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As it is correct to choose to the child footwear

Strangely enough, children do not feel pain if go in close footwear. It is connected with the fact that in their feet there is enough fatty tissue which dulls pain. And for the growing leg the correct selection of footwear has huge value.

Incorrectly created foot arch - not only cosmetic defect. In the future it can cause serious problems with health of the kid, violations of a bearing, scoliosis often develop from - for wrong gait and flat-footedness.

the Inconvenient block, an improper heel, material and many other mistakes are very fraught with

. Let`s consider the basic rules at the choice of footwear for the kid.

the Size

the Task is complicated by the fact that it is necessary to buy footwear enough - often - the leg grows. Here extremes are inappropriate: the footwear bought “the size in the size“ quickly will become small, fingers should be drawn in. But also the footwear taken with a large supply also not an exit - in it a leg will slide, to the child it will be heavy, inconvenient, and also the probability of injuries increases. Articulate sheaves at children`s age very weak therefore if the footwear does not fix a leg, when falling easily there are stretchings, incomplete dislocations and dislocations of joints. Remember the rule - the stock has to make about one and a half centimeters (for winter footwear slightly more counting on a sock).


it is convenient to p to have with itself “trace“ of the kid - his leg which is led round on a cardboard. With it, in principle, the footwear can quite precisely be picked up even without child. But even if the child with you, it will allow to reject many improper options without fitting that will preserve good mood and time. At the real fitting it is important to pay attention to the following: whether


the Sole


To a sole impose the following requirements: it has to be flexible, corrugated and not slippery. Earlier the leather sole, but this moment such sole practically was actual do not do as it is quite rigid. Depreciation function of foot depends on a sole, if it does not bend, then the normal rift from a heel on a sock is impossible. Try to bend a sole a hand, it has to turn out. As a last resort, if all - a sole rigid, the sock has to be strongly lifted up up, then though a sole and will not be able to repeat the movements of foot, but the rift from a sock on a heel will be possible.

the Heel

from a heel the sole has to be higher than

on 1 - 1,5 centimeter.

Separate conversation on a heel for little young ladies. Of course, their dream to look more senior, to clink heels is clear. Especially as there is no rigid control of quality of the cheap children`s goods delivered to the country presently and it is quite often possible to meet beautiful small shoes on quite decent inadmissible heel. Eyes of the little woman of fashion light up, mother is lost... It is very important not to follow the tastes of children`s imaginations, to explain to the child, than it is dangerous in the future.

Sometimes should carry out by

educational programs at PTA meetings in kindergartens and elementary grades of school that parents had a unity, and children did not follow the friend of the friend bad examples.


Material of which the footwear is made has to be “breathing“, natural. It is important as regulation of vegetative nervous system was not established yet, the centers of thermal control too, and legs often sweat. And walk with wet legs not only is unpleasant, but also is hazardous to health. Plasticity and tensile properties of material is also important that it gives additional comfort, and also improves air circulation and provides moisture evaporation.

the Instep support

At an inner edge of a sole has to be a hillock - an instep support which helps to form the correct arch of foot, preventing development of flat-footedness. At a kosolapiya (socks when walking are directed inside) the instep support is contraindicated, there should not be it.

a footwear Back

the Back is important

too: it has to be rather firm to hold a heel and not to give the chance to be turned out it aside. Try to squeeze a back fingers, it should not turn out easily.


do not hesitate to demand the certificate confirming quality of children`s footwear from the seller. Purchase of footwear for the kid is not that case when it is possible to offer for the sake of the price quality.

Sekond - hend

not only purchase of goods sekond - hend, but also use in one family of the children`s footwear which got by inheritance from elder brothers and sisters is not admissible

. It is connected with the fact that even at excellent external qualities the worn footwear always has an individual deformation, and the footwear up to standard does not carry out function on deduction of foot in the correct situation.


Well, arm with our councils, and let the footwear of your children will be only correct!