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Travel with one unknown. Kiev

in the Long winter evenings we dreamed of the sea - Spain, Italy, Greece... a sand, lambs of salty water at legs... But when came long-awaited summer holidays our budget deafly grumbled:
- I small, I should grow...
- But we trained you! - I tried to object.
- To what? And about a carriage, about a bed... thought? Thought?

It. Life seemed the cruel joke offered to someone who for the present is not present, but which, appears, already invisibly is present and resolves all our issues, and generally in own favor. It was not pleasant to me and it became clear that it needs education already now. Therefore we urgently began to collect suitcases.

We are I, Pasha and that long-awaited, but already the cave man as we sometimes tenderly call it from - for his appetites. At us there lives one more being - a guinea pig, but she is not counted - she usually stays at home. We left ideas about tropical pleasures and decided to go to Kiev. Why Kiev? We not really long thought. So it turned out that I never there was, in - the second - at Pasha there lives the sister whom he did not see long ago which expects twins, and in the third - our budget did not object. We understood that Kiev - the only thing for us there are no decision and other alternatives.

However, then I was a little upset with the fact what on an entrance to Ukraine all will already tell only on Ukrainian and that I should mask under the deaf-mute because to speak Russian is to mova - tone, it is indecent therefore I, on trustfulness and the illiteracy even ceased to want a little to go, but tickets already lay on a mirror therefore I prepared the book and crossword puzzles not to miss in mute loneliness.

However in the train nothing of that kind happened - everything was very lovely and friendly till the end, and only who really tried to speak Ukrainian, the truth broken, there was Pasha. Understood it badly therefore it was given and returned to a former normal state. On me for pleasure muses, small such muzk flew, and began to whisper me the excursion program of the road Moscow - Kiev. Something it seems:

On the right and at the left wheat fields,
Pink from ripeness.
Wind cleared the sky, Having left to
pieces of
cotton wool Chubby white spots,
For maintenance of freshness.

Me was lucky

- the company of muses not the worst even if you also speak on Ukrainian.

Clouds were very hot topic this summer. The heat standing in Moscow all July became a subject number one, almost like a tornado or accident. The heat for which all waited how a sign of the real summer came angry and in a month burned all greens and all desires. We hoped to run away from it, but not here - was - in Kiev was absolute - most. Besides, that we absolutely felt at home, local plumbers switched off hot water in houses. Therefore time for adaptation and acceptance of bathtubs was not required to us and we plunged into a stormy life of the city at once. And it not just words - on August 24 - Day of Nezalezhny Ukraine - before this date remained month for which impossible had to come true - in effect, we got on Building of the Century - updated Kiev and reorganized by this day almost completely. Very few people were sure that everything will manage to be finished in time and therefore on the city rumors crept that clouds specially dispersed that the rain did not hinder construction. And we first too, as well as everything, believed.

But so far we in the train -
Handed over to

linen, drank to tea,
To Kiev remained less than an hour.
the Girl shines from the sun
I an undershirt it at the left too glares yellow
She laughs.
I of Pashk laughs, But laughter moderate. Pashk`s
reads Veller.
is serious Again, And again laughs.
To Kiev remains 20 minutes.

the Last minutes are always expensive to

the longest. And so also you will not notice how from “high“ poetry you pass to the usual account of time...

There now and Dnieper, And is Monastery,
I the Motherland. Almost arrived,
Is time to gather and get out.

Verses left did not come any more. We came to the platform of the city station. We were met.

Us was carried out through underground passages, the subway and city quarters to Oboloni where there lived our hospitable owners. So - early morning, Kiev. After a festive breakfast, with pleasure stretching and yawning, you come to a balcony. It is good to bathe now, - it is lazy you think, and please, directly behind a window Dnieper laps, having developed for you sandy beaches, tentik and green lawns. I will tell at once - Kiev was pleasant to me.

But we not to sunbathe here arrived, and in the first evening went to the center. We left at “Contracts Square“ and went up. As it appeared, across Kiev it is impossible to go just forward or back, it is more correct to tell - up or down. It seems, there at all are no horizontal streets. That there Moscow with its seven hills!

We on Andreevsky descent. He something reminds the Arbat, only on the paved cobble-stone to the road cars slide down. It, probably, is very difficult - to have in Kiev the car - continuous jolting on a pavement from which, apparently, it is possible to collapse abrupt streets, turns... Maybe it changed consciousness of drivers a little - we were passed everywhere! First we were frightened, waited until transport passes, but they stopped too and waited for us. After minute hitch all of us - began to move, then the feeling of awkwardness was replaced by pride of us and full belief that so has to be always and everywhere. But it is careful! To good always you get used - do not forget that it is necessary to return home soon...

B than advantage of curve small streets - never you know that will open behind turn. And Andreevsky descent, perhaps, the most curve and twisting of all. Artists already dispersed and we opened the city almost in a complete silence and a deficiency. As well as to cars, us it was difficult not to break for want of habit the legs about pavement cobble-stones too. But it made our travel slow and more attentive. From - for turns the amazing buildings surrounded with tsvea and trees opened. Small restaurants. They as pictures in a kaleidoscope replaced one another. Here Bulgakov`s lodge, and closer to the end - the house of the sculptor Kavaleridze, whose works decorate Kiev. And still there is a haunted house. Tell that when in it light a fireplace, on the house begin rushes groans and sighs. History explains it with avarice of the owner who did not pay storitel for work and they arranged to him such surprise. History always destroys fairy tales, it is its work. However, nobody plainly ever lived in the house unless artists...


the Street the Andreevsky church crowns the street. It as the ship rises over the city while below as the basis or the beginning, costs the museum of “Odna Street“ consisting of one room, but in which surprisingly lovely, friendly, the eras, tastes, customs reigning then, life, fashion neighborly were placed and, of course, people, ever living or just prokhazhivayushchy on it.

On the place of Tithe church, very first in Kiev, remained only, or even on the contrary, already restored the base. Near it there is a huge branchy tree of desires covered with ribbons, strings, notes. I wanted to write something too, but in recent years my desires merged in one - that everything was good. And it so far and so everything went remarkably.

Many were in Kiev therefore I will not begin to describe a classical route - to Sofia, then to Sacredly - to the Mikhaylovsky monastery and through the Maidan Nezalezhnosti - on the Khreshchatyk. These sights are described in literature. Better about the impressions...

In Kiev it is so much parks, gardens, public gardens, or just green plantings along streets that we involuntarily envied, remembering the greyish, dusty Moscow small streets which were smoke-filled by cars. Parks sometimes give concerts of classical music. The whole orchestras or solo performers act.

the Boy in Park plays Rachmaninov
We on a small bench in park Central
Click sunflower seeds. The rain gathers.
will jerk Soon. But the people do not disperse.
of the Hand on keys without restraint rush.
trees swings Wind. More quietly. Music Chords abate.
are Clapped by the audience. Clap leaves.
the Nature sobs. It is time to disperse. there is no
, the rain was not. Though all very much waited for it...

Coming back from walks, Pasha found one more, purely man`s, Oboloni`s advantage, is a brewery where it is possible to buy the “live“ beer which is not processed for long storage, not poured on bottles, today`s, directly just made. Never more tasty in life as he told, he did not try anything. I take it the word as I cannot check - it is impossible. But we with masiky tried all tasty dishes of ethnic cuisine in a small and inexpensive institution with the name “Home cuisine“, something like our “Fir-trees - sticks“, and sometimes came in “Two geese“ - too “Fir-trees - sticks“, but with other range.

I cannot but note the surprising prices of the Russian products. For comparison - beer local - about 2 hryvnias, import - 5 hryvnias, and our “Baltic“ light - 7 hryvnias. (one hryvnia - about 5 - 6 rubles). But when there was a question of gifts, we could not find anything of that kind that would not be in Moscow. Any national color! The only thing that was unique at all my small respect for this subject, there was a vodka. We to Moscow do not have it - “Pervak“ muddy (latest model), Zubrivka “A prince hail“ with any grass inside, vodka with honey and pepper (classic) and is a lot of - much still.

I here one fine day Kiev was iskhozhen up and down. In total - it is not really big city, and somewhere for the sixth day of holiday in the head treacherous thoughts - and how there houses began to appear?


Home! It is rather! Hot water was already given, probably. On the first transition, having nearly touched us, cheerfully probibikav passed the car. Relaxed! To you not Kiev, my friends, is Moscow. Tired, disappointed. It, I`m sorry, was read on faces in the subway. However, there was an early morning, maybe, the people did not sleep yet, maybe, in the afternoon everything will be differently... Here at all there are no trees where it is possible to hide from the sun, and absolutely completely there is no Dnieper. I mean that Dnieper with the sandy beach near the house where it is possible to bathe and sunbathe where little transparent small fishes frolic under legs. Ah, Kiev, Kiev! Everywhere it is good where we are absent. But all - we houses. We devoted three hours to a hot bathtub with foam. Phone rang out - waited for us. And our hearts were softened and we became “Muscovites“ again.

our “unknown“ and will remain to unknown some more months. I would tell that he behaved well. And we, in turn, tried to inform it of the best types, the most gentle sounds, the most tasty dishes. I think that we managed it. Maybe later he will want to add something from himself about this travel. It would be quite good to learn his opinion, but so far he to learn to speak and write, I am afraid, by this time it will have other interests... Let`s look... Everything changes. In total... But the cities remain...