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Soon in school - we equip a workplace of the pupil

the First time in the first class! This responsible and concerning event changing a lot of things in the child`s life. The first step from the world of the childhood, games or small whims in another, adult, more strict, ordered - the world of the school student.

This transition is difficult by

for the child not only psychologically, it bears considerable load and of his health. Big loading, especially at children of younger school age, the long static stress connected with preservation of a certain pose during the work in a class causes. The long tension of muscles of a back when sitting and hands by the letter negatively affect a bearing and the general condition of an organism. According to the Ministry of Health, more than a half of children in the course of training together with knowledge get violations of a bearing, short-sightedness or other not palatable “appendices“. As far as possible both doctors, and teachers, and we fight against such state of affairs, parents, we can strongly help them with fight for health of the child. How? By means of the correct organization of a workplace, as at school, and houses. And the workplace of the school student is his desk. Well, and chair. The main thing - is correct to pick up them.

the Arrangement of a desk of the school student

If at you is own lock, well or the house where each family member can allocate a study, then probably you the question, where to arrange this most children`s desk, concerns a little. In all other cases, even in the presence of the certain nursery that meets not so often, there can be difficulties. At a window - it is good, but under a window the battery, and it is harmful. One psychologists claim that to fit a nose to a wall well because distracts nothing, others connect it with feeling of depression and psychological discomfort of the child. Most likely, search of truth will concede in these difficult questions to common sense and existence of the place in the room. There is a window seat - remarkably, just put a children`s desk not closely, and centimeters in 20 from a wall that hot air from the battery passed freely. There is no window seat, and in general the family lives in the one and only room which both a bedroom, and the nursery, and a drawing room? On such case it is possible to find the remarkable desk rising under a bed - an attic. The main thing that the workplace of the child was always correct - on the left side, and is rather brightly covered.

the Choice of a children`s desk or whether the father`s desk Will suit the first grader

the Children`s desk and a chair it is possible to buy

in shop, they can be made under the order, it is possible to make them even the hands. It is important for preservation of children`s health that all furniture was made of natural materials: for example, from the massif of wood, covering of a chair - from natural fabrics. They are eco-friendly, do not evaporate harmful and dangerous connections in air which the child as some types of plastics and plates from drevesno - glue connections breathes. For the same reason it is worth studying certificates of the chosen tables, chairs, shelves and all other: whether they conform to the hygienic standards shown to children`s furniture.

One of the most important points for preservation of a correct posture - selection of height of a desk and chair. It is defined simply - if the child sits on a chair correctly, that is touches by a back a back, and popliteal cups does not concern edge of a seat, legs firmly stand on a floor, and knees are bent at right angle - the chair approaches. The corner is more direct, the edge of a seat rests under knees and to lean on a back, it is necessary to lean back back? The chair is big. Knees are bent at an acute angle - the chair is small.


to determine the necessary height of a desk, it is necessary to measure distance from a table-top to an elbow of freely lowered hand of the child sitting at it - the elbow has to be 5 - 6 centimeters lower. For example, for the child of 110 - 119 cm in height the table 52 cm high is necessary, and the chair - 32 cm the Child grows, and together with it his desk and a chair “grow“. It is possible to buy new every year, but these are quite decent expenses: the prices of desks start with figures 1500 - 1700 rubles. Slightly more expensively furniture which will grow together with the child, that is regulated on height. Its choice is quite broad now, the prices of a desk begin somewhere from 25 and to 55 thousand rubles. The chair with the regulated height and depth of sitting costs 1100 - 15 000 rubles. But these expenses - once and for all the time of training. Besides the regulated tables - school desks not only are able to grow, but have one or several options of inclinations of a table-top, and to work at an inclined table much more conveniently and more correctly for preservation of a bearing.

If the table is necessary to

, and it is not enough money for purchase, it is possible “to adjust“ the table which is available. You should not adjust height by a podpilivaniye of legs: next year already higher table will be necessary. It is better to put on a chair a firm pillow of necessary height, and under legs - a steady support - a small bench. Width of sitting can be reduced, having tied a small pillow to a chair back.

One more obligatory moment - lighting. For the child - the right-handed person the light source on a desk has to be located at the left, and even in the presence of good top lighting or a natural light source (window), on a table the desk lamp is desirable.

the Tribute to a computer century

Now the computer is almost in each house, and it is not luxury, but a tutorial. If you decided to put the computer on a workplace of the child, you should not put it directly on a desk: it is so very difficult to observe necessary distance from eyes to the monitor. It is better to put a special angular computer little table. It will allow to preserve sight of the child and not to encumber with the monitor working space of a desk. By the way, it is worth remembering that recommended norms of work at the computer for the child - of 15 minutes a day for the first grader, to two approaches on 30 - 40 minutes - to seniors. Well, or at least fifteen-minute rest each hour of work.

Where to store treasures?

of the Book, a notebook, the handle, pencils, albums - it is a lot of things at the school student. If the looked after desk has no built-in boxes - and such design distinguishes many tables - school desks, - it is necessary to buy regiments, curbstones or other devices for storage of things. The shelf can be hung up over a table - so that the child could reach easily books from the place. At the same time it is impossible to have it over a workplace of the school student at all. Curbstones with drawers - convenient option for storage of notebooks, handles, paints, albums and all the rest. Usually they are supplied with castors so they can and be pushed under a table and to put forward if necessary though on the middle of the room. Or to move up to a sofa. The book shelf can be bought approximately for 300 rubles, curbstones are slightly more expensive - from 1000 rubles. And it is possible to get a rack, the lower regiments will occupy toys, and top - educational accessories.

Soon in school

After the workplace of the first grader is equipped, it is worth thinking of that as well as where he will sit during school lessons. It is quite good if the class is equipped with inclined school desks or even school desks which allow to work both sitting, and standing. Such are used, for example, at the schools working by a technique “health of the preserving training“ of V. F. Bazarny. Alas, it is a little such schools. Other criteria for evaluation of a school workplace of the child - same, as well as house. The school desk and a chair have to correspond to growth of the child, the class has to be well lit.

the Correct organization of a workplace of the child - it, of course, is very important. But, besides both rest, and sport, and walks in the fresh air, and healthy nutrition are important and necessary. The combination of these factors will allow the child both to gain knowledge and to keep health, to be healthy - it is so healthy!