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The big city and healthy complexion of

For certain each of us at least once heard the grumbling remark from the grandmother:“ We on twice a day creams were not smeared“. Fortunately, the modern cosmetic industry allows the woman to keep youth and elasticity of skin as long as possible, but, on the other hand, skin of our grandmothers was not exposed to aggressive influence of the polluted atmosphere...

the Phenomenon of the big city is studied by scientists of the different directions, and since recent time it became object of close attention of cosmetologists. Whether you reflected, every day passing by the city trees covered with a dust layer and having a lifeless appearance about what happens to our skin in city conditions?

City air... It is terrible mix of dust, exhaust gases, heavy metals, a tobacco smoke and other toxic substances which, by the way, reaches the greatest concentration at height of human growth. Except the polluted air, the second deadly enemy of our skin are ultraviolet rays. As it is paradoxical, the sun, a life source, in the conditions of the city turns into the murderer of our beauty and health.

the Ultraviolet plays a crucial role in chemical processes of formation of pollution and participates in formation of aggressive gases in the atmosphere. Result of chemical transformation under the influence of ultraviolet rays of some polluted elements, especially nitrogen oxide and exhaust gases, is “the oxygen stress“ which is added to direct influence of ultraviolet rays and aggravates impact of free radicals on our skin.

But harmful effects of hostile environment it not only loss of healthy complexion, they are shown also in various physiological violations. First of all the protective lipidic film of skin collapses, intercellular communications are broken, skin is dehydrated and becomes dry and wrinkled - gray complexion we are obliged to violation of supply of skin with oxygen.

Krom of all above-mentioned, the main capital of each woman - youth and beauty - is exhausted as a result of delay of recovery processes in integuments, reduction of a layer of elastin and violation of processes of synthesis of collagen. As a result the brittle, angry, suffering from shortcomings of vitamins skin prematurely grows old so it is unknown who was lucky more, to us or our grandmothers. whether

an exit Is?

the Largest producers of cosmetics comprehensively investigate a problem of impact of environment on skin. The novelties developed by them due to use of special components stimulate cellular processes, intensify natural protective functions of skin and protect skin from harmful solar effects.

If you not a supporter of some special measures of protection from aggressive influence of environment, then follow the following elementary rules.

In - the first , the best insurance of your complexion is the correct care of skin - i.e. the correct cleaning, the correct moistening, food of skin etc. as part of the correct (healthy) way of life

In - the second , on supervision of cosmetologists, the women using foundation grow old just more slowly because good “voice-frequency“ besides the direct appointment still carries out function of the barrier which is not passing city dust and dirt, and also harmful ultra-violet radiation.

B - the third , hair it is necessary to wash as often as they demand that because they are our “filters“ of various pollution from air too. On them almost all table of Mendeleyev daily settles. You represent what happens to your head of hear if not to wash it week? And the last: do not aggravate a condition of skin with a stress to which city women are subject more.

A how to secure children? The special cosmetics protecting the kid from negative impact of environment were not thought up yet. Therefore children`s cosmetologists advise just correctly to look after skin of the small child, namely: coming for walk in the winter, to grease its cheeks, a nose and a forehead with the protective cream which is (not moisturizing), and it is obligatory to use children`s sun-protection means in the summer. Besides, it is desirable to wash a head of the kid with special shampoos at least every other day, at least.