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Homeopathy for weight loss of

of the Tablet for weight loss it is terrible to drink a diet, to keep is not present forces... Perhaps to try homeopathy? And suddenly it is also that magic pill...

Already one names of homeopathic medicines adjust

on a mystical harmony. Sound as magical spells and awaken belief in miracles. Listen only: kaltsium karbonikum, sulfur, ammonium karbonikum, barium karbonikum, natrium sulfurikum, sepia... Medicines on the basis of listed above remove excess water. At bad attacks of hunger are necessary: ignation, nuks vomika, anakardium, atsidum fosforikum. And in names of the following and the laxative effect which they render is guessed: solidago, karduus marianus, likopodium, helidonium, taraksakum.

Having understood

, by means of the Internet, than approximately to expel extra kilos, went to a drugstore that on the place to study the range. At once recured to the memory slyshanny expression once that in homeopathy “similar is treated by similar“. Really, thought, it is necessary to swallow of fat that own superfluous to drive from sides? I decided to learn more from professionals.

And we will treat the head

the Doctor told me stories of two patients.

First addressed after unsuccessful treatment of a polikistoz, from - for whom long could not become pregnant. Sveta had 20 extra kilos, and, she complained, each attempt to grow thin led to the return result - weight increased. The doctor appointed drugs which affected symptoms of the main diseases. Them there was the whole bouquet including the exhausting migraine attacks. After several months of treatment the condition of the girl began to improve and at the same time gradually became excess weight left. As a result at Sveta everything turned out - gave birth to the child, grew thin and even got a job.

the Second patient came with complaints to completeness. But, from the point of view of the doctor, she had no excess weight, just the person wanted to squeeze in notorious 44 - y the size. Having asked Yulya in detail, the homeopathist learned that the girl often has headaches and she hardly falls asleep. Here on these complaints the doctor also paid special attention. Inquired how often there is migraine that usually precedes it and picked up the necessary preparation - by the way, typical “representative“ of the homeopathic principle “similar is treated by similar“. By the nature it is capable to cause severe headaches, but in microdoses works on the contrary. From reception to reception the doctor selected “keys“ to all symptoms disturbing Yulya. And after a while you know what she ceased to complain of? On imaginary excess weight. There passed the depression, the patient began to get enough sleep, life was adjusted, and the discontent with the body thawed.

Now about drugs which received heroines of these stories. Both of them complained of headaches, but the prime causes of a state were different. In the first case - an endocrine disease, in the second - stresses and a depression. Respectively, different preparations were also offered them.


the Homeopathy heals not an illness and its symptoms - obesity, migraine, - and the person. Does not “beat“ a headache or completeness with the soothing or removing feeling of hunger preparations, and removes the cause of processes hidden in an organism subsoil. Excess weight, from the point of view of this method, - a symptom of the “razladka“ which occurred in our body. If to put work of systems and bodies in order, then and extra kilos will leave.

homeopathists ask

On reception about everything on light. For example, can take an interest whether often you cry as you prefer to spend free time - in the company or alone. Questions can be very unexpected, but answers to them and help to appoint treatment. It is one reception better to come with results of analyses lately and a medical record. The homeopathist needs to know, than you were ill earlier what drugs to you appointed that was accepted.

the Set of preparations chosen for you will be individual as prints of your fingers.

in the course of supervision at the doctor it will begin to change, the dose - to raise or go down. And it is not always peas - grains. There are also homeopathic ampoules, solutions, powders and tablets. If medicine is chosen correctly, the effect will not keep itself waiting. But it is process not of two weeks, but several months. And still, parallel to work with the homeopathist, it is good to correct the eating habits by means of the nutritionist and the psychotherapist.