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How to cease to shirk and to begin to work with

Once Leonardo da Vinci so delayed time of delivery of one of works that it had to run away from the furious customer. But this episode taught him to nothing. Leonardo broke deadlines again and again. He was a great procrastinator.


- the clumsy word with officially - the decent person, capable to replace with itself the mass of colloquial synonyms, it seems: to play for time, to delay, dig, dawdle, drag out. The beginning of a prokrastination pledged two Latin words:“ pro“ - for and “cras“ - tomorrow. Generally, tomorrow, tomorrow, not today - all procrastinators speak.

I will think of it tomorrow

Some consider that the prokrastination conducts to one: to non-compliance with terms. At all not: other procrastinators manage to observe all deadlines, but at the price of loss of a lot of time and full unbalance of working process.

The matter is that time for performance of any task includes time for “dispersal“: it is necessary to realize a problem, to be prepared for work, to drink a cup of tea. At procrastinators dispersal drags on for indecently long time: they are engaged not in what it is necessary, or are not engaged in anything at all. As a result the average procrastinator tests:

the feeling in vain of dullly dissipated time - is unimportant

However, it can turn out and so that own tendency to drag out does not disturb the procrastinator at all. I had one familiar designer whom friends tried to call on a visit for two hours before put - god will give, will reach by the necessary time. Reception worked every other time. Sometimes, that guests were already going to go home as the call was distributed, the owner took the call and, constraining laughter, listened to apologies of the late guest. They were standard: sorry, something I was dug absolutely, did not notice, what is the time. The designer Kostya was not terribly loaded on work, did not conduct a double life, was not an agent of intelligence agencies as we first assumed, he was a classical procrastinator, did not suffer only from it at all.

to Most of procrastinators far to similar harmony with. Therefore we will try to understand the otlynivaniye reasons from work - so, at least, it will become more conscious and less painful.

the Feeling of accident

Is frequent

the first feeling from the forthcoming serious business - despair:“ I will never overcome it“. It is possible to call, of course, it fear of failure, but the feeling of hopelessness is quite often felt also by quite self-assured people.

Matter in another: the objective (especially new and unusual) is represented a huge block: it is unknown from what party to it to be risen.

What to do? As Caesar bequeathed to us, divide and dominate. Paint of what tasks the problem facing you consists. Whether it is possible to divide them into smaller - until each of tasks does not become indivisible and extremely concrete? Then it is worth asking itself a question: that from this the most difficult that can be executed on an automatic pilot and on what it is necessary to throw the main forces.


For support how many already time the intuitive feeling of accident brought you - for certain you already had to face the massif of tasks which were quite solvable over time.


the Horizon of events work


for anybody not opening that people are divided into those to whom comfortably to work on several tasks in parallel, switching with one to another, and to those who badly transfer frequent switchings. The destiny of the last - long and fruitfully to work on something one and that did not disturb.

When “one-machine operator“ risks to become a procrastinator? When he is adjusted to work on an objective “from dawn and to a fence“. That is, it is not capable to measure, what is the time it will be required for business performance. It seems to it that all terms which are allotted should be used: week - so week, three hours - means, three hours.

Such strategy gives

easy infantility: someone external dictates for what time it is necessary to cope. However, it is similar on control in a class?

What to do? You should not shift to others control over the life including control over time. Break the big business facing you into slightly specific and final objectives. Describe for what time you can execute each of them. Then make the list of another matters (useful and pleasant) which you want to make soon. It will not allow “to be inflated“ to the main business to the improbable sizes and to cover with itself all other life. Malicious procrastinators can take the timer and on it to note, what is the time left on performance of a specific objective, comparing the desirable to valid.

the Hidden trouble

Sometimes cannot force to get down to business because the soul does not lie to it - and though die. Pangs of conscience and ethics of a question there is nothing at all, and put in general pleasant. But it can contain a small, but harmful element in which there is no wish to be engaged at all - for example, very tiresome calculations, need to consult with the loutish person. Specific weight of this “trouble“ can be very insignificant in comparison with pleasant part of business, but it is capable to make all life a misery.

What to do? It is time to dismember all objectives on pleasant and not really. By the way, unpleasant they can turn out and therefore that cause concern: they can be not specifically formulated, are not realistic, slabodostizhima or their achievement is not limited on time. Generally, not unpleasant they, but problem. And the before their problematical character it will be traced, the it will be simpler to cope, with it and to start the solution of a task in general. And the pleasant and unpleasant part of work can be alternated.

the Wonderful life which we lost Happens to


and so that there is no wish to start working simply. And even the partition on pleasant and unpleasant fragments does not help: all of them cause disgust. And if you catch yourself on thought: “And it was possible to be engaged in something fascinating now“, therefore, unpleasant work is associated at you with deprivation. The fear is available that work will absorb you and will not leave time or forces for all the rest. Why voluntarily to go to a mouth to an absorber?

What to do? Try to heave and replace a deep sigh hard: “I should make it“ on: “I want to make it that...“ . Quicker to be released not to bring people, important for you, to temper character to gain the necessary experience. And if all these “that“ do not work, probably, it is worth allowing seditious thought: can, this work also really absorbs you and gives nothing in exchange? Perhaps well it?

the deadline Miracle

At last, at some procrastinators exists almost conscious aspiration to hold on business to a deadline: they consider that in the conditions of extremely short deadlines they work much more productively.

People with efficiency such exist. But them much less, than we would like to think. For the others direct proximity of a deadline are nerves, coffee liters, performance of a task in general, without detailed study and, at last, one - two days of “otkhodnyak“ after work delivery.

What to do? It is possible to establish himself an intermediate deadline - for example to finish one project and to be engaged absolutely in another. It is not necessary to be under a delusion, such approach will not help to get rid completely of an agony of a true deadline, but at least will be able to soften it, and at the same time and to reduce time allowed for a prokrastination.