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When the stomach rests against the keyboard...

What dangers trap pregnant women during the work with the computer?

we Will continue by

conversation on influence of the computer on the course of pregnancy and - is wider - in general on health of the person, begun in the previous issue of the magazine. I divided the article into two parts, in the first it will be a question of what is not proved yet, but nevertheless inspires the greatest fears, in the second - about real and indisputable negative consequences of work at the computer which, despite the evidence, do not direct at users of such horror. So.

Part 1. All of us heard the unknown evil or what we are afraid of

that the computer is a source of various radiations and electromagnetic fields. The majority of us enough approximately imagines what is it and as all this can affect our health. At thought that we are exposed to some unknown influence it becomes very uncomfortable, there is a wish to protect something itself, to secure. The modern formation of myths offers a set of ways of fight against the mysterious radiation invisible to an eye - here to you both a pentagram which is quite good for drawing around the monitor, and cactuses which allegedly absorb all “radiation“ and will transform it to the pleasant violently growing prickles. As the doctor I can tell: can be, and you should not spend forces for fight against such delusions - the peace of mind is worth a lot. If, having put a flowerpot near the monitor, you do not suffer thoughts of radiation any more - thank God (under a condition, of course, that your monitor conforms to modern standards of safety and you do not stick out behind it days without a break). If you all - are interested in real degree of health hazard, can report the following.

the Modern medicine cannot accurately answer with

a question now as work with the computer influences a human body.

We cannot give to

the evidence-based answer for that simple reason that we have just not enough data.

In - the first, the term of supervision (20 - 30 years - mankind “spent“ approximately so much time in front of the computer) is obviously insufficient for serious conclusions.

In - the second, it is impossible to observe purity of experiment: putting experiences over people, of course, and the speech cannot be. There are two ways - experiences over animals (and their results, naturally, cannot be transferred completely to people) and supervision over a state of health of the people working with the computer (but in this case it is almost impossible to obtain reliable data as it is impossible to separate influence of the computer from influence of other factors).

B - the third, parameters of computers for all the time of supervision considerably changed more than once: radiation of monitors 80 - x - the beginnings 90 - x years which glass screen did not become covered by any protective layer at all was many times more than the radiation of modern monitors. Recorded in 80 - x years cases of adverse influence of computer radiation on development of pregnancy shook the medical public and became one of the reasons which induced scientists to development of the new standard, and producers of computers - to work on their safety. It is possible to frighten pregnant women of the 21st century by horror stories of last century (and it is necessary) only in case they work behind the monitor of ten-year prescription.

I Sum up of

the result: except for some cases of which it will be a question below (in particular, deterioration in sight, violation of blood circulation in a small basin) the medicine recorded only separate reliable cases of adverse influence of modern computers on health of the person. It means only that we do not know yet as far as it is dangerous. To judge what remote consequences of work on the computer for life and health of the person, with sufficient definiteness it will be possible only after the generation of computer users is replaced, that is we still are in “an experiment stage“, and here our children and grandsons will possess more reliable information. whether

A there will be they, these children and grandsons, at those whose life and work was inseparably linked with the computer? Whether will call the infertility computer whether will affect the course of pregnancy, development of a fruit? Doctors so far only accumulate information. So, it is known that probability of abortions at the women using the computer, above than at those who do not work with it. According to modern standards of labor protection pregnant women are discharged of work on the computer. And I, properly and as the doctor, I find it the wise decision. But it is worth to remember that in its basis - aspiration to protect the pregnant woman and a fruit from potential harm. Solve - if you are sure of safety of the modern computer and do not consider it necessary to interrupt work with it, join multimillion army of the users accumulating skilled data (not necessarily negative) for generation of future physicians. And if decide to show care and to refuse for a while communication with the computer, you will not remain alone also here, your opinion again - is shared by millions of people. On whose party the truth - will show time.

Part II. Obvious harm or what we got used to

There now, and now, after definition of a principled stand of medical science in relation to the phenomena which are not studied owing to the objective reasons, we will talk on more concrete subjects. Work of the operator PEVM - if to use a legal language - is accompanied by some harmful factors capable to provoke occupational diseases. It will be a question not of radiation, and about well familiar to us and without computer, but tension of sight, concentration of attention, need which did not become because less dangerous to spend long time in one situation, etc. Here let`s and consider them in more detail that potential danger did not cover from us real - can be, less terrible, but much closer. I warn in advance: I will speak about risk of occupational diseases in relation to the user in general, in case of need especially stipulating recommendations for pregnant women.

“Raise to me eyelids...“


about health to any PC user, and he first of all will complain to you of problems with sight. Not so long ago American ophthalmologists entered even the special term computer vision syndrome - the computer visual syndrome describing a complex of symptoms of disorder of sight and diseases of the eyes caused by work on the computer.

Most of the people spending in front of the monitor much time begins to complain of decrease in visual acuity, doubling in eyes sooner or later, fast exhaustion at any kind of the work connected with tension of sight, difficulty if necessary to focus a look on a certain point.

Besides these functional frustration, PC users note painful feelings in eyes: a burning sensation (and sometimes, on the contrary, the increased tearfulness), reddening of eyeballs, pain at the movement of eyeballs - as though sand under eyelids filled...

All these phenomena are connected by

as with essentially new factor - unusual character of the image on the monitor (in more detail about features of the self-shining image see article of the engineer - the physicist A. Volkov “If you do not sort at once, it is bad or it is good“, No. 7 - 8/2001. - Editor`s note) and with the fact that work on the computer demands big visual tension (occupational diseases of sight both watchmakers, and collectors of microelectronics suffer, for example).

I though do not have data that the computer leads to organic diseases of organs of vision (in any case, the percent of the patients with a cataract among programmers is no more, than among representatives of other professions), the fact that work with the computer promotes deterioration in functioning of the akkomodatsionny device (the muscles which are “responsible“ for change of a configuration of a crystalline lens, so to speak, its aiming at sharpness) and progressing of short-sightedness is undoubted.

Manifestation of a computer visual syndrome at the pregnant woman, in - the first, can result

in increased fatigue (during this period the female organism and is so rather sensitive to overloads), but also, pregnancy in itself can contribute to increase of intraocular pressure, and at emergence of additional harmful factors this risk amplifies.

As to fight against it how to minimize influence of harmful factors? The whole package of measures is necessary, you have to set

we Will assume a dignified air?.

do not forget

that during the work with the computer we sit, and often we fade at several o`clock not in the most comfortable position. It not only is fraught with fatigue and the general exhaustion, but can lead to development of osteochondrosis of various sites of a backbone - cervical, chest, poyasnichno - sacral. It is detailed to describe this disease, unlike a computer visual syndrome, there is no sense: for many of us acquaintance to osteochondrosis begins nearly with a school bench... And so, not to increase already considerable load of a backbone, it is necessary, again - an integrated approach to the organization of work, namely:

“The darling`s hands - couple of swans...“

to you the unpleasant feelings arising in hands after several hours of continuous work on the keyboard are familiar to

? Fingers grow dumb, in palms there is an unpleasant pricking, wrists intolerably hurt... This phenomenon connected with an injury of the nerve passing in “tunnel“ from muscles and sinews is called “a tunnel syndrome of a carpal joint“ and was always considered as occupational disease of typists (now programmers also joined them) and at the same time - possible complication at pregnancy.

the complex of actions including the correct organization of a workplace, finding of the pose which is not injuring a nerve, and performance of special exercises is necessary for

For its prevention. Do not lean wrists against the table edge, you do not hold a hand suspended, pick up the convenient ergonomic keyboard, accustom not to beat yourself keys very much, and only slightly to touch them by not intense fingers, it is the best of all to touch-type - it is useful not only for eyes, but also for hands. But also, do not forget about exercises - those which we did in the first class, giving rest to fingers, unusual to the letter: stir up brushes, rotate them, clench and unclench fists. Also you remember, the pregnancy combination to work at the computer increases risk of emergence of a tunnel syndrome so all those actions which for other users are very desirable are simply necessary for pregnant women.

On that we sit... (fight against stagnation)

Long stay in a sitting position, besides the general fatigue and increase in load of a backbone, causes also such phenomenon as stagnation of blood in a small basin. Its consequences are rather unpleasant - so, today in increasing frequency begin to speak about hemorrhoids as about occupational disease of operators PEVM.

Pregnancy also in this case appears the factor increasing risk of development of occupational diseases. The growing uterus presses on bodies of a small pelvis, presses blood vessels therefore outflow of blood from the lower part of a trunk decreases. It can promote not only to emergence of difficulties with a vermicular movement, but also development of a varicose illness of legs and already mentioned hemorrhoids. So, pregnancy increases risk of developing of occupational diseases of the user of the computer, and long stay in a sitting position can worsen a condition of the pregnant woman. Due to the stagnation of blood in a small basin blood supply of all bodies located in an abdominal cavity including a uterus, process of a metabolism is slowed down worsens, in particular, exchange products from a fruit are taken away more slowly.

Where an exit from this vicious circle? Of course, in prevention - in the correct organization of the place and an operating mode, obligatory breaks, performance of a complex of simple exercises. At all the simplicity, it is rather effective measures capable to minimize influence of adverse factors.

already told

Ya about it in detail in all previous sections of article, I will add only the following: we have no right to neglect the health at all, and during pregnancy when we in the answer not only for himself, but also for the life growing in us, it is just necessary to observe elementary precautionary measures.

Several councils personally

Work with the computer demands the sufficient tension of forces from itself, not without reason in some countries (for example, in Germany), the profession of the operator PEVM is included in the list of the most harmful. Once again I will emphasize - this harm is connected not only with influence of technogenic factors (radiation of magnetic fields), but also with the general working conditions of programmers: the sedentary monotonous work demanding the constant tension of sight and concentration of attention.

Personally I nevertheless would not advise

to pregnant women to continue such work, in the same way as would not recommend to them to continue work on the conveyor, to go in for mountaineering, etc. - that is to do all that tires demands the considerable tension or risk. Certainly, the mode of your work has to change - as also all vital way has to change. But as well as in what degree to reduce loadings - depends in many respects on your individual state, pregnancy at all proceeds differently. Good advice: do not fall in one of two extremes - you do not treat yourself as to the seriously ill patient, but also you are not invigorated, do not consider what is necessary, having gritted teeth, to overcome all difficulties. Try to reach the most comfortable state in process of forces - this universal recommendation becomes especially actual during pregnancy.

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Rather often work on the computer is the integral duty of office employees. In this article will affect one of aspects of work of the pregnant woman at office, and in one of the next numbers edition plans to devote to this subject special article.