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Life the Number of persons interested to buy the new housing which is not burdened with legal problems of old residents grows in a new building of

every day. However not all future new settlers it is aware that the period between purchase and installation in the new house is, as a rule, filled a set of not palatable moments.

On “perhaps“

of Problems, connected with the Russian new buildings, great variety. And the most widespread of them - defrauded investors. It would seem, about this problem it is written so much and how many it is told that the question in principle has to disappear. Nevertheless, the number of unlucky co-investors grows every day. And all because the problem of shareholders is not just a problem of the people who unsuccessfully enclosed the finance. This phenomenon mass that only confirms legal and economic illiteracy of the population, in a combination with peculiar to the Russian person hope that it “perhaps will carry by“. And as usual, fuel to the fire is added by the government giving various support to defrauded investors instead of being engaged in training of the population.

That is remarkable, the problem of defrauded investors is not only a problem of the people acquiring housing the house-keeper of a class. As practice shows, among defrauded investors there are also wealthier people. One of such examples - an unfinished housing estate “Northern park“ in SAO of Moscow. The project was positioned and on sale as business - a class. How to avoid a similar fate, the cost of desired “squares“ at a design stage of the building is many times lower, than the cost of ready housing? Councils for this occasion there is a weight, but among them one is in the lead - never buy housing in unfinished projects. The economic situation in our country never differed in stability, and it means that constructions can acquire even the most promising projects at a stage only those who risk nothing.

the Bureaucratic stopper

Besides defrauded investors, is new settlers who for years cannot drive to the new apartment, but in it there is no their fault. Reason for that banal bureaucratic delays. The power will be replaced, it is not enough bribes, and even just someone above to someone salted, and innocent people pay off, as always. The conflicts between municipal authorities and builders - business frequent. From - for it sometimes detain delivery of a new building in operation, so, and people cannot drive to the new house. And months wait for settlement of disputes.

From - for bureaucratic delays happens and so that people for years cannot become full owners. The certificate on entry in the unified register of real estate - here the main document which confirms all rights for the apartment. This certificate can be granted in few months after settling, right after arrival of BTI, and maybe in a couple of years. Here everything depends on “load“ of officials and on quickness of concrete agency.

All lie!

the new settler`s Life seldom when happens iridescent if business concerns new buildings. If you got the apartment in the large-scale project even before the end of all construction, then, most likely, some more years behind windows of your apartment will not be anything, except dirt, concrete, cranes and workers. To go to shop, to drive children in kindergarten or school, it is necessary to go to policlinic, most likely, to other area. And it is good still if these difficulties end together with completion of construction. Happens and so that from the rich infrastructure promised by brochures in projects the house-keeper of a class there are at best little shops like “beer - chips“ yes a pharmaceutical booth. And as the authorities of the capital like to revise the decisions, instead of the promised transport infrastructure there can be pathetic “access paths“.

is more serious than

In projects (business - the class or a premium) with entertaining infrastructure, shops and drugstores, as a rule, the situation are better, but anyway even if products and drugs can be bought on the place, then, for example, behind threads, ware and stationery all the same it is necessary to go to big department store.

the Housing initially is the fact, all the rest - then. However it is impossible to leave people without enough parking spaces, kindergartens and schools, without access roads, grocery stores and drugstores. But for everything at once, as a rule, there are not enough capacities and finance therefore it is necessary the first residents not with pleasure.

In unreasonably inflated market of residential real estate of Russia all lie - officials and agents, brokers and brokers, developers and builders, brochures and unfair lawyers. And if do not lie, then a lot of things do not finish speaking. The best way to learn the truth is to find those who already bought housing in the house which is looked out by you and managed to learn all delights of new life. So do not hesitate to meet neighbors, in each case these acquaintances can be far more useful any other.

the Tower of Pisa in Russian

the Most known construction marriage in the world is the Tower of Pisa. But only one its shortcoming brought it popularity. Does not threaten to become other new buildings “star“ of such scale if only it does not fail in a prime - a time.

As usual, all subquality work emerge in the first years of operation of the building, and it is quite natural. So was and so will be always, it is not dependent on from what materials the house - from concrete is built, a brick or a tree - over time material is affected by external environment and changes.


For the solution of this question since 2003 at the Complex of architecture, construction, development and reconstruction of Moscow (KACPP) “the hot line“ on problems in houses - new buildings works. Having called by phone + 7 (495) 650 - 50 - 55 (Monday through Friday, with 10. 00 to 19. 00, in the rest of the time of the message register in an answering machine), it is possible to report about any claims and subquality work to a new building. This measure is recognized as the most effective. The city authorities easily can take away the construction license from those builders who will refuse to execute requirements of experts of “the hot line“. Under our conditions such measures work far more effectively, than the decision of any court.

According to official figures capital Stroikompleks, the main complaints of new settlers fall on an unsatisfactory condition of knots of an adjunction of window blocks to wall apertures (22%), and also on quality of window and balcony blocks (16%) and finishing works (18%). Inhabitants of new buildings are dissatisfied also with a condition of facades, including balconies and loggias (12%), plumbers (9%), sealing of seams (4%), joiner`s products (5%), thermal insulation and sound insulation of walls, partitions and overlappings (2%).

Our everything?

Unfortunately, our society is corrupted so that all who feel like it will extort money from the new settler. Beginning from the responsible person in REU that gives keys from new apartments, and finishing elevator operators for whom commissioning of the building - the real feast. According to informal data, delivery of keys can cost 500 rubles, each start of the elevator in 50 - 100 rubles, an entrance on unfinished object from 100 rubles, etc.

But it not the most terrible. Far worse - total theft. After commissioning of the building when protection leaves, entrance doors and coded locks begin to disappear, and after them from the house everything is taken out - bulbs, mailboxes, automatic machines from distributive electroboards. Sometimes thieves go further - break doors of apartments, take out decorative lattices, window handles, bulbs and even double-glazed windows. Security guards of a law and order tell that they are not occupied still at home, even to be in them happens dangerously. In one district of Moscow thieves took out iron doors, breaking out the puncher on half-walls. Agree, procedure not the most silent - whether a joke, the puncher of a door to cut down! However while criminals “worked“, any complaint in local Department of Internal Affairs did not arrive. In other area in half of apartments in a new building all bathroom equipment - toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs was taken out in broad daylight.

skilled crews or builders Are engaged in

in such things, as a rule, there are repairmen from the neighboring houses. Everything stolen very quickly comes true so then you will not find the ends. One consolation for new settlers - if to submit the written statement, then within a year of REU is obliged to compensate all losses. And further it is necessary to chip in together for video surveillance, the concierge or protection.

So, having driven to the new apartment, it is not necessary to begin repair at once. There is a risk next day not to get the delivered materials and tools. And even if you will put a massive iron door, then remember also balcony partitions and fire-escapes. Through them it is far simpler to get to any apartment, than through a staircase.

of New settlers, as a rule, take to the cleaners, the logic of people is simple: time is money for the apartment, for bribes precisely will be. So it would be wrong to believe that all your housing problems will be solved with purchase of the apartment. And until your new building is populated at least percent on 75, rest only dreams you...