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Terrible giant, red and moustached...

... And in general, than cockroaches were guilty? Perhaps the cockroach sometime bit you? Or offended your national advantage? Is not present... Cockroach is harmless and is in own way elegant. In it there is a prompt plasticity of the small racing car. Cockroach unlike a mosquito - is silent. Who heard that the cockroach raised the voice? The cockroach keeps at a distance and seldom leaves kitchen. Cockroach does not smell. On the contrary, fighters against cockroaches profane the dwelling a mean smell of chemicals. It seems to me, all this is enough to reconcile with cockroaches. To fall in love is too. But to reconcile, I think, it is possible. I, for example, am reconciled. Also I hope that it is mutual... (Sergey Dovlatov)


A few years ago, buying something in a poultry market, I overheard a scrap of conversation of the buyer with the seller:

- And you are sure what my spider will begin to eat your cockroaches?

- Still! Yes you take on test. Do not doubt - eats greedily at one go...

turned back

Ya and saw on a counter a small rearing cage - carrying in which fatefully rustled, crawling at each other, the most beautiful Madagascar and Cuban cockroaches recommended by the manufacturer as the main diet for a huge bird spider.

my heart did not sustain


To be fair has to tell

that, being a passionate fan of insects, I was not going to get cockroaches everything-. My apartment by the number of inhabitants and so is branch of Noah`s Ark.

But me it became suddenly sad

. I thought that any animal offered for sale can stay, so to speak, in two forms: someone sees in a pet rabbit, and for someone it - tasty roast. Ridiculous fussy chicken is a potential fragrant broth. A shaggy red dog - a winter cap. Polecat - a fluffy collar. Well, and so on...

Here and these lovely beings will be put by

at the mercy to the eight-legged shaggy monster...

As there, at Korney Chukovsky? “That the insatiable effigy tortured a poor crumb!“

Is not present

, I do not urge to go against the nature. I am a sane person and perfectly I know that predators should eat similar.

But should listen also to own sincere rushes! And so far the owner of a spider hesitated, telling that his pet till this day “loved only crickets“, I managed to pay off and take away all cockroach company...

At the word “cockroach“ on faces of most of people fastidious expression involuntarily appears. Only, perhaps, in word literature, told in protection of these insects, belong to Sergey Dovlatov, and I with pleasure quoted them. To tell the truth, these constant companions of the person, unpretentious, ubiquitous and prolific, not too welcome guests in his kitchen. And a cockroach - a being cosmopolitan. It is amusing that in Russia ordinary red cockroaches are called Prussians, and in Germany - Russians, that is a certain undesirability of “occupation“ is traced even in the name...

By the way, the information about cockroaches belongs to the Carboniferous Period, and it 320 million years ago! Unpretentiousness allowed them to endure many cataclysms and at the same time almost not to change - the fact, already worthy all respect! You represent, the primitive person fell asleep in a cave at a fire, having taken cover a skin of some saber-toothed tiger, and crept out of shelters to regale on what remained after a dinner from a mammoth, the same cockroaches...

Much, I think, shots from the movie “Run“ were remembered in the play of Mikhail Bulgakov of the same name where the cockroach races demonstrating that by means of these insects (moving with a speed over 4 - x kilometers per hour), owners could earn money are shown. One of the cockroaches acquired by me immediately received the nickname Janissar in honor of the swift-footed fellow described by Bulgakov. Cockroach races were thought up by owners of inns as the show alternative to horse racing. They were arranged for poor people as hippodromes with thoroughbred racers were on a pocket only rich, cockroaches were found everywhere much. Now this entertainment is revived in some clubs and has, strangely enough, success just in the wealthiest people...

the Group tarakanovy (Blattaria) contains more than three and a half thousand types, and their about 80% lives in the damp woods of a tropical zone. At the largest of them trunk length to 12 centimeters, the smallest reach only several millimeters. Many of them krylata are also capable to flights.

Should tell

that the magnificent huge natives of Cuba and Madagascar who are perfectly feeling as pets are absolutely unlike our annoying red men with a big mustache. These juicy insects were chosen for a long time for contents by those who do not consider them as a delicacy for snakes, lizards or spiders.

I all - before to get cockroaches, I would advise to consider own psychological features.

If you - “lark“ are also accustomed to wake up and go to bed early, then presence of these insects in the house will not prevent you, but also special will not give joy as they are active only in a night-time, and sleep in the afternoon, having hammered under some snag. If you, on the contrary, like to sit up over the book or behind pleasant conversation with friends late, then the rustling made by cockroaches for certain will seem to you very cozy and it will want “to peep“, than they are engaged there? At night cockroaches feast, communicate, investigate the territory, and the rearing cage “shakes“, becoming similar to the subway in rush hour...

In general cockroaches among insects - as cactuses among plants. I mean what about them can quietly be forgotten for some time. Absolutely without food cockroaches can live about 40 days (it, of course, does not mean that you have to starve them, but if short-term departure is necessary to you, they will perfectly feel, having in an arsenal only a cucumber slice, a piece of banana and container with water). In extreme conditions cockroaches pass to eating of various organic chemistry as thanks to the bacteria living in their intestines are capable to digest practically any food.

to Create to

suitable conditions for accommodation of cockroaches absolutely simply. The rearing cage needs to be closed a dense cover from a small grid. Cockroaches like to drink water therefore in their dwelling existence of a drinking bowl is obligatory. As in the wild nature exotic cockroaches live in tropical climate, it is necessary to provide the same conditions in bondage. At night temperature in a terrarium has to be not lower than +18 degrees, in the afternoon +25. It can achieve by means of a heating lamp. Humidity needs to be maintained within 70%, for this purpose it is necessary to spray “lodge“ of a cockroach every day. The bottom of a rearing cage has to be covered with soil and small stones. The layer of earth has to be such that in it it was possible to bury easily, without damaging an armor. As cockroaches - night animals, and in the afternoon usually hide in various shelters, put pieces of bark, stones, fallen leaves in a rearing cage. My cockroaches, for example, chose “dome“ from a coconut half - both is dark, and is cool, and is esthetic. Cockroaches are unpretentious and practically all eat - vegetables, fruit, boiled meat, eggs, cheese, bread so keeping of these insects does not demand any efforts and it is possible to feed them “from a lordly table“.

is considered to be that the run-away insects in our apartments do not get accustomed, but all - try not to risk, too often taking out them from a rearing cage.

the Cuban winged cockroach (or Blaberus) very beautiful and graceful thermophilic insect growing to 10 - ti centimeters. He is called still “archimandrite“ for similarity of the put wings to a cassock of the attendant of a cult or “the dead head“ for the drawing on a back reminding a skull. The Madagascar cockroach reaching 8 - mi centimeters in length, is called so in the place of its dwelling. His body is dressed in a dense, but flexible armor, wings are reduced. The second name - “hissing“ - is given for the sounds which are quite loudly published, reminding hissing of a snake and being a security measure from numerous enemies. Despite these terrible sounds made by sharp exhalation of air from a dykhalets - the openings located along a paunch, the animal is absolutely harmless.

Should note

that the Madagascar cockroach quickly enough gets used to hands and, understanding that you for it do not pose any threat, ceases to trouble itself hissing.

Among themselves males of cockroaches sometimes arrange to

tournaments. On a body they have small “horns“ - armor outgrowths. Two rivals “butt“ each other and try to push out for a certain line as fighters of sumo until someone from them leaves. It is difficult to call fight fierce, the victims do not happen, and it is a pleasure to watch them at this moment.

the Cuban and Madagascar cockroaches perfectly get on together, thanks to mild, mild temper and identical conditions of keeping in a rearing cage. Duration of their life fluctuates from 2 - x to 5 - ti years. From the moment of acquisition in the market of my first cockroaches in a rearing cage the third generation appeared already. Cockroaches perfectly breed in house conditions. Reaching puberty (at the age of one year), the female lays the eggs placed in special capsules of the extended form - hypostases from which 20 - 30 little cockroaches hatch at once. The larvae leaving egg are externally similar to adults, only slightly are more darkly painted, and “Cubans“ are deprived of wings.

In development the larva fades 5 - 9 times (very beautiful, by the way, show because, getting out of an old cover, it some time keeps touching white color), increases in sizes and, at last, becomes an individual, adult, capable to reproduction.

Cockroaches in house conditions, in my opinion - an ideal ratio of ease of contents and a gratefulness of supervision. So I will dare to go further Dovlatov and to assume that with them really not only to reconcile (all - he meant “kitchen inhabitants“), it is quite possible to fall in love with them! In any case, I never regretted that it was the involuntary witness of that scene in the market and that now on my table efficiently rustle with wings and touch pads, expecting when I extinguish light, my moustached pets who did not get universal human love, sometimes unfairly offended, but such nice, independent, original and harmless insects - cockroaches.