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The feeding mother has to eat tasty

too Each mummy who just gave birth to the firstborn faces a food problem. What can be eaten? Me the fact that at a set in the searcher “that the feeding mother can eat induced to write article?“ the whole list of references to one and too is issued: all red vegetables and fruit, berries, cucumbers, cabbage, fried pork, mutton, herring, onions, garlic, mayonnaise, sweet (including and sugar), farinaceous food, coffee, aerated water and so on are forbidden the feeding mother, and so forth!


Practically everywhere it is written that it is impossible. Reading all this, I with horror tried to think up that to me to eat at least not to starve to death. Except buckwheat and chicken nothing climbed on mind. No, someone can me will condemn, will tell that supposedly how much we ate, and everything is all right. But at that time I was in confusion as, I once again will repeat, distinctly I could not find anywhere what can be eaten, was inexperienced and doctors in maternity hospital slightly that frightened that the baby from - for the fact that I managed to eat something not that cries!

as a result I made my huge mistake - I ate the whole month only cottage cheese, buckwheat and chicken! My bad mood, eternally hungry eyes and the annoying - decrease of milk and its further disappearance on the 2nd month of life of my baby was result! No, I do not undertake to say that my food served the termination of a lactation, but is sure for 100 percent that it played a role! Girls, do not repeat my mistakes, the baby needs your milk, and to you is perfect to anything to sit to starve and eternally to go with bad mood!

Further I will write that all - the feeding mummies can eat! Also I hope now that the searcher will issue this article and will help many mamulka and their kids! We developed this diet together with our pediatrician. I hope, it is useful to you. Here I will make a reservation, now everyone will ask that I advise, times at most after this diet a lactation were not restored. I will answer: on this menu I supported a month more and the reason was, of course, not for 100% in food …

So, we will begin. Remember, it is possible for you:

the Normal list, huh? And how many dishes I prepared:

Yes, any hostess will think up still a lot of everything and if you have your child no allergy to any else products out of this list, so in general you were lucky!

generally dishes appeared

much, only, all, of course, individually, someone can eat strawberry with kilograms, and the child will have nothing, and someone will eat apple green, and the kid will suffer from gripes! Probably you still noticed that in the menu there is no chicken and fishes - did not advise it to me to use the doctor, his explanations are simple, and I agreed with it - chicken it is unknown now, than fattened and from where brought, and fish - the known allergen.


Dear mummies, I wish good luck and I hope that my knowledge will help someone!