necessary to decide on style - to look attentively at an interior of the apartment or country house, at a case and, of course, at clothes.

decided by

On style? Now we will choose materials, a way of dressing, we will rake up hangers in a heap, we will dust with them... Let`s start!

Wooden hangers in a good shape can just be painted with

. For this purpose paints will be necessary for a list on a tree, a varnish (at will) and the unlimited imagination. What you represent on a hanger - a difficult landscape or a floret and - la a primitive - to solve to you. Also do not forget to give brushes, to the child - then compare paints and a hanger whose hanger is better.

you remember

A, once there was popular a burning out on a tree? For some reason the kitchen board and that someone decorated thus hangers was the most favourite subject for a burning out - personally I had not to see. And it is a pity, here I would definitely not refuse a hanger with the running lambs...


For ornament and wooden, and plastic hangers perfectly will be suitable a decoupage. Devchach of a hanger it is good to decorate with flowers - hearts and everyones Barbie, and here boys can do hangers with machines - a samoletikama. For myself I already prepared party of hangers which I want to register in the favourite horse subject.

For certain at you wire hangers which usually give in dry-cleaners were overlooked. I long hated these hangers, did not think up yet that with them to do. The decision turned out so simple that I was even upset, having fast counted in mind, how many beautiful hangers I could make instead of to throw out them if guessed this way earlier.

Such wire hangers are perfectly decorated by beads which can be fixed by means of glue. Choosing beads of certain flowers and forms, it is possible to create a huge number of styles - thoughtless, elegant, ethnic, glamourous - the fact that most of all to you to liking. Besides it is very practical - from such hangers dresses with thin shoulder straps do not fall down.

the Coiling a tape or a band will be suitable

for hangers from thicker wire. To make it even still easier, than to string beads - but what tremendous result! Such graceful hangers look even more effectively if to decorate them with a bow from a thin satin ribbon, and to leave the ends of this bow long. Or to make a suspension bracket of beads.

If a hanger absolutely old, then it is possible to fit it fabric. Plus this way is that on the hanger fitted by fabric it is possible to hang up jersey, without being afraid that it is deformed. To make such hanger, it is necessary to fit at first it a synthetic winterizer - to cut out a synthetic winterizer of the necessary size, to wrap up them a hanger, to fix by means of a thread - to sew not obligatory, rather simply to wind.

needs to choose after that by

fabric and to sew from it two symmetric covers in a form of each party of a hanger, then to insert each end into a cover and accurately manually to sew them among themselves, correcting a form directly on a hanger. The seam can be hidden by means of a decor - beads, buttons, bows, jingles, pomponchik, sacks with the potpourri, - hints - with - than - to carry notes - the thing - hanging - on - this is to a hanger, and for children`s hangers - soft toys are not a complete list of with what it is possible to decorate our creation.

As you can see to create beauty not so difficult. By the way, in addition to such hangers it is possible to sew from the same fabric sacks for footwear, for linen, for any trifles, and at will and to fit shoe boxes...

Let in your house everything will be amazing