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The children`s home

the Similar act is carried out on not for the first time. Most of regular customers know that Alyona (Funtik) permanently collects malyshovsky things for office of pathology of newborns and premature children in 3 - y to children`s hospital to Izmailovo.

We decided to follow its example, having thrown a call all that who does not know where to put what grew own from to put (forgive for a pun), and that who just dreams to make good charitable deed.

It is about the Children`s home which is in very deaf and deep province, in the tiny town where from Moscow it is necessary to go at first night by rail to leave then on a substation (the parking of the train - 2 minutes!) then to wait in the afternoon for the bus (which goes extremely irregularly), then to shiver by it on country potholes and potholes there are 2 more hours...

the People living there, as a rule, are not able to ask

, do not like to complain of difficulties. But a story about how in one village, close to the regional center, for all collective farm 2 is known few years ago to me (!) weeks looked for 60 rub to the child on medicine... Found, having only written to a city administration. Cases when they to children cook porridge from the oats and bran stolen on a farm are not rare.


However, recently there sometimes even began to pay a salary money, and even more often, than 1 time in half a year (at a good deal it usually makes $20-30, for women - half it is less).

I here in it is that the city and there is a Children`s home which contains on average 60 children, from 0 to 5 years. From them NO MORE THAN 5 people in a year are adopted. Not all kids are healthy - to be exact, absolutely few are healthy and completely normal (heredity is not ideal: it is known what parents throw the children or lose them on court...) . Financing, is thought - clear what. It is clear without words - alas! With a big stretch is enough only for food... At some windows there are even no curtains since were torn finally; it was explained to us by local heroic tutors.

Being visiting there, we came into this Children`s home to tell there which - that from the and bought for such a case things. But it is such drop in the ocean!. Perhaps, there is a chance if not to fill this sea then to turn it from the puddle which is drying up every day into a small lake?! It is thought, it is possible to make it only the whole world, cathedrally, as well as it is accepted at Orthodox Christians - it is known that “many a pickle makes a mickle“!

Of course, kind neighboring women - and those that there work and that run there on the way - bring there which - that according to the lights. But what their opportunities?!. They, besides, have also children. Both grandsons, and children of the drinking and poor neighbors (and drink there dashingly, and it is frequent - almost since the birth)... What can they give to orphans?!

For descriptive reasons we asked to photograph these children. What is remarkable: us, any passers-by, let to the smallest immediately, without any preparation... It means that people who work there have nothing to hide: there purity, rest and an order - such what can only present itself in this situation. Children smile to the teachers, ask on handles... Trust!

However, no wonder what simple, kind and hard-working women responsibly and compassionately treat the work - anyhow? Perhaps, in the atmosphere created there is a merit and the chief physician I. A. Patrakov with whom we communicated and which told us about the situation of things.

A situation this is as follows: everything that remained from the best times and former, long ago taken down, Children`s homes, promptly decays and becomes useless, and on purchase new there are no means at all, and is not expected. Women knit socks (and there in the winter cold, often happens - 30 degrees) darn and alter romper suit, tights, diapers, shirts - from what yet not absolutely was dismissed on a thread. Catastrophically there are not enough toys, stationery, books... About modern devices for children`s comfort and development (beautiful small bottles with thermoses, supports for bathing in a tray, game and audio systems, etc prygunka.) there never and concepts had. However, there are walkers - only on all, wire, antediluvian - sovok - not a sight for the faint of heart, frankly speaking...

We consider that it is necessary to help all orphaned and poor, and at the first opportunity.

And still, and still...

the Moscow child care facilities always on a look - in the capitals it is full of different charitable missions, establishments, rich people and the organizations, etc.

A that who is far, on various “backwoods“ with which Russia is so rich, there is nobody to help often. At them is not present an opportunity to tell about themselves and the troubles, there is even no chance to ASK FOR STRONG!

We tried to give them such chance...

We cannot organize collecting things here, in Moscow. It is very difficult to make it technically - “opportunities“ for free sending are quite rare. It is in a different way even more difficult to adjust it somehow; most likely, it is simply unreal, proceeding from our budgetary (though capital) salaries... However, in separate extreme cases we will try to resolve also this issue, we will find “opportunity“, or we will wait for own trip there (it is that situation at which the word “late“ is irrelevant. Children in this establishment are always, and clothes, toys, paints, books are always necessary for them...) . Write us on e - mail provided below.

Therefore we give to

here the address of Children`s home to which it is possible and it is necessary to send parcels.


It is clear that to bring somewhere nearby a bag of unnecessary things simpler and cheaper, than to send it by mail... But think - having paid ten - another for transfer, you will help those who are really very in great need and whom some other sponsors, except YOU will hardly reach!!! The Lord sees everything, everything knows... Including this act, do not doubt! Probably, it is better, than to give ten on sing to the pseudo-beggar near the market... However, not to us to judge - “do not judge and you will not be judged“!.

So, here of coordinate of Yaransky Children`s home :