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Secret of the third appointment

Since the childhood me the custom of girls wearied not to go to bed (and sometimes even not to kiss!) before third appointment. “Why they invented it? - I wondered, growling from indignation. - Who needs delay if all always know, than business will come to an end?!“

Why Women Interest Men Much More, than Men - Women?
Virginia Vulf

In that is continually, I understood subsequently when I learned to do “advance payments“ at once to several girls that they “ripened“ according to the schedule of a continuous cycle of communication that nothing they foreknow, and some have such romantic fog in soul that through it even for the hour ahead nothing is visible!

to Men of it not to understand

. That is, action of “the rule of the third appointment“ (or the tenth is at whom as it is accepted) it is possible to learn, but vigorous individuals cannot realize its expediency in trousers in any way. Even if to spread out the rule to components - namely so men study world around, trying to sort its live system “on a small screw“. Also stop in deep bewilderment before its basic “nerazbirayemost“.

If you do not trust

, ask your friend to explain distinctly the Principle of relativity of Bohr - Heisenberg or a plain formula E=mC 2 - it is better directly before a bed when still brains work for it, and estimate result.

Man`s logic such is.

I want
  1. Ya this woman. (Here the main thing - I, the Center of the Universe whether you know around which it has to rotate).
  2. Ya all the same with it I will be. (I.e. she has to understand this definiteness. Why? - I do not know, but has to, and all).
  3. So what sense to delay
  4. intim?

Conclusion: women by the nature very primitive creations which are guided not by the desires and understanding, and the silliest councils of girlfriends.

What Would Become with Power of Women if Not Man`s Vanity? Maria Ebner - Eshenbakh

to us it is obvious to br that actually men are mistaken. They are simply not capable to understand neither women in general, nor thin and sublime you in particular. But it not too frightens you as the man - a being vospituyemy, and you definitely will manage to re-educate ““!

“We love the dog and we do not want that it changed for the better; and in people whom we love we want to change a lot of things.“
Nadin de Rothschild

on education of the man are mistaken too (and for the same reasons), representing themselves beings the highest and quite perfect. This mistake is repeated even by the best of them!“ Friends love you what you are; the wife loves you and wants to make of you other person“, - Gilbert Chesterton wrote. In any case Gilbert! Even I sometimes doubt: and whether so the wife needs to bring up me? You represent what perfect would become the world if all man`s being did not resist salutary female education?!

But we will return to our rams, i.e. appointments. If to recognize from the correct installation that custom “to maintain a pause“ in natural development of the relations with the man, accepted in female culture of communication, it is applied by girls not from a sadism, and on something it is really based, even such simple being as the man, it is capable to understand it and to appreciate.

“Between floors is present

no distinctions which would not result from their education“, - Nikola Shamfor wrote. Also was mistaken: the man and the woman differently think and unequally see the world! Unlike self-confident men, the girl is not sure at all of man`s advantages of the personality who tries her, so to say, to embrace. That it is even more important, the girl is not sure that are going to embrace her. But not any incidentally sprained female individual. (Actually the last is substantially right. Otherwise we should recognize strange man`s thought in the highest measure that the man elects the lady. Though practice shows that most often it not so).

When to the girl “all the same“ and she wants to have a good time simply, problems of “the third appointment“ (I will remind that she them, depending on internal installation, maybe 28) just is not present. Thus before spitefully to swear (internally, keeping a kind smile upon the face), the man who did not receive on the first appointment even of a fleeting kiss has to be proud: he (can be) was recognized as the candidate for “men of her dream“ deserving consideration.

“Can be

“ - because (only you do not tell it to men - they have such big and painful “Me“) the unlucky prompt boyfriend, quite possibly, at all is not pleasant to the girl, and the thought of his embraces is opposite to it. So allegedly “written down“ its phone behind the next corner will be thrown out. And it “went“ with it (having agreed to walk, or to dance, or something else innocent) in that reason that... Yes girls have thousands of different reasons, it is too difficult for male mind!

“The man if could understand what the woman thinks of, all the same would not believe.“ Dorothy Parker

the Got “second chance“ can be proud of br with considerably big bases: took cognizance of it! (Though, of course, at the girl absolutely free evening when she has nothing to be engaged more could drop out well.) It means, at least, that the girl “thought“ of it.“ Thoughts“ girls are so rich and deep that men put about them all jokes.

“If a joke - the weapon weak, clearly why men invented so many jokes about women.“
Leshek Kumor

of the Man, in the simplicity, is not capable to be understood that, losing “all forthcoming life“ in the head, girls are able with an amazing force to model the most difficult system processes. And - notice - at an extreme lack of information often really can understand whether the candidate for the “dream“ created specially under it fits in.

“The imagination of women is richer with
than ours; it is arranged in order that they could admire us.“ Arnold Glazgou

the Speed with which, considering uncountable factors, the girl forms an image of “the man of her dream“ is inaccessible not only to the men but also all to the heavy-duty predictive computers created by them. By the way, the set of problems of computer modeling would be solved if programmers used not linear man`s, but system female logic in the work.

But now for us the main thing that to the conditional “third appointment“ data of the candidate are not simply estimated, but also are correlated by

to a picture of future individual world built in windy as it seems to the man, the devushkiny head. With all its possible shortcomings which it is necessary when there comes time, to grind, and even to otyosyvat.

“If the man gives to the woman everything that she asks, so she asks too little.“ Popular wisdom
the Persistence shown by the candidate in the course of courting tells br to

not just about it “serious intentions“ (what deceivers - men quite often laugh at), but the main thing - about the sufficient power of aspiration to this female individual. Really: what sense to start in the bed the man who did not show big energy of persistence? Perhaps it is simply weak and disposable (in the worst word meaning) the tipchik not capable to give to the girl of satisfaction. Who needs disappointments presently?!

There Are No Steadfast Women, but There Are Spineless Men.
Rekuel Welch

At last how to communicate with the man in a bed if his image did not fit into a rich inner world of the girl yet? These are males, in the simplicity, derive pleasure from the simple physical act and naive understanding of “victory“ over inaccessibility of a female. And for the woman of pleasure of sex - half, and even on two thirds consist of lofty matters (at which men especially sneer, than are less capable to realize them).

In traditional cultures where process of courting is accurately caused, the questions “and why it“ at men just do not arise. But in sexually free society what Russia was always (if who does not trust, I as required will explain it), ladies spoiled men the extravagant pranks.

If the Woman Goes on an Incorrect Path, the Man Follows in the Right Direction after It.
Mei Uest

What huge happiness for men that the female motivation remains for them secret! And they will never be able to understand, put them to bed immediately from - for their irresistibility (according to the official female version), from there is nothing to do (to the lady today such whim just came), or “it is easier for this man to be given, than to get off with a different way it“ though actually “it is possible“.

can be

A, the man was lucky from - for superfast works of female consciousness: when parameters of the desired future and the candidate are correlated in one it is impossible the short moment which was enough also for removal of a total image of “the man of her dream“...