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Elegant paper clips

Very soon the first of September; day when children since morning leave the house elegant; will put in the portfolios, backpacks and bags of a notebook, the handle and pencils; will take a traditional bouquet for the teacher and will go to school. There were only several days!

Ya I suggest not to spend this time for viewing of the TV, and to be engaged with your children in joint creativity!

Once I found

somewhere in the Internet the picture with the original paper clips decorated with the hands. I think that their time has come,!

The more objects and things at school will remind

to children that parents love them, the they will be surer there to feel! Besides, to create the hands such original paper clips - the same continuous pleasure! Make several couples of such paper clips and divide: one will please the kid at school, and another on will allow you to miss at office! In order that such original accessories to make with own hands, only long office paper clips, felt or any other material which edges are not strongly showered of a thread at color, cotton wool or other material will be necessary for you for tamping, scissors. If at you no, not showered fabric, it is possible just to glue edges of details before PVA sewing together.

Of course, your imagination will hardly allow you to these to be limited, and you will use besides beads, beads, pastes, buttons, valyany balls, pompons and other trifles sprained under a hand.

For example in order that the hands to make a paper clip with a heart, to you it is necessary to cut out 2 identical big hearts from one fabric, and one heart is less from another (suitable on color or contrast, with drawing or without). At first it is necessary to fix a small heart on big, then to sew two big hearts with cotton wool and the end of a paper clip between them. Stitches will not allow a paper clip to be pulled out and disconnected then. Everything is very simple!

Florets on paper clips become simply too. One of options is as follows: it is necessary to cut out five circles for petals, two circles are less for a serdtsevinka and for its wrong side. On each petal it is necessary to put at first folds and to fix them by several stitches (that did not disperse). Then put a circle for a wrong side, on it - a paper clip tip, on them lay out around petals, close everything the second circle - a serdtsevinka and stitch on edge of small circles, pulling together them among themselves. On a serdtsevinka it is possible to sew the ball made in equipment of a felting (fulling), a bead, a button etc. Paper clips with tsayetochka, of course, “devchach“. But paper clips with ships, engines, avtomobilchik or planes, undoubtedly, for cool guys!

can be made

For some paper clips even the hanging-down beaded threads, and then they can be used as bookmarks! Though children for certain will offer you a heap of the options!

But something I undersigned, remains to time a little, soon in school... I wish to spend cheerfully and fruitfully remained days!