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Seryozha, we will have a boy!

Directly from a threshold, without taking off a raincoat, a hat and the spring rain which is flowing down from them, Svetka joyfully shouted: “Seryozha, we will have a boy!“ She rushed to embraces of the husband who left it towards, knowing that only this stunning news could tear off him from the monitor. He pulled down from it a wet hat and a raincoat, kissed on a cheek and admired. Light and shone, not in forces to hide the pride. It managed to please the husband!

Having put her legs in warm slippers, it went to kitchen to put a teapot, in passing reflecting on this stunning news. His face seemed immoderately anxious. It is good that Sveta of it does not see. Future daddy, really, became puzzled a little, for the first time having seriously thought of consequences of this joyful event.

“We will have a boy!“ Fine, of course. Only... Now Serega, remaining final instance to which all are assigned burdensome and not always feasible female hopes, will not be the only man in a family any more, and all attention will move towards the crib which is providently bought recently in “Toy Store“.

A the office where Sergey worked at the computer, chewed chips and drank beer will inevitably be converted from the cans which figurno were built in the form of turrets of different height in a nursery. With a bed, a little table for swaddling, the brand new carriage and other children`s trifles which were not in harmony with its “iron“ at all.

the Monitor, and, however, was old, but the sistemnik from fourth “stub“ still fine thrashed, recently Serega added memory and changed the sound card, than very much was proud. All this stood in a corner now and zmeitsya by wires, ruthlessly pulled out from a network and is disturbing expecting the fate.

with iron Svetka did not start up

In a drawing room, she protected this room for the family presentations of a cosiness and wellbeing which happened not so often, but demanded from it, as from the husband, powerful concentration and attention to problems of a young family.

of Light was an interior designer, and the drawing room executed on fashionable developments of the last generation was her pride and a subject of especially shown panache. Sergey with love forgave to the wife this small weakness because he at heart very much was proud of its achievements. Light she was talented and clever as soon as the beloved can be talented and clever.

to It remained

a bedroom. Where he with inspiration created not only in a bed, but also sitting at a computer table, being a programmer and known in the web network - the designer.

But a bedroom, being at the same time its office, now smoothly turned into a nursery. Half a year ago they made repair here, changed wall-paper, a stolyarka, established plastic windows. Light planned some changes. What, Sergey learned quite recently. In principle, it was not against.

News of paternity not that was news. When Sveta for the first time told it about it six months ago, he madly was delighted. Long squeezed her, kissed, and something thin and pleasant blossomed a warm velvet flower inside. Pride, perhaps... It could! Could engender somewhere in this little girl of tiny. Now this kernel will grow up, and Seryogina the copy will be born. Small clone.

Six months ago it was perceived by

joyfully, but somehow remotely and abstractly. And now collapsed as inevitability. He in three months already precisely will be the boy`s father. Boy! With same, as at Seregi ears, eyes, a nose and other bodies, only in the reduced option. And the boy, for certain, will also be interested in iron, as well as the father.

in principle, it is healthy: he will teach the son to all secrets of programming and the web - skill will share the. It is only frightening a little.

of Serega hardly imagined the little hacker, the copy which now is located in some magic way at Sveta in a stomach and bangs in it legs, being already a person. There will be this new little man in their bedroom, will sit down near daddy at a table, will stretch to a mouse and will begin to patter fingers on “klava“. The picture in imagination appeared some ridiculous. And a clone Seryogin, with disproportionately big and clever brain blocking the monitor for some reason did not cause delight, and slightly frightened. How it will be?

It is good to Svetka, she already got used to it. It is possible to tell, grew together. For the future of daddy this belonging to the son was still mediated and only mental.

at Night when Sveta fell asleep, it it is careful that she did not notice, put a hand on her stomach and listened to hardly noticeable movements of the kid. Little Seryogin a clone slept and moved seldom. And some unclear jealous feeling of alienation arose in “rough“ fatherly soul. It seemed to it that the child by all means has to feel the father`s touch. And to respond to it. Falling asleep with feeling of an easy dissatisfaction, the future father dreamed some separate pictures of the future, the boy with the huge head, for some reason unshaven and uncombed, as well as at Seregi after night lag on the Internet.

of the Son is decided to be called Kirill. Not that future father of it did not want, just nobody asked him how to call the kid as if it was here at anything. And he became angry. All options which are repeatedly discussed and also repeatedly rejected by uncountable mothers, nurses, grandmas, neigbours and the other “third water on kissel“ were scrolled as shots in its mental multimedia format, but could not find definiteness and approval in any way.

At last, a month before childbirth, Sveta suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and firmly told that she will name the son Kirill. Will listen to nobody any more. Probably, this name dreamed it. She sat down in a bed, oboronitelno concentrated and prepared for resistance. But Serega did not begin to argue. Recently with Sveta it was difficult to speak, she took offense all the time and cried. He embraced the wife sobbing without the reason, nestled a cheek on her fine hair, inhaling familiar warm aroma of her body, and thought that a name Kirill not the worst name on light, even in spite of the fact that he did not take absolutely any part in its choice.

the Hand slipped on rounded shapes of the wife, and suddenly Seryozha felt the clear and deep movement in her stomach, he shuddered, put a palm back of a push. Small the patch rested against a fatherly hand and gently pushed it as if having approved completion of this hard race behind names. The father blossomed from affection. His son gave to him a signal.

A then everything twirled in some mad rhythm. With the reading off scale amount of impressions and some new states into which subtleties simply there was no time to penetrate because the newly appeared son appeared - in the house, having dispelled all ridiculous ideas and dreams of own person. It was tiny as if toy. Especially impressed small fingers with the nails similar to match heads. Absolutely improbable blue eyes and long black hair. He was only able to suck, cry and urinate in pampers. And the speech could not be devoting it in a subtlety of computer literacy yet.

of Serega became sad a little. Despite continuous employment at work and a continuous involvement into actions for care of the kid, he managed to tinker with “iron“ which safely settled out in a corner behind a drawing room door sometimes. So far the kid still absolutely tiny, family holidays are temporarily suspended. And the drawing room which saving silence so calmed nerves became for Sergey short rest from daily race.

of Light, all night long being on duty at a bed of the uneasy baby, slept together with it in the afternoon, submitting to the simple mode of feedings. And the head of family could tinker with the new project at home. It took more and more work home, finding time between washings, feedings and bathings. No, it is impossible to tell that he was exploited. Duties were distributed approximately evenly. But Sveta for everything just did not have forces and time. The mothers and nurses who were so actively participating in the choice of a name for the baby for some reason did not hurry to help with his education. And to children it was necessary to cope with all parental problems independently.

First the child was not perceived by Sergey as the relative. Any special fatherly feelings as tried, newly appeared daddy in himself did not notice. And just obeyed the Svetkiny orders which she on an eternal female habit distributed it. And it is correct that distributed. He would not guess for anything that needs to be done with eternally shouting pink little man who became his heir-at-law now. Whether the son liked to the father to change pampers? At first not. Then he got used and even began to find in it a special charm, observing as the kid moves with small legs, and, representing as these legs will look years through fifteen.

Gradually Sveta shifted the most part of cares of “educational“ character to Sergey, and itself dealt with “simple“ technical issues (washing, sterilization of small bottles and cleaning). The benefit, there were enough household appliances in the house. Ah, as it was right! So, without excess moralising, her husband had to come into contact with the son and to become the father.

Sometimes it it did

in own way, moving a carriage with the kid in a drawing room. He sat down to work to the monitor and considered a duty to devote the kid in all subtleties of a profession as if it was not the baby, but the adult partner in affairs. Being fond of next computer “feature“, daddy consulted, got excited and argued with himself and with the toothless baby. And the kid, catching his energy, actively babbled as if echoing or objecting a fatherly voice, or filled up under purring from the columns “country“, without words agreeing with all fatherly projects.

Intensity of communication yielded results, and the first word which was pronounced by Kirill, was “father`s“ - “syas“. The Serega interpreted it as “communication“, it seemed to Sveta similar to “ICQ“. But anyway, it was said towards the blue screen on which it was loaded by Windows. “Here they, genes!“ - delightfully Serega thought and very much began to prepare for the first lesson of computer literacy which he will present to the son. He ransacked on the Internet in search of the computer program adapted to infantile perception, got acquainted with versions of interfaces and editions of children`s pages. And without having found anything, itself developed the first computer game which analogs did not exist in a network yet.

In four years Kirill Sergeyevich Novatsky, the son Seregi known under Kis nickname became the owner of a prestigious world award of juvenile gamers. And his father earned the first million from development of unique games for children of younger preschool age.

of Light, long ago reconciled to genetically caused hobby of the men for the computer, reluctantly, gave a drawing room to their full order, gathered spirit and became pregnant with one secret personal purpose - to give birth to the girl and to immediately devote it in a subtlety of not virtual design of house interiors. Serega, in principle, was not against...