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The stress driving

Number of cars on our roads about everyone increases in the afternoon, so, also the number of potentially dangerous situations grows, traffic jams expand, it becomes more difficult to drive, to park - problemny, to be in time in time - at all unrealistic... The stress which is constantly accompanying driving is a consequence of all this.

can considerably not Fight against all this, and further, most likely, it will only be worse. And here to adapt to a situation and it is possible to cope with own emotional states, having tried to facilitate a little at least to itself life and to save nerves by means of the correct self-spirit and make-shifts.

Here several ways to win against a stress and to improve the state.

  1. Try to adjust yourself on tranquility. Be benevolent to all surrounding drivers and pedestrians even if they behave incorrectly and provocatively. Try to talk to them mentally: on the road you thank for “good behavior“, do to beautiful cars compliments, apologize for the incorrect maneuvers, and for others “rudeness“ just you rebuke as careless pupil. It is clear, that it is quite heavy to come to such state sincerely and with all the heart therefore let of you it will be a peculiar game in which you put yourself above others and generously you distribute praises and reproaches. Let your good mood and self-sufficiency will be your trump in successful driving, in comparison with all others who are angry and are nervous in the cars.
  2. the Constant emotional pressure caused by a stress gradually leads
  3. to exhaustion of power stocks. It is good to feel and not to test excessive nervousness the healthy nutrition will help. Before daily trips for work and morning traffic jams it is necessary to have breakfast properly at home. The best menu for this purpose will be: glass of freshly squeezed juice (it is better citrus), wholegrain small loafs or rolls, yogurt, fresh fruit (banana is especially useful). It is necessary only to choose that is pleasant to you to taste more. And that it was always possible “to throw in a fire chamber“ during a trip in the middle of the day, you keep a package of crackers or unsalted cookies and a water bottle in the car. The fatigue and stress are reduced by a lemon and coffee. Any “carbohydrate food“ (sweet, fruit) weakens an organism and removes a nervous tension. Chewing - the movement by jaws - increases blood supply of the head so it is possible just to use a chewing gum.
  4. Provide an opportunity to listen to various music in the car. The stress, excessive excitement and irritation are well removed by classics and natural sounds (noise of the sea, a rain, wood sounds, singing of birds). Rhythmical melodies like marches weaken and lighten mood - in the modern language it is dynamic dancing compositions, easy the priest - music. Write down a disk of the favourite songs, every day you will not begin to listen to it, and here at the difficult moments there will be an existence of such selection it will be useful.
  5. the Problem of traffic jams needs to try to be accepted as follows: from a stopper we will not get to anywhere therefore to be nervous and begin to boil absolutely senselessly, and it is necessary to try to change the relation to a situation and to work over itself a little.
  6. Try not to twitch, not to endure
    • , think of something productive, good, remember some pleasant or amusing case. It is possible to plan, think mentally something of pleasant prospect.
    • be not distracted strongly by foreign things, phone, the newspaper, SMS that the attention did not become dull. It is better to turn on the quiet music, to have a talk with passengers.
    • Always you hold near at hand an askorbinka. If suddenly you obscured a look or the head began to spin, at once eat couple of features.
    If to you the long and wearisome trip or the whole day is necessary to
  7. it is necessary to go on affairs, to hurry, to be nervous, then accept “Nootropil“ according to the instruction in advance. This preparation improves brain blood circulation, stimulating with that cognitive processes (memory, attention, intellectual working capacity). And here demulcents cannot be accepted - they dull attention, increase reaction speed, slow down.
  8. If you feel driving strong tension, it is necessary to stop and go out of the car. It is possible just to stand and to emotionally “cool down“ or give vent to actions (to stretch, jump, run about) that there was an excess reexcitement, emotions and adrenaline.