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Rest by all family in Turkey of

At last, our child grew up, and we decide to go to have a rest all family to the sea. After short thoughts we choose Turkey. Lena (Hel) with the son joins us. Long chose hotel. At last chose. Departure at 6:30. Horror! How to lift the child in such wound and how he will transfer the road? It appeared, everything is simple: at the words “It Is Time to Rise, We Go to the Sea“, dithat right there opens eyes, rises and goes, reeling. “Mother, you only dress me, and me something swings that“, - rubbing eyes and yawning, he says. Further the road to the airport, flight and, at last, we in Turkey, go to hotel.

I it turns out p here that we are carried not to “Turtas“, and to other hotel standing nearby. We have to live 2 days since “there Sibirskiyeavialiniya“ work badly, and people could not go to iselit back us there is no place. Naturally, nobody wants to live even two days in other hotel. On arrival into place it becomes clear that a reservation in hotels so was made at once. At first a mydva of day we live in “Liberty“, and then we move to “Turtas“. Naturally, copies of documents to us do not allow to make, otkrytozayavly that it is business. Generally, remember and never use services of tour operator “ANEXTUR“, they are so postupayutpocht with all, at first lodge in cheaper hotel. :( Nameshche was lucky that our hotel was near, and it was not necessary to an ekhatbolsha anywhere. There is nothing to do - we are settled in “Liberty“, in oteletolko Russians.

we Come into number. The small dvukhmestnyynomer, is no place to put the third bed. Lena with the son poluchayetdvukhkomnatny number on 4 persons, there and the fifth it was possible to krovatstavit. We go on a reception to find out why at nastaky number. We are answered, it is standard number and it is calculated the third bed, there is no place to move us. The prospect zhitvtroy in this doghouse even spoils 2 days all mood. Bring the third bed. It should be photographed. You, sometime lived in a room where all three beds to a sdvinutyvmesta, phone costs on a bed, between pillows, and one of nasdolzhen to sleep-headed in the socket? :( And what dangerous, at you that, there electricity? :) And in Turkey probably in sockets not electricity. The only pass only on an odnogochelovek that two cannot disperse.

Flying into a rage, we ask, unless it is so possible to live? “And we you what, we put on a floor?“ Navopros why for two gave two-room number, and on a troikheta the doghouse, - the pozhimaniye shoulders supposedly so turned out. Spasiboogromnoye Len: we exchanged numbers. Also it was not necessary to spatna to all three on one big bed moreover in an embrace stelefony and the head in the socket. Then it turned out that not odnikhnas so lodged, two brothers were lodged in number with an odnoybolshy double bed (type as newlyweds :)), onipomenyalis number with the man who one was lodged vdvukhmestny number. And in general, numbers naturally were since at night still there arrived the bus, and lodged two little girls vtrekhmestny number. And on a reception only shrug shoulders to what lump got. At them, probably, as in a lottery, nomerarazdatsya. And at all I did not see such rudeness anywhere.

At last, we put the child to bed. We sit down at the pool ireshay that it is time to have a rest. We begin to have a rest. :)

Since were lived by us in two hotels, can compare. Hotyazvezdnost at hotels identical. Hotels differ ochensilno. “Liberty“ is completely Russian, “Turtas“ almost polnostyyunemetsky, in Russian the personnel do not understand, in English - it is bad. At “Liberty“ the small territory, one pool near which there is a restaurant, bar, a waterslide, a playground, a tennis court. Generally, all on the odnommalenky patch where constantly noise and din, music rattles, animators shout. Two weeks on this five-copeck coin, I not vyderzhalaba. The majority of numbers double small, but an osnashchenypoluchsha, than in “Turtas“, are the refrigerator and the hair dryer.“ Turtas“ the imeetbolshy territory (time in 5), two pools. From windows of a nashegonomer the beautiful view of the sea opened. Number big, double, with an extra bed, it was possible and to odnustavit still, it is better, than in “Liberty“. Fed in “Turtas“ better, than in“ Liberty“. Generally, when we moved to our hotel, I byloochen am sorry that two days of a polnotsennogootdykh took away from me though there are we could both there, and there. to us it was pleasant to

Despite all troubles with which began nashotdy in Turkey p. With the child problems were not, except food, again thanks Len which helped to feed him since the first two days it could not refuse to it and was ispravnootkryvat by a mouth when she fed him. Dithat it was ochensmely, unlike me, floated with the father far to the sea (horror), rode with the father from a waterslide, plavalisklyuchitelno in the adult pool, cheerfully, splashing in menyavody. Of course, in the first day it was bought in the detskombasseena, drove from a children`s hill, but to it quickly etonadoyet. Its natural favourite occupation after kupaniyabylo supervision of game over the gaming machine where constantly not screen there were fights, and viewing of animated cartoons: even what they - nanemetsky language, did not confuse it. He even declared that he wants to poskoreestat the adult to learn to speak in German :)

we spent All two weeks in hotel since I not to hotelamotatsya with 4 - x the summer child, and all others why - tonikak could not go without us, writing off, for what will mneobidno be. The benefit, animators worked regularly and it was not necessary to namskuchat. Our father won against all Germans to a vstrelba, and the child cheerfully danced in a children`s disco. Few times went to Alania and once the naprokatvzyala car, went on falls in Manavgat and to Aspendos, did a bit of traveling on the coast. But our child badly transferred an etoputeshestviye since. its all the time rocked to sleep, and in completion of a vsegotemperatur rose 38,5 and all next day it tozheprotemperaturit.

in hotel. The benefit, the camera at us quite good, isergy takes the quite good picture too, he quickly thought where and as the photographer removes, and he “took a picture“ of us with the sun too. If turn out - we will surely show. This photographer photographed in the hodiltsely days of all and gathered the people, chtobynesluchayny photos to do. So it constantly photographed izavlekat me, and always when I was without husband :) I am an emuobjyasnyala that I do not want, and it is all the same “No problem“. So he the whole phrase in Russian learned the subend: “One fotografiyubesplatno.“ :)

U us even once in hotel was the Turkish evening, Sashkagladil of a live camel, and said then that the camel did not even spit it. But to sweep on it he was afraid. And byltanets of a stomach, but man`s belly dance. Told that takikhtantsor only 5 to all Turkey. He danced of course cool, but there is a wish to see in this role the woman, but not a zhenopodobnogomuzhchina.

I still we had an opinion that arrange hysterics only the Russian children iteryat parents. German of course tozhekapriznichat, but parents somehow quickly settled vsekapriza. Generally, if some child shouted, then there was etoobyazatelno Russian.

Well and, as usual, all good quickly comes to an end with

, our holiday come to an end. There was no wish to go, with me takoyebylo the second time to lives :). And here we already fly on the plane to a vmoskv. Moscow meets us by cloudy weather and cold. The first thought “As I do not love this climate!“ Mysmotret in the evening that filmed with the camera and constantly caught themselves namysl “Only in the morning we were there!.“, and Sasha, having been lost in contemplation, told “Go to the beach!“ :)