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So unfair!

Cultivating justice and honesty in the child, parents quite often face indignation: “Why it is possible for others, and to me is not present?“ Appearing with peers in unequal conditions, it is often difficult for school student to keep faith in reliable friends and fair adults. How to help not to lose ideals?

the Queen of a holiday

Expecting mother after an after-school club, the second-grader Ksyusha did not play, as usual, with girlfriends, and seriously thought of something. Already on the street it started conversation for which long prepared.

- Mother, you very much are tired at work?

- Well, I am tired, of course. And why you ask about it?

- it seems to me, you need to enter parental committee. Please, it will not take away a lot of time! - the girl beggarly glanced in mother`s eyes, hoping to see in them at least a shadow of desire to be engaged in public work.

- Why I will begin to enter parental committee in the middle of the year if parents of your schoolmates well cope with the work? Admit that you conceived?

Ksyusha heaved

a deep sigh and reluctantly answered:

- you Understand, I then could play major roles on school holidays. Here, for example, Polina is always chosen the Snow Maiden, the Queen Vesny. It because her mother most important in parental committee. Also I will be better to study for certain. When Dashin the father bought the tape recorder for our class, to it ceased to put the three in the magazine - only in the diary or a pencil on a leaflet that she could answer and receive the five once again. I too so want: to be the Queen Vesny and the round honors pupil!

What mother Ksyushe has to answer? To convince that Polina is a talented actress and that the three on a leaflet - wise pedagogical reception of the teacher? Or honestly to recognize - activity of parents matters for success of children at school? However as this unpleasant opening will affect desire to study and the attitude towards more “lucky“ schoolmates?

If to understand, the request is behind Ksyusha`s proposal to enter to mother parental committee to interfere and help to rise it by higher level of school “hierarchy“. Psychologists insist: it is important to child to be sure of power of the father and mother, to feel protected, know that parents in any situations first of all proceed from needs of the son or daughter. Therefore to meet expectations of the school student, it is necessary for adults without fear and doubts to actively advocate its interests.

needs to talk to the teacher that the girl feels underestimated in collective and to ask to give it more serious role. Perhaps, it is also worth offering the help in preparation of a performance. As for marks, it is necessary to learn in more detail from the teacher about criteria of their exposure, to tell about them to the child. So you will show it solidarity, having shown that justice can be restored by means of constructive negotiations and active living position.

of the Technician on the verge of a fantasy

Stas came home in bad mood. Threw a school backpack in a corner of a corridor and disappeared in the room.


- What is the matter? - Nina Andreevna approached the grandson and with anxiety examined it - can, ached?

- the Grandmother, everything from - for you! I said that it is better to download the report from the Internet! And you told:“ Take the encyclopedia, read in the reference book“...

- And what, the bad report turned out? You used such fine sources - really it was not pleasant to the teacher?

- It was pleasant to p, she gave the excellent to me. But won against Denis`s report a competition. Alla Sergeyevna told that it is better because in it beautiful illustrations it is more than the volume. Still, Denis found the report in the Internet and just unpacked, and I its all evening itself wrote. Why only obeyed you!

Today the assessment of performance of homeworks in many respects depends on that, say, the paper on color is printed out or it is black - the white printer whether there are houses the Internet what programs exist in the computer available to the school student. Demanding from the child of full independence in performance of tasks, adults thereby reduce its chances of success.

to help the school student to show progress on an equal basis with schoolmates, for a start it is worth teaching him to use independently all house “miracles of progress“. If technical capabilities are limited, it is important to find together with the pupil him worthy alternative. For example, to suggest to use for registration of the report ink, bright markers, cliches, application and so on. Then from “lagging behind“ its work will pass into the category “design“ that will draw bigger attention of the teacher.

the Happy ticket

Seven lessons at school, training courses at institute, evening of class with the tutor in English on other end of the city - eleventh-graders Yulya and Sonya live in such mode the last two years. What is difficult to do, enter the prestigious institute! The examinations are closer, the more often girlfriends speak on this subject. Girls very much are interested in stories from life of acquaintances and relatives.

- I said to you how my cousin entered the university? - intriguingly Sonya asks Yulya.

is that which did not gather additionally one point on a full-time department, but to it suggested to go to evening and to work as the laboratorian?

- Yes, it it.

- Was lucky it! Here the daughter of the mother`s girlfriend graduated from school with a gold medal, but could not arrive anywhere, she was plucked.

A many became students “on protection“!

the maximalism and nihilism in combination with uncertainty in themselves therefore many seniors treat the future without special optimism are characteristic

Of awkward age. It is often difficult for parents to convince them that not all places in higher education institution “are bought“ that a lot of things depend on knowledge. Meanwhile the positive spirit in this situation is especially important.

of the Graduate needs to be adjusted on serious fight and in common to develop optimum strategy. To consider all opportunities - the appeal, receipt in several higher education institutions, institute in other city with the subsequent translation. Sometimes it is worth getting secondary vocational education to have advantages further. Any way suits for the embodiment of dream even if it is not always a straight line.