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The younger brother of

my younger brother Artem was silent as the guerrilla till three years. And all were nervous around. Mother read medical literature. Every evening it occupied with hours phone, discussing this subject with all acquaintances. The father periodically uttered:

- Ania at this age read verses!

- Ania at this age sang songs!

- Ania at this age knew letters!

Ania is, naturally, I.

of the Grandmother and the grandfather were hurried to be told my parents as some boy seen by them at a playground already chatters. Though it on whole half a year is younger than my brother. I am silent about neighbour`s children, brothers - sisters of my girlfriends who were pretty often children - indigo and in a year knew on several tens words. Artem was driven endlessly to psychologists and doctors - experts.

I once to me charged to bring it to the grandmother. By the subway it is only three stops. We quietly sat when entered the car... dog.

She was healthy, shaggy and jet-black. Quietly the woman sighed, and the man standing near us grabbed stop - the crane.

- Citizens, - distributed in dynamics the driver`s voice, - do not worry. The dog will leave on “Voykovskaya“. Also tear off the man from feet - the crane. Otherwise we will stand here till doomsday.

“Voykovskaya“ was the following stop. When doors automatically opened, the dog with advantage left.

“Gav - gav,“ - was said by the brother in low tones.

A then thought and shouted on all car: “Dog!“ And again: “Dog!“ With “dog“ on lips we became hollow to the grandmother. That pleasure gave to the brother candy. Then called the grandfather, mother, the father and all the girlfriends. Meanwhile Artem as got went on: “Dog! Dog! Dog!“ In the evening I carried it from the grandmother home, and in our car the whole crowd of guys with exotic crests on the heads became hollow. I just was lost in contemplation. It were punks. Hair at them multi-colored, are shaved from sides. From a forehead to a neck on a strip width about a palm the vegetation as a sail by the boat rose up. I was told by one my girlfriend that it is possible to make thick porridge of soap, to rub with it the head - hair become as a wire, and it is possible to build from them anything. Probably, these punks also sleep carefully, on one side, not to crumple a hairdress.

When the train began with

the movement, they, having bunched, started singing. From - for noise of words was not to sort. “Hair, - Artem gave out. - Hair, hair, hair!“

By the end of month, what is his name, the brother already answered

a question: “Artyom, prince Moscow“.

A business was so. Mother spoon-fed Artem porridge. And the father was indignant:“ Let eats! It that, prince?! Already directly the crown in a plate falls from the head!“

I the bright boy remembered that it is necessary to it. Then I for the first time thought that my brother - too, probably, indigo. If who does not know, then these are such special children - from the future. And they want to inform us on arrival of new society. They have a special look. They are shipped in themselves. They constantly somebody imagine themselves. And still they do not like to stand in queues. Well, there are a lot of any signs. I specially watched Artem. Everything meets!

Yesterday it scratched a leg and demanded that I bandaged it. Then it is proud considered a bandage and spoke: “I am a wounded fighter! I need a rocking-chair!“

the Father drew

that Artem was sent to kindergarten. It grew at the egoist (as, by the way, and it is necessary to children - indigo), and it needed influence of collective. In the first day the teacher complained that Artem beat the head of one boy.

- Why you made it? - severely the father asked.

- We played, - Artem explained. - It had to lie, and all the time rose. Also did not want to lay down!

the Father stood it in the corner.

Then I kiss

week, coming back from a garden, Artem reported on us: “I on the head knocked today to nobody, did not pick out eyes...“ But on the father he nursed a grievance.

Somehow I sat in a chair at an open window. Artem crept to me, embraced for a neck and whispered in an ear: “Ania, blows here! Change on a sofa, and let the father will sit down on your place!“ And recently I learned what for children - indigo, appears, there are no authorities. And it very much confused me. Because for Artem I am the most important authority. When he argues with someone, always speaks: “Yes you ask Ania!“ I iron his tow-haired nape and I think that even if my brother - not indigo, that all the same it is the best of all.