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How to correct a bearing of

Often we are too anxious with attempts to make a stomach flat, buttocks - tightened, and to visually increase a breast by means of a brassiere. And does not come to our mind that than to spend for correction of a figure of excess 40 minutes in day, it is better to correct a bearing. When we just suddenly cease to stoop, at once the breast visually increases and the belt is tightened.

Present to

now that would be, remain a camp direct constantly. With a direct back it is always pleasant to look at the person. When others go, having bended double under weight of bags, the woman with a direct backbone is proud there is on life, it as if the real queen. And it is only a visual image, and whether you know, the correct posture is how important for health?

Unfortunately, most of modern people, do not guess that for a harmonious, sound and beautiful body, first of all, the direct backbone is necessary. We do not think of the fact that in considerable quantity of our diseases it is guilty, to be exact, its wrong situation or a curvature. Headaches, dizzinesses, spasms, a heartache and a back, difficulty of breath, shift of bodies, pinching of nerves and violation of blood circulation - all this can be a consequence of wrong “education“ of a backbone.

change of a shape of a backbone is the Cause of infringement of a bearing. At normal development it has several physiological bends: forward - back in chest and lumbar departments. As a result of any influences these bends are broken, smooth out or amplify. As a result people get scolioses, kifoza and other “delights“.


only the reasons of similar changes are not called by doctors: a patrimonial trauma, microtraumatism as a result of falling in the early childhood, the wrong school desks and heavy school bags instead of satchels, gait... - there is a lot of reasons, a consequence one - a backbone curvature.

to Treat him and it is recommended to eliminate violations of a bearing in children`s or at teenage age when bones and cartilages still rather soft, and muscles elastic and gait is not created up to the end yet. It is far more difficult to adult to get rid of a curve back.

Experts do not advise

to begin “new life“ of a backbone with violent changes. Do not force themselves to sit and go with a direct back the whole day. As a result you will concentrate too on a bearing and for work there will be no force left.

Elena Teterina, the deputy chief physician in the Center of manual therapy of the Russian Ministry of Health, considers that it is possible to correct a bearing, having only long and hard worked. Remember that it is necessary to be engaged only under the leadership of the professional, whether it be the doctor or the instructor in fitness - club. To use special corsets which give the chance to hold a straight line back, without making special efforts, of course, it is possible, but you should not be fond of them. Through some time of a muscle “forget“ that it is necessary to work independently, for them the backbone “holds“ a corset. An optimal variant manual therapists call combination of carrying a corset and daily physical exercises for strengthening of muscles. Then we “accustom“ them to work in that direct situation which tried to obtain.

During the day our back experiences strong strain and needs deserved rest in the evening. It is not about a down grandmother`s feather-bed. You fall asleep on it with the great pleasure, and wake up for some reason absolutely broken and with a numb neck. A night dream - for a backbone the main time of rest. Also it is necessary to take care of that it was correct, the care of a bearing has to be round-the-clock. If in the morning you do not feel fresh, so not up to the end relaxed in a dream. If we are engaged strenuously in correction of a bearing in the afternoon and to forget about it at night, process will be dragged out for a long time. Special orthopedic mattresses and pillows “under plechiko“ which structure does not allow a backbone to be bent are necessary for night “vigil“. Water mattresses are especially good for a dream. Water possesses the weakening property. All know feeling of ease when we just lay down on a surface of the water or float: weight of a body is removed, the backbone unloads. The main criterion of a good mattress or pillow Elena Teterina calls such condition: if in the evening you felt tension or muscle pain, then in the morning it should not be.

should Be engaged in correction of a bearing under supervision of experts. At first they will help you to define the prime cause of violations, then will advise massage or manual therapy, then - special exercises. Only then you will wait for positive result.

Many fitness - clubs, by the way, besides enough full range of services, offer also separate programs for correction of a bearing.

you can improve a little a bearing and in house conditions. For this purpose carry out the following exercises. Straighten a back and turn the head to the right - to the left, incline it forward - back. Make several squats with a direct back. Such simple charging will restore blood circulation and will support a muscular tone on two - three hours.

So if you dream of the flying gait, enthusiastic views and a royal bearing, it is necessary to try. The patience, work and self-discipline will make your figure stately, and gait - beautiful. Believe, the result costs the spent efforts.