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It is good that there are fathers!

Not so long ago I suddenly noticed that my five-months daughter pushed a leg in the toddler to herself in a mouth and with a self-satisfied smile procrastinates a thumb. I right there convulsively began to examine the child: nape hair are wiped, extremities cold, a foot damp! Together with sucking of a thumb a conclusion turned out unfavourable - rickets. All day I stayed in a certain puzzlement, drawing images of the Ethiopian children in the head, and at supper complained to the husband supposedly and so, our child sucks a leg. The husband it is proud stuck out a breast: “Yes! I its all days off learned it!“

of the Relation between children and their fathers absolutely different. On YouTube it is possible to find a set of rollers where the man in a gas mask changes a diaper to the kid. Let`s remember also movies.“ Bald the nurse“ for example where the hero Vin Dizelya should find a common language with five uneven-age children at once. Or where Adam Sandler teaches the little son to write the movie “Big Daddy“ on a house wall. In too time I many times observed how fathers teach children to ride the bicycle, run any one hundred meters near the child on transport or bring the kid on professional inclusion in policlinic.

That our father? He in perfection is able to change diapers (without screwing up the face!) it is capable to wash one the child and remembers how many spoons of dry mix to part in how many milliliters of water. I am proud of it, honestly! It is not terrible to me to go to a hairdressing salon and to leave children on their father. For a while.

But fathers have nevertheless different views on education. My husband is sure that I excessively sponsor children and I indulge.

More than once we argued on to what circle to send the son. Sambo or drawing? Karate or chorus? I speak to it, the boy wants to sing and well draws! And he answers me: “You on embroidery give it! The boy has to be able to stand for himself!“

I Put to bed the daughter and it rock to sleep in a bed. The husband swears: “What you do if wants let will shout, will be tired - will fall asleep“. I take the daughter on handles, again we argue: “You accustom her to hands! It manipulates you!“

Where that golden mean how it is correct to raise children? And can do it and correctly eat when mother and the father differently bring up the child? Who else will teach the son to throw “pancakes“ on water, to play computer “shooter games“ and to catch fish on a crank? Who if not the father, drives the daughter in a circle of dances and will be the first experimental in her culinary experiments? Sons become companions on games and tricks, and the daughter - little princesses.

It is good that there are fathers!