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To feed and work with

it is the best of all to organize mother`s exit to work when to a crumb 6 - 7 months are executed. It will be optimum for a karapuzik as it already grew up and can remain with other family members, without being anxious on the fact that mother is absent.

However if you are forced to renew work earlier, then it is desirable to make it after the baby is 3 months old. The first 3 months are as psychologists speak, the fourth trimester of pregnancy which has to pass on handles at mother. She as if continues to bear the child, but only out of a womb.

If to a crumb slightly more than 3 - x months, time which will be absent mother does not exceed 6 hours. In these 6 hours has to enter and time for the road, for example 1,5 hours will be taken by the road for work and back, and the remained 4,5 hours - work. After the peanut is 7 months old, you can safely increase the working day to 8 - mi hours.

the Organization

the Room for decantation . It is important that it was convenient and easy for you, in this case milk will well separate. Think over in advance where you will be able to be decanted, and discuss this moment with the head. Usually, having learned that the feeding mother is on staff, the administration meets requirements of her. Perhaps, to you will allow to occupy a meeting room, a restroom or other room which is not often used for some time.

Correct spirit . Avoid thoughts “I will try, but it will not turn out, I will transfer the child to mix...“, give yourself such installation “I Will Make Everything That Is Necessary, and I Will Feed!“ better . Learn to be decanted at those moments when milk inflow begins. You felt prickings and a raspiraniye in a breast? Prepare capacity for decantation! Listen to the organism, you learn to understand it, and very soon you will have an accurate rhythm of decantations. If you feel “unplanned“ strong inflow - try not to pass and collect it and this portion of milk.

Frequency of decantations . If to consider that you fed a crumb before appearance at work, then the first inflow can be approximately in 2,5 - 3 hours. If you are absent 6 hours, then you need one more decantation before leaving home. And maybe, and houses before putting a crumb to a breast. Only do not catch sight to it before, otherwise it will not release you, will not be put to a breast yet. If you work full time, then at work there can be three decantations.

Collecting milk . It is necessary to collect milk in sterile ware with a cover. Temperature of storage should not exceed 25 degrees, and a storage time - 4 hours, the place - far away from the sun. It is better to hold, of course, milk in the refrigerator - there it remains 48 hours.

Feeding by a house breast . As soon as you entered on a threshold of the house, you begin the mode of unlimited feeding. It is important both for missed crumbs, and for stimulation of your lactation.

How to feed?

If the kid remains to

for 6 hours, then it needs 3 feedings from a cup or a spoon. For the kid 3 - x months it is convenient to use a soft spoon. 5 - 6 - ti months it is more convenient to feed the child from a cup.

milk Volume for one feeding has to be about 100 - 120. It is better to arrange the first feeding in an hour after leaving of mother, and remained - every 2 hour. It is possible that in the first days at you it will not turn out to leave to a crumb the full volume of milk.

If turned out, for example, one part of breast milk, then two parts will be made by mix. It is good to make the first two feedings mixed: one half of a portion - a mother`s milk, and the second - mix. The third feeding will consist only of mix. Be adjusted on the fact that it is only a temporary phenomenon and you will be able to leave soon so much milk how many it is required to a crumb. Every day you will be decanted more effectively, this skill will be improved, and your positive spirit will help you to debug system of collecting a milk.

How many to feed?

K 9 - ti to months a crumb it will be already good to h2 to eat adult products. As approximately from this age for kids the feeding up becomes energetically significant food.

Gradually the food from a table of adults can begin to vent feedings by the decanted milk. Therefore be adjusted on smooth reduction of decantations. It is possible to make it 2 - mya in the ways: or to reduce volumes of collected milk, or to clean one decantation entirely, keeping volumes of other decantations.

It does not mean that feeding by a breast on it will terminate. You will continue to nurse the child after the working day, at night, and also during the week-end. You will be able to live in such mode so much how many you want and your kid.