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The Tibetan dairy mushroom of

New is well forgotten old. The boom of the Tibetan dairy mushroom was observed in Russia in the XIX century when it was brought for the first time to us from Tibet. Then the mushroom was appointed at the most different diseases, from rickets to pneumonia.

by means of a mushroom treated anemia, tuberculosis and stomach ulcer. Presently against the prospering chemotherapy began to remember old methods of treatment even more often. Remembered also the Tibetan dairy mushroom.

What is the Tibetan dairy mushroom

the Tibetan dairy mushroom is a zoogley - the special mucous education arising when pasting some water bacteria. Also tea mushroom and sea or Japanese rice belong to a zoogley. All this zoogley I have ancient history.

the Tibetan dairy mushroom came to us from Tibet where with its help monks treated a set of diseases. And to Europe it got into Russia in the XIX century. Then it began to be studied, but there is no systematic scientific approach to studying of useful properties of the Tibetan dairy mushroom still.

the Tibetan dairy mushroom is called still a kefiric mushroom as it skvashivat milk which gains curative properties.

As the Tibetan dairy mushroom


the Tibetan dairy mushroom represents the clusters of white color consisting of separate round educations with a diameter about 5 mm at the very beginning of development and reaching further 5 cm

all the medicinal properties the drink made from the Tibetan dairy mushroom keeps within a day therefore it is so important to be able to look after a mushroom.

That is a part of the Tibetan dairy mushroom

a part of the Tibetan dairy mushroom vitamins A, With, groups B, minerals (calcium, iron, iodine, zinc), the enzymes useful to intestines of a bacterium are (for example, lactobacilli. The good medical effect is rendered by acetic bacteria which create the environment promoting development of useful microorganisms and removal of symptoms of dysbacteriosis in intestines. And the intestinal dysbiosis, as we know, is the reason of many diseases from inflammatory processes in system of digestion to bronchial asthma.

Influence of the Tibetan dairy mushroom on a human body

the Tibetan dairy mushroom revitalizes with

intestines that promotes the best absorption of vitamins and minerals, improvement of activity of all zheludochno - an intestinal path, restores protective properties of an organism (immunity), normalizes a metabolism (especially it concerns a carbohydrate exchange), possesses antiallergic action. This natural preparation possesses also anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antimicrobic action. It promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of a stomach, intestines and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways that promotes reduction of intensity and stagnation in this area, so, leads to recovery.

Kefir which is cooked from the Tibetan dairy mushroom is applied to treatment of obesity as it promotes the strengthened splitting of fats and removal of products of their disintegration from an organism. Besides, such kefir normalizes a hormonal background that also promotes weight reduction.

Care of the Tibetan dairy mushroom

the Tibetan dairy mushroom demands for itself a permanent care. For preparation of kefir it is better to use the glasswares washed by means of grain soda. In a glass jar to pour 1 liter warm (but not hot!) prokipyachenny milk and to add 8 teaspoons of ferment (mushroom clusters) there. To bank to cover with a gauze and to put to the dark cool place (but not in the refrigerator!) for days. After that the turned-out kefir needs to be filtered (without using for this purpose metal products!) and at all not to cover, only a gauze, otherwise the mushroom will be gone. The filtered kefir is drunk, and the remained clusters of a mushroom wash out flowing water and again use as ferment.

How to apply the Tibetan dairy mushroom

the kefir Made from the Tibetan dairy mushroom is accepted daily within 20 days, then do 10 days of a break and the course is repeated. Such courses it is possible to carry out 3 - 4. Drink kefir on a glass 2 - 3 times a day in half an hour after food.

If to the patient needs to grow thin, then once a week it is possible to do fasting days with the kefir made their Tibetan dairy mushroom, using 1 - 1,5 l of kefir or combining it with fruit (apples, pears of unsweetened grades). Food has to be eaten in 6 receptions.

the Tibetan dairy mushroom can be used also in the cosmetic purposes - to wipe hands, a face, to do nutritious masks for hair. Such kefir is especially useful to fat face skin with acne rash. On such skin before going to bed for half an hour it is recommended to impose the napkins moistened with kefir. A course of treatment - week. In the same way it is possible to treat small wounds and grazes.

the Tibetan dairy mushroom - a good preventive remedy at many diseases, but not panacea. About it it is always necessary to remember and be treated only on doctor`s orders.