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With Home Alone

Presently when parents are successful, but are infinitely busy, many children are forced to spend some time at home alone. To what and as it is necessary to train the child that the soul did not support him not to shudder from each phone call waiting for something awful? How to organize training that the child quietly stayed at home, without fearing each call and surely working in any situations?

we Will address experience of transatlantic professionals. Paula Statmen, the recognized specialist in training of parents in ways of development in children of steady skills of safety, the author of the book which appeared in Russian “Safety of your child: How to raise sure and careful children“, considers:“ We need to be quiet and efficient when we discuss questions of personal security with our children. You speak about it the same as you speak about other rules of conduct. It is possible to teach to think of kids analytically minutes of danger. But if we do not control own fears and if we intimidate them, telling gruesome stories, they will not be able to apply in case of need skills of street safety, most likely, they just will stand with fear“.


, children can react correctly in a dangerous situation, only remembering accurate information, but not fears of the parents!

needs to raise children so that to teach them to distinguish risk and dangers. Unreasonable security measures can negatively influence children and make them shy, uncertain, incapable to overcome even small difficulties.

Therefore, training the child, very conveniently and effectively regularly to ask it a universal question:“ What you will do if... “For example: “What will you do if someone approaches to the entrance door and will ask you to let in it to call?“ Or: “What will you do if someone knocks at a door and will ask to open it, having presented by the militiaman?“

Training in

the child, you give it knowledge not only of how to behave in a concrete situation soon, but also put “a safety vaccine“ for the rest of life.

the Subject of today`s conversation sounds as follows:“ What needs to train the child forced to be left for some time of the house without parents“.

For a start - data of mass media:


In Krasnoyarsk, having called the apartment, the man asked the boys who were at home to give it the handle and paper to write a note to the acquaintance. When children opened a door, the man came into the apartment and, threatening with a knife, demanded to transfer it valuable things and money. Children survived. Now the criminal is detained. Threatens it to 15 - ti years of imprisonment.

In St. Petersburg the malefactor got into the apartment of the house on Yury Gagarin Avenue, having told the schoolgirl that he brought a parcel. Having appeared in the dwelling, the man attacked the fifth-grader.

of Incident happened in December of this year. Such attempts are made more often than it seems to us. Unfortunately, mass media write about incidents with a sad outcome.

Practically do not have

news how hundreds and thousands of children do not open a door for strangers and remain in safety. Boys and girls carry out rules to which they were taught by the loving mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, brothers and sisters. Having thoroughly acquired these laws, kids will carry by them through all the life, using them both in the childhood and youth, and in adulthood.

So what parents have to teach the children to? We will take the recommendations made by Yury Petrovich Dubyagin, the militia colonel, the criminalist, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor who wrote in a co-authorship from O. Bogachyova the fine book “School of a Survival, or 56 Ways to Protect the Child from a Crime“ as a basis.

  1. Parents have to follow safety rules. If parents open a door, without asking “Who there?“ and without looking in a peephole, the child will do in the same way.
  2. the Child has to know phones by which he can instantly ask about the help. The list is defined by parents. For example: cell, office numbers of parents, all other significant relatives checked neighbors, acquaintances and also short phone numbers of the emergency services. Write phone numbers on a sheet of paper about the stationary telephone set. Opposite to numbers write the necessary names or paste photos. For example, 01 - the photo or drawing of the fire truck.
  3. It is necessary not only to train the child in safety rules, but also to regularly control knowledge of these rules and their performance. Arrange examination, having agreed with the acquaintance.
  4. Leaving to
  5. the child of one, check whether it can be wounded with what, leave included in light, curtain off if it is necessary, windows.
  6. the Child has to close a door on a latch. In this action the deep meaning is put. If parents close a door keys outside, and then open, the child does not need to open a door and to make any choice. Everything is done by parents. If the child closed a door on a latch, he has to know all these rules. To all other, it increases its safety several times. Parents can lose keys, can steal, take away them from them by force etc. In these cases only the latch can rescue the apartment from a robbery, and the child - from possible stealing. The chain not always approaches as it can easily be had a bite special nippers. Therefore - the powerful, easily moved latch on a strong door.
  7. needs to be written to
  8. for the child the list of those people whom it can let. These people get to the category “acquaintances“. The others - “unfamiliar“, including all neighbors if they are not in the list.
    the Child can open a door only for familiar people, or as it is usually told, the child never has to open a door for strangers even if they are represented by the employee of ZhEK, militias. If the guests who were not knowing that the child will be one came, they have to come later, at that time, which will be called by the child.
    the person presented by the mail carrier which brought a parcel Came, - to ask to carry away a parcel back that it was taken away then by parents. Brought the telegram - let will read through a door. The list is necessary? Parents will undersign later.
  9. by
  10. to open a door for the familiar person, it is necessary to make the following.
    In - the first , to parents it is desirable to agree about arrival time that the child prepared for opening of a door.
    In - the second , he has to ask surely: “Who there?“ To ask the person to call completely itself. B - the third to look on the person in a door peephole. If the child does not reach a peephole, it is necessary to substitute in advance prepared easy, but steady stool or a chair. If there is no peephole - it needs to be established at doors in advance, having called the reliable, qualified master. It is possible even to establish an additional peephole at the level of the child`s eyes. It is very convenient, though it is expensive, to use the video cameras which are built in outside in a jamb of a door and displaying information on the special screen in a corridor.
  11. the Child should not say
  12. at all that it houses one. Can be the good answer:“ The uncle sleeps and will open then when wakes up“. After this answer the child has to depart from a door and call parents, having told about unexpected visit.
  13. If the stranger claims that from the apartment of the child water flows and fills in the neighbor from below, it is necessary to call urgently parents, and they will make the decision. The best in this case - to have kind relations with someone from neighbors in the house. Then the child can call this person and ask to check what occurs at neighbors from below. Of course, such relations need to be established in advance and in every possible way to support them.
  14. If on a visit familiar boys or girls unexpectedly came, the child should not start up them at all. It is necessary to agree about such meetings in advance; at the same time houses surely have to be parents.
  15. If the person from - for doors asks
  16. about the help, the door cannot be opened also. But it is possible to help. For example, ask to give something: to drink waters, the handle with note paper. It is necessary politely to refuse and suggest to buy it in the next shops. If say that to the person it is bad that phone is necessary, the child can ask to dictate number according to which it is necessary to call and call the attending physician or “ambulance“. If ask urgently medicine which is in the house, the child can suggest to dump it on the street in a window, but even in this case not to open a door.
  17. If someone knocks at the door and says that at an entrance the fire and that it is necessary to leave urgently the apartment, the child has to act according to the recommendations made to it by parents. For example, to call familiar neighbors, parents for work or to work independently. If the child in a peephole sees how neighbors go down a ladder, and several firefighters knock on apartments, perhaps, the fire real. It is necessary to work on a situation.
  18. If begin to break a door, then it is necessary to cause militia urgently. The child, having before eyes the leaf stated above with phone numbers, will dial the necessary number and will read written again - on a sheet of paper the address and will give reference points how quicker to reach.
    Of course if parents plan to leave the child of one, needs to think of strengthening of a door, door jambs and selection of safe locks that the malefactor, like a wolf from the tale of three pigs, did not destroy all design with one blow.
    the disturbing button installed by professional security service, had pressed which Very strongly will be able to help out, the child will give a signal. An arrival time - several minutes which, if the door strong, quite is enough for the armed dress to neutralize malefactors.
    In the famous comedy “Home Alone“ Makovey Culkin`s hero could make one sensible call to police, and nothing ridiculous would happen. Whether was not at home phone, whether the scenario of such prosaic final did not provide.
  19. On a case of breaking of a door if there is such opportunity, experts recommend to prepare also the room in which the child could take cover and hold on before arrival of the caused militia. It can be, say, the strengthened storeroom in which there will be a cheap cell phone with all necessary phones which are adjusted on a fast call.
    If parents consider that the child already rather adult, it is possible to train it to use simple means of self-defense and to keep such means (for example, heavy objects, pepper barrels or simple aerosols) in the place known to the child.
    in such strengthened room can put the reliable safe in which adults can store the real weapon of self-defense.
  20. If does not have
  21. of such room, after a call of militia experts recommend to the child to come to a balcony or to open a window and to shout loudly: “Fire!“ In this case it is big probability that malefactors will try to disappear.

In this list as can seem, it is too much points. Nevertheless, parents who are concerned by safety of own child and who seek to bring up his careful, but self-assured, capable to make decisions, will find time for training.

I every time, coming back home, will be on the knock at a door with pride of the done work to hear a steady children`s voice: “Who there?“. Having laid the safety foundation at tender age, you will be able to reap the fruits decades, feeling a support and protection in the person of your living, healthy and trained in safety rules child.