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We invite to a buffet reception of

to you it is necessary to lay a table at work in honor of defense of a thesis, a publication of the book or birthday? And there is a wish to make it, so to speak, with small losses?

different options Are. It is possible to order snack at the nearest restaurant or a pizzeria, someone will want to show the culinary addictions and talents, having carried out day and night in kitchen, and then, having made incredible efforts, to bring the masterpieces to office... There is also an intermediate option - a buffet reception. Of course, to buy products and it is necessary to prepare all the same, but if you are helped by colleagues, and near at hand there will be a microwave oven, then the table can be very much even impressive.

the word “buffet reception“ means

In translation from French “on a fork“, i.e. a fork - the main device of such table. The basis of a buffet reception is made by usually cold and hot appetizers. Buffet receptions have several positive moments: in - the first, guests can freely communicate, in - the second, invited serve themselves, and, the main thing, is an action not so long as a full-fledged banquet. In case of such feast the hostess canapes, tartlets (small baskets from the test) will always help out, vol-au-vents (from puff pastry) and eclairs - profiteroles (from scalded). Stuffing options for them a set: cheese with garlic and mayonnaise, cod liver with onions and egg, the crushed smoked chicken mixed with corn, greens and mayonnaise crabsticks or shrimps, the cottage cheese filled with cream (mayonnaise, sour cream), I will merge, horse-radish and small cut ham and greens, eventually - red caviar... Also skewers are very convenient: cut in cubes meat, vegetables, stock up with olives, tomatoes - cherry - accurately put on all this skewers in different sequence. Here still original options: slice of a pear and cube of cheese; the prunes berry (without stone) wrapped in a thin slice of bacon; an olive (too without stone) and a piece of firm cheese; tomato - cherry, a cucumber - a gherkin, a small marinated mushroom and an olive... It is possible to dream infinitely!

Bread slice

of the Canape with cheese and tomato thin, oil cheese, cut on small buterbrodik and decorate everyone with a slice fresh either a pickle or a pomidorka - cherry.


the Baguette slice

of the Canape, grease everyone with butter, from above lay a thin piece of ham, a thin piece of cheese, a pineapple ringlet, olive and bake in a microwave (or an oven).

Toasts from black bread grease

of the Canape with a sprat with a thin butter layer, from above lay a slice of the hard-boiled egg, on it - the sprat curtailed by a ringlet (or to a shprotin) and decorate with fennel or green onions.

Slices of black or white loaf oil

of the Canape with egg herring, from above lay a circle of tomato (cucumber) and a slice of egg. Decorate with fennel or green onions.

the Pack of “Fetaka“ (or sheep cheese) crush

of the Canape from “Fetaka“, mix with mayonnaise, the cut greens and several garlic gloves passed through a press. There grate a little carrot. Smear weight on thin slices of black bread.

Toasts from white or black loaf oil

of the Canape with mushrooms. Slice the hard-boiled eggs, take out a yolk, crush. Also crush mushrooms, mix with a yolk, salt and fill with mustard. Lay protein circles on toasts, in the middle - mushroom weight. Decorate with small mushrooms, parsley or green onions.

Rolls from an unleavened wheat cake

lay a layer of the polished cheese mixed with mayonnaise (greens, garlic), and a layer On a thin unleavened wheat cake of the crushed champignons fried with onions. Curtail an unleavened wheat cake roll and for 30 - 40 min. put in the refrigerator then slice thin.

lay a layer of the rice filled with paprika, greens, egg and mayonnaise On an unleavened wheat cake.

the Unleavened wheat cake grease

with the polished cheese filled with the garlic passed through a press, greens and mayonnaise and strew with thinly cut fast ham.

the Crab stuffing for tartlets

the Jar of meat of crabs or crabsticks, a bulb, butter, the eggs hard-boiled sour cream (mayonnaise), salt, pepper.

Onions fry

, add crab meat. Chop eggs, fill with sour cream, salt, pepper, pour out weight in onions with crabs and you extinguish before solidification. Fill with this stuffing tartlets and decorate them with berries of cowberry and greens.

Fish paste

of Bank of any fish canned food in own juice or in tomato sauce, butter, a lemon. Soften butter at the room temperature. Crush contents of a can, mix with butter and juice of a lemon. Shake up weight a fork. Decorate ready tartlets with slices of a fresh garden radish, cucumber and greens.

Original mix

Firm cheese, bacon slices, tomatoes, eggs, caraway seeds, mayonnaise, chili powder, greens. Cut in small cubes cheese, bacon and tomatoes. Shake up eggs, having filled them with caraway seeds, pepper and mayonnaise. Mix everything. Spread out a stuffing in tartlets and bake in a microwave or an oven. Decorate with greens.

Chicken salatik

Boiled chicken fillet, tinned green peas, fresh champignons, sour cream, easy mayonnaise, ketchup, chili powder, salt, sugar. Small cut chicken fillet, mix with peas, the boiled and crushed mushrooms, salt and mix. Mix mayonnaise, sour cream and ketchup with a pinch of salt and sugar. Fill with sauce meat weight, pepper and mix. Decorate tartlets with greens and berries of cowberry or a cranberry.

Hot buterbrodik

White bread, butter, sausage or it is boiled - smoked sausage, fresh tomatoes or pickles, salt, chili powder. Slice bread thin, oil, lay pieces of the sausage cooked and cut lengthways or slices of sausage, a tomato segment (salt and pepper) or a pickle. Bake in a microwave or an oven.