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Stutter developed. What to do?

Stutter - serious violation of the speech. It is impossible to trifle of it, hoping that over time, with little effort, everything will pass. Understanding of gravity of the situation, ability to adequately perceive the arisen child`s problem, readiness for changes - a basis of all subsequent actions of parents.

Treatment at stutter needs to be begun with

immediately as soon as it arose - in an initial stage. An acute disease it is always easier to treat, than chronic. And treatment surely has to be complex. Stutter - manifestation of instability of processes of nervous activity or organic defeat of nervous system. It cannot be overcome without treatment of nervous system. Proceeding from a condition of nervous system, the doctor - the neuropsychiatrist appoints necessary drugs. Medical supplies are selected individually for each child, the unambiguous, suitable for all scheme of treatment does not exist. Sometimes drugs necessary for the child “are guessed“ not at once, selection can take 2 - 3 months. The stammering child has to be followed up by a doctor not only during passing of a course of treatment, but also long enough, sometimes 2 - 3 years, how the speech is normalized. It is connected with the fact that despite disposal of halts, the level of adaptive opportunities of the central nervous system of the child remains low, so, recurrence of stutter, especially during the crisis periods of development of the child is possible. Certainly, the medicamentous appointments made by the doctor need to be carried out strictly.

the Child who had a stutter needs measures for prevention of distortions of the personality, prevention of formation of neurotic complexes. Usually children do not notice halts in the speech, but can feel concern, nervousness of adults about it. Further the fear of the speech can increase from this alarm which sank down in memory of the child. It strengthens the disorders connected with the speech, and they even more worsen it. The psychotherapeutic direction in treatment of stutter is of great importance as well as work with the psychologist.

in 3 years many children can Already be engaged in

with the logopedist. If stutter became habitual, several months are celebrated, it is time to begin occupations.

Besides, at stutter improving actions are useful to

. The speech of stammering is influenced by everything: both a mental, and physical condition of an organism. Practically any diseases weaken an organism and can “force down“ speech zones of a brain from an operating mode. The child compelled all day to see off in stuffy, often close room, forced to low-mobility, is disaccustomed to breathe and move rather fully. To protect the child and from possible colds and to strengthen his health, it is necessary to remember about such idle time and an available thing as a hardening. As in what sequence to do, to discuss with the doctor better. It is very good if you join the child, you will set him an example. And, of course, any douche weepingly or compulsory morzhevaniye.“ Health at any cost“ - definitely the way which is not suitable for you. The main thing that you and your child derived at the same time pleasure, and from procedures, and from communication with each other.

Besides, you have to watch that the child constantly had a physical activity. We find for physical development not enough time, preferring silent, inactive intellectual games and entertainments, and it is not surprising - there is a wish to move to ourselves not really. The loading consisting in ritmizirovanny serial use of extremities is useful to the stammering child (walking, run, swimming, the bicycle, rhythmic dances, etc. - to notable fatigue, but not to exhaustion). Occupations have to take place not really far from the house, regular trips in the fall and in the winter in public transport can nullify all your care about health of the child. The simplest - exercises in policlinic can sometimes appear one of the best options. If you decide to stop on more serious option - look for such sports section where occupations meet age standards, children are entertained and really revitalized, but do not bring up future champions. The trainer with understanding and patience treats failures of children, and a competitive spirit element minimum.

the special logopedic occupations improving the speech of the child usually are not carried out by

At suddenly arisen stutter. In this case it is necessary to create urgently conditions for normalization of an emotional condition of the child, especially, if after a fright the child any time was silent. Equal, quiet, benevolent communication in itself with the child - a necessary condition for treatment of stutter. The success in overcoming of stutter in many respects is defined by behavior of parents, their readiness izmenenyat the strong, but inefficient stereotypes which developed in the relations with the child. Often, when it is necessary to cure stutter at the child, it is necessary to begin with itself.

First of all not to panic, it is impossible to show the concern about stutter at all and even to use the word “stutter“ at the child. It is impossible to demand from the child of fluent speech, to shame and punish him, to tell the child what he “told badly“ and not to ask that he “told well“. Never to ask to inhale it is more than air, and then to speak. The breath has to be reflex, extramental. And, of course, peredraznivaniye and sneers are inadmissible.

Children imitate the speech of surrounding adults. You can imperceptibly help the child to change a speech manner, for this purpose try to say less and without hurrying, short and clear phrases, using words simple, familiar to the child. Your speech has to be accurate, clear, laconic. Without demanding from the child that he spoke ritmizirovano, you tell more often and read to it with a rhythm that the “monkey“ reflex worked, and the child would use reception of a ritmization of the speech unconsciously. Do not ask the child too many questions, involving him in difficult conversations. Analyse how many and what questions you set to the child how many among them empty, just silly, not demanding in general any answer. Do not provoke the child to the speech. You learn to maintain a pause before to tell something. Give yourself time to see what occurs. Some sluggishness of adults always affects children in an inspiring way.

Think how to organize your joint life with the child so that it did not need to be adjusted. Your task - to teach the child to speak more slowly. And it becomes absolutely impracticable when you begin to hurry and hurry the child, doing his life to even more intense. Approximately every second child does not cope with the speed offered it by the adult, not at all it turns out to come off fascinating occupation at once, to quickly satisfy your request. As well as yourself, give to the child a sufficient stock of time - “you will put this machine in garage, and we will be...“, “I will call a hand bell soon, and we will begin...“ . If circumstances develop so that it is necessary to work immediately, do not enter altercations, do not bargain, surely and cheerfully order. Sometimes, without wasting words, softly embrace and take away. Always act on a situation and intuition. The difficult moments in your interaction with the child arise daily, be not afraid to experiment.

the Most part of day occupy the child with occupations which do not demand the developed speech. Regime of the child needs to be organized so that need for the speech almost did not arise. It, of course, is difficult, but it is possible.

Can play board games, pull out a mosaic, a lotto, dominoes, plasticine, clay from a far corner. In each house there is a designer, some construction material, cubes. To build, destroy, restore - a remarkable opportunity for the child to learn to own a situation and to make decisions. This simple sequence of actions - constructed - broke, gives to the child feeling of control and predictability, helps to cope with fears, to show natural aggression in a safe game situation. Begin game together with the child, but do not take the initiative, give to the child the chance to prove. Soon it with pleasure will play one, and you will need only to fill up a collection with new elements to diversify game. it is the best of all for p to Draw

gouache on big sheets of paper big brushes or fingers. So the child will be able to express most fully the emotional state, and to you will be over what to think. Only it is not necessary to correct it and to learn to draw “correctly“. It is useful for p to sing

for the child and together with the child, to remember songs from the childhood, to dance and just to move under music.

Very much strengthen nervous system of game with sand and water. Probably, all children love games with water, they for hours can start up ships, pour water, it is simple to watch how it flows. Sand too material, unusually pleasant and attractive to children. It can be mixed with water and to create own world with mountains, locks, bogs, and then long to render habitable it, to take all whom it will want in the world.

you can do usual routine household chores together with the child. Girls often with pleasure touch grain, display buttons, boys willingly potter with working tools.


alone, the child sounds the actions, but, as a rule, does not stammer. Many children speak without halts with toys, animal, small children. Do not forbid such speech.

Many specialists in stutter advise

completely to limit the speech of the child, to transfer it to the silence mode, to exclude all types of emotional influence. Perhaps, it would also be necessary to give to nervous system of the child absolute rest, but often it is not possible to execute such tough recommendations. It is impossible to forbid the child to say when he has such requirement, to ask, do favorite thing (music, drawing, etc.), to read books, sometimes to watch children`s transmissions to which the child got used. It is important to organize in general the mode so that need to speak at the child arose as seldom as possible, but not to quarrel with it and to forbid habitual things.