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Together did - together and to give birth to

Anticipating a tsunami of noble anger of readers, I will make a reservation in advance: I - for! I for childbirth in the presence of the spouse, the lover, the partner in ballroom dances and poker, the confessor, the neigbour in a staircase and a Rottweiler by nickname the Baby.

Ya - for if it conditions of the obstetrical establishment chosen by you allow, and conditions now almost everywhere allow. Unless the network of fast food restaurants under not striking name “Placenta“ at maternity hospitals is not opened yet.

Strangers here do not go

the Delivery room is conditionally divided into two zones:“ back“ and “front line“.

“Back“ is prenatal chambers, a corridor and some sanitarno - hygienic zones. There the woman in labor can lie, go to and fro, grab walls, remembering all famous mothers, to make attacks to the world of a tile and faience - the word, to feel at home.

“Front line“ includes the room which main detail of an interior is the Rakhmanovsky bed (the close relative of a gynecologic chair), and the operating room where people in white dressing gowns do not come, without having changed clothes in all pure, carefully by a special technique having washed up hands and not having taken with itself the faithful anesthesiologist.

besides in maternity hospitals so-called family rodzala - spacious rooms with a bed usual, Rakhmanovskaya`s bed, a gynecologic chair, a separate toilet - a shower cabin and even a sofa, a coffee table and the TV are available. Inhabitants of this design - eclecticism are not insured from transfer to “front line“ in case of change of an obstetric situation not to the best. But the husband can always order to the duty midwife of coffee with cream and take a nap on a sofa. If is able to fall asleep, of course.


to me who your husband...

Vigilant and vigilant husbands according to behavioural characteristics are three types.

1. Frightened

To . Very much worries. Changes colors. If the wife shouts: “And - and - and!!!“, can from in a deathlike way - pale to become green. Palms are wet. Rubs to the woman in labor a waist during fight as the pre-revolutionary laundress lordly linen on a washing board. Every minute exasperates personnel of a rodzal in an occasion and without. The typical questions asked them: “It only to it is so bad? The doctor, she will not die?! If that, rescue the wife!“ .


U it shake legs, he wants to smoke long ago, but does not allow to throw the wife in such state to it conscience. What there - conscience of an izgryzl to it heart, a brain, lungs, a liver and reproductive organs. “You see HOW to me it is bad from - for you?!“ - the spouse appeals to it even if he is silent. It is ready to substitute palms instead of a tray when she feels sick. On childbirth goes as for execution.

In process . The personnel, as a rule, suggest frightened to wait main “battle“ in “back“, but the spouse insists on his presence near Rakhmanovka. It is good that he faints, only uvidav the midwife in gloves and a mask.

After . Having hardly regained consciousness at sounds of a healthy shouting of the newborn baby, faints again. With happiness. Wives of frightened - excellent manipulators, and the part of their efforts in the course of childbirth is wasted on cries: “It is never more!“ and demonstration of pain and sufferings to “this villain“.

2. Curious

To . This was on exotic excursion and wishes to imprint what was seen. Is interested in everything. “And what the metal piece is?“, “And what the knocking box is?“, “And why so often / seldom you watch it?“, “And I want to listen too!“, “And what scribbles are? Cardiogram of a mouse?“, “And what you will do now?“, “And that you to it enter it?“, “And what for?“, “Oh, the doctor, and it you in the photo?“, “And that, all childbirth registers in this magazine?“, “And why two midwifes are on duty?“ and so on, and so forth.

It jumps around the wife with the camera and a video camera. Demands that the woman in labor and personnel posed. Corrects a shirt on the wife, not because cares and that beautifully looked in a shot. When it goes to a sankomnata, “press photographer“ starts over again getting personnel questions, irrelevant.

In process . Directly on “front line“ curious nearly pushes away the midwife and the doctor during the potuzhny period, by all means trying to come from a sterile little table and to record a shot. Demands to stand and wait minute. If the shot did not turn out - demands to repeat because with the indistinct foreground in a top of Yandex not to leave. Well and for history.

Even in the operating room it does not agree to stand near the anesthesiologist. Regrets that cannot in clamber on an operational lamp - from there shots better and lighting - it!

Fainting, curious can grab reflex a hladeyushchy hand a little table with sterile tools or it is unintentional line it with a leg. And only half an hour ago he loudly assured personnel that he knows the rights and in general on life is fearless as a lion: saw as healthy men of the head steel ropes in the ocean - the sea tore off, and gave them first aid. Actually curious he is familiar with process of childbirth according to the Hollywood thrillers and domestic series. Spouses of such types are, as a rule, obedient. At most, what is able to afford: “Vasya, can is not necessary?“ . Vasya is unshakable - and she submits.

After . If all came to the end safely, Vasya does not hatch out near the wife and half an hour. Having cracked also the baby, it is carried away to drink beer with vodka and friends, having written a post with photos to LJ. Through a couple of hours its network rating jumps up to heaven, and only a call of the spouse who is modestly hinting on “to eat also baby`s undershirts“, is capable to pull out it from tenacious paws of network euphoria: “I became a father! As I am happy! I want to see one thousand comments here!“

3. The assistant

To . It is the most seldom found satellite type in labor. He does not panic and does not give in to euphoria. Treats the wife and personnel with respect. Does not fall into incessant moaning and exclaiming. It is capable to calm. Strangely enough, trusts doctors. They, in turn, distinctly and correctly answer his matters of substance.

In process . In the rodzal and in the operating room the assistant keeps courageously, without littering air with excess texts and chaotic gestures. If faints, then only with happiness, having caught the first shout of the newborn. However, at it eyes, as a rule, are slightly moistened, and it with honor and advantage, though a little uncertainly, cuts an umbilical cord.

After . Spends the first two hours about the spouse, holding her by a hand, kissing and very quietly whispering everyones a gratefulness and the word of gratitude. Such husbands are loved by doctors, and midwifes and nurses compose about them legends which tell the daughters and granddaughters.

∗ ∗ ∗

to Take

with itself the spouse that he “saw how I suffer!“ or “that it was not boring“, is not necessary. To collect around itself round dances of relatives too it is absolutely inappropriate. In total - arrival to the world - business quite intimate.


to the Woman in labor needs the person on whom she can rely entirely. Unfortunately, doctors and midwifes not always have an opportunity all the time of childbirth to carry out near you, carefully stroking a back, telling jokes that it was easier to peredyshat fight and so on. Therefore the most ideal assistant in family labor is, of course, the husband trained at least in elementary receptions of the help in childbirth.

So I - for: if the husband, the lover, the friend the partner in dances - the assistant. In other cases it is better to invite specially trained assistant to childbirth. By the way, it also practices in all civilized world. It will be near you how many and as it is necessary. Its mentality is not so vulnerable as mentality of your loved one. There is more: giving birth with the assistant, you is guaranteed are protected from what to you when you come to work, colleagues will tell: “Oh! Well, what cool photos your husband made in the rodzal! All office considered!“.