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By the Akhmatova sea

“We know what nowadays lies on scales
And what is made nowadays.
Hour of courage punched on our hours,
And courage will not abandon us.

is not terrible dead to lay down under bullets,
not bitterly to remain homeless,
And we will keep you, the Russian speech,
the Great Russian word.

Free and pure you we will carry by

, And to grandsons we will give, and we will rescue from captivity

These prophetical lines belong to the great poetess A. Akhmatova whose 120 - the anniversary Odessa is going to celebrate. Also nikolayevets - admirers of boundless talent of the favourite poetess did not stand from this significant event aside. In the first Sunday July morning the exit literary drawing room of akhmatovets - enthusiasts went to the city on the bank of the Black Sea. Society “Rusich - Nikolaev“ (Z. I. Shatalov) and V. Dovzhenko acted as self-sacrificing inspirers of this action. Participants of an unforgettable trip became: journalist L. P. Kostiuk, school and university students, admirers of poetry of Akhmatova.

time past

In the long road quickly. The bus as a white-winged seagull in blue heavenly open spaces, promptly approached treasured places. In a cozy drawing room of inside of the bus akhmatovets shared the new found facts of the biography of the poetess, her magnificent verses. Also the name of the poet Nikolai Gumiljow which Akhmatova got married in Odessa, and without which its poetry of female soul would not take place was not avoided. Fight of two great independent persons stood out in their poetic creativity by the word “obedient“. Therefore the Temple where Akhmatova and Gumilev got married, became the first place of visit of nikolayevets in Odessa.

Then amicable literary “family“ of nikolayevets visited city Odessa park with the Chinese arbor, a monument to Vera Holodnoy and L. Utesov. To listen to the fascinating story, about time of stay of Akhmatova in Odessa, V. Dovzhenko suited also local inhabitants of Odessa. Stopped at a monument to Pushkin, at home, where Mayakovsky read verses; City Council, monument of the empress Ekaterina, Opera theater, fountain. Visited the Literary museum and the Garden of sculptures, walked on the well-known Deribassovskaya Street, at sea hotel, at a monument to Duke where there passed the program I. Kondratyuk of “A karaoke on the Maidan“, pub “Gambrinus“ where A. Kuprin wrote the famous story.

the Culmination of a trip. A little the fact that even local inhabitants of Odessa could not show the house where little Anna Gorenko was born saddened all. And that, the place at a monument did not say in any way that Odessa prepares for anniversary of the great daughter. We could not buy in the city - “a pearl by the sea“, books with verses of the hero of the anniversary.

- the Gushing ladder Akhmatova campaign went down

From 12 to the seashore which served as inspiration to the great poetess. Here also a name-day of the hero of the anniversary - the presents, with sparkling and foamy champagne took place! Again touching and bewitching Akhmatova lines were read. Young Nikolaev girls Ania and Vika read the verses on Akhmatova which to them were cast by the Odessa earth. Verses of the Nikolaev poet Emil Yanvarev which were read by his spouse Lyudmila Pavlovna Kostiuk became fine addition and decoration of a literary name-day.

Nobody noticed fatigue. And the way back in Nikolaev was not less interesting. The student of NKI Aleksandra Shumilova told about Days of the Russian culture in Kaluga where she visited with the Nikolaev Center F recently. Ushakova. And finally, to the house all sang songs about the blue sea, about the Black Sea which will be to captivate the secrets and riddles not one more generation of poets.

we continued by

of the House acquaintance to works of the poetess, having opened the collection of her verses, and having placed in blogs the Internet - the page with information on anniversary, reminding the world of his nice names, sons and daughters that bear for us through centuries, ardent and pure fire of the Russian culture and Russian and all-conquering love of two hearts, about verses that became “the song of the world“:

Shaking on air waves,
Passing mountains and the seas,
Fly, fly golubky the world,
About the song ringing mine!


I to the one who hears, As the long-awaited century is close,
Than nowadays both lives and the person breathes
In your fatherland.

You not one - them will be much.
With you the flying pigeons, -
you at a far threshold
is Waited by heart of tender friends.

Fly to a decline bagrovo - scarlet,
To a suffocating factory smoke,
And in Black quarters,
And to waters of Ganges blue.