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Pie, carpet and pigs of

the Chronicle of holiday in the village. The village in Ukraine, on the bank of Dnieper, the suburb of Zaporizhia.

“Anna Vann, our group
Wants to see pigs!“

Here and we: gathered a bucket of apples - fruit drop, from above two vegetable marrows - the overage put and through a fence to the aunt Masha went, to watch pigs. No, well once I saw them at an agricultural exhibition. It is necessary to look and smell also to children. Pigs here gray, shchetinisty, ploskotely and quick. Same and pigs, white and black in spots. By the way, very loud. Eight pigs, mumps and two pylons. Pigs as puppies, the different size and on character different. Today inoculations did to them, about it they from the shelter ran away.

next chain

B a cow, we drink her milk regularly. As the settlement herd thinned and disappeared, and the aunt Masha grazes the korovushka near the house, on roadsides of roads. A cow black, with white spots, quiet such.

In a zagonchik of a chicken, lean and dirty. At them - a rooster - the handsome. Bronze collar, tail, green with outflow, bright crest. As we entered, so he began to wail, to hens began to look for abrikosik, a kernel and to call up them. The collar rumples, stirs up, goes, flaunts. Hens, it - god, silly women, randomly go, dig a laying paws, look back at the owner.

In cages of a nutria sit, sit down on hinder legs, wave wet webby lobbies with long fingers in air, muzzles pull - elicit food. At an old nutria teeth even orange. Eyes shine, on a first line of a cage the flute with water is arranged. Children in memory wrote down everything. Back with passion through the same fence competing in speed, home.

the Carpet, 3 by 4 meters which we washed and under apricots dried up

, it was necessary to clean hastily before a rain. Which did not go. According to all forecasts rains, and Podporozhnyanka - the settlement as bewitched. Heavy wind, walnut branches break, apricots groan and shake, overripe fruits hard flop on the earth... On the sky clouds kartinno rush... In a word, apocalypse. Three minutes. Then silence, and in 10 minutes - the sun. Hi, godmother, new year. And neither teardrops, nor dozhdinka.

Well, and pie - it is absolutely simple. We from Natashkaya got the shortcake checked dough. It poured flour, salt, chopped with a knife margarine in a flour hill. Then I crumpled everything in Kolobok, Natashka still clapped him. Rolled after cooling, laid atop apricots, fell asleep with sugar with cinnamon - a yum-yum. Sweet dough, sour apricots, aroma of cinnamon. Hardly managed to cool down - children and adults who, how many could kneaded. I cannot but use wealth by what all trees are covered, fresh not to eat so much.

It is pleasant to me zaporozhsko here - the Ukrainian rural custom to treat neighbors with what grew. Here we go by the neighbor Volodya, he called in us, apples “white filling“ poured out, pears early. Two-week showed kittens. We, in turn, apricots collected a bucket to other neighbors who have no early apricots but only late. They to us a bowl of late cherry - we gathered the for a long time and ate.

Such fruit summer this year.