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Secrets of great-grandmothers

How to become more attractive? This question concerned women always. Let`s look through pages of magazines of the beginning of the 20th century. Whether advice which were given to ladies 100 years ago so became outdated?

Why the Parisian is attractive by

? “The Parisian applies constant cares to improvement of the person. And our ladies... forgot that attentive care about appearance and careful care of beauty and health make a duty of each intelligent and esthetically developed woman. What woman was not flattered by the nervousness experienced by men at a view of it? Unless it should not keep a magic charm, double it if it is possible, and to try to get if does not own it? By means of beauty the woman struggles with the man, but it not the main thing. By means of beauty the woman struggles with the woman, and this most important, it is all“.“ Cosmetics“, 1910, № 2.

Ninon de Lanclo`s Secrets. “When to the famous courtesan of the XVIII century Ninon de Lanclo was 80 years old, it was still so fresh the person that young people fell in love with her. When it was asked how it could keep so appearance, it showed a piece of suede which pounded the person. Our persons are always open for wind and a frost and are almost not mobile. That is why our muscles dryabnut, especially in cheeks, droop and give to the face a senile look. Therefore muscles should give work. It is necessary to take a piece of soft suede and to pound every day the person before going to bed and at a rising until red, to warmth, to carry out some kind of gymnastics. It should be done by wide circles, devoting it 10 minutes, 5 minutes on each cheek. Persons with bloated faces will see advantage of suede especially soon; the person will become smooth, hypostases will leave“.“ Ladies` world“, 1913, № 9.

What should be eaten? “The person has color depending on food. To keep a flush, it is necessary to eat less meat. Vegetables are much more suitable.

Spinach and a leek do to

skin of Lille is more white, - the proverb of the 15th century says. You can add to it the carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes bringing benefit to skin. Complexion is harmed by surplus of oil, fat, fat and vegetable oils. Do not abuse cakes and avoid some candies. Do not eat daily cookings and cheeses, except gryuersky and Swiss cheese.

Should be

moderate in the use of spices and acids as, for example, vinegar and a lemon. Tea, coffee and chocolate are also not especially suitable. Milk and lemonade, on the contrary, are very useful to complexion.

Eat with

as much as possible fruit, especially apples and orange. Currant, cherries, apricots, peaches excellently affect a flush.

is Told that one of the first beauties at court of Ludovic - Filippa and in 84 years had complexion of the girl, ate 40 years one oranges: the baroness ate the 12th orange at breakfast, 12 - during an afternoon snack and 10 at dinner with a piece of bread and a glass of a Bordeaux.

Many women, having remarkably good complexion, eat mainly boiled vegetables and fruits. The famous beauty of the 18th century marchioness de Crequi who lived till 100 years ate throughout 50 years only dried fruit, chicken broth and compotes“.

Useful tips. “Means for a rashcheniye of hair: take nettles, squeeze out of it juice, you wet this juice a crest and scratch hair every morning.

Bewitching voice. “What can be more charming than a clear, gentle voice with melodious intonations? Better than words it expresses feelings.

our Voice such is to what we do it it often has shortcomings: happens loud, sharp, dry, nasal, guttural, deaf. It is possible to get used to speak well since the childhood, and at later age the most spoiled voice can be corrected. To keep a voice beautiful, especially if you like to sing, avoid spices, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and rinse a throat weak solution of mint alcohol in the evenings (20 drops on a glass of water). Do not muffle up a throat in furs, do not close it too high collars, accustom it to air.

Avoid cold of legs, but be not afraid to wash a neck with cold water that always serves as a precautionary measure against throat cold“.

the Manner to speak. “Never you shout. Try not to speak loudly, and also it is too silent. Uttering words, you will double force of the voice. Accustom by means of exercises the vocal chords to pleasant tones and transitions. The man`s timbre does not suit for the woman at all. Get used, reading aloud, to correct imperfections of a voice, especially so unpleasant baby talk“.“ Art to be beautiful“, 1906, № 1, № 4.

Breath. “As it is unpleasant and offensive for the woman to possess bad breath! All its charm is lost from it. There is a mass of the reasons which give to breath a caustic unpleasant smell: too spicy food, tobacco, alcoholic drinks. What to undertake against garlic and onions? Eat one, two nuts. Tea and tincture of orange are also effective. Famous Diane de Poitier who had, speak, pure and fragrant breath, always held Myrrha`s piece in a mouth.

should do to

For maintenance of freshness of a mouth aromatic rinsings by weak solution of rosemary, an anise or mint. If bad breath comes from a throat illness, it is necessary to rinse it warm aromatic tinctures of an anise, a melissa, cinnamon.“

Spirits. “Spirits are able to merge with the person as any ornament. Warmth of a body at different people variously influences force and shades of a smell of perfume thanks to what they accept as if personal character. Aroma has to be gentle; strong spirits can be unpleasant for sense of smell of others. If the woman is recognized by her spirits, then in it there is the elegance. Men are able to become attached so to a certain smell that they suffer from some kind of nostalgia which induces them everywhere and to incessantly look for delicate caress of a favourite smell. But, of course, change is necessary, and sometimes and is necessary. So, the spirits used in the winter should not be those which are used in the summer. Besides, spirits have to change over the years. Thumbing through ladies` magazines of centenary prescription, it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is necessary to fight for beauty daily, without daring to relax. And the main secret of appeal consists in ability to emphasize the advantages“.“ Ladies` world“, 1909, № 11

Secret of a charm. “The stout woman has to more, than another watches herself. Has to avoid negligent poses which can seem inelegant owing to massiveness of its forms. For flexibility maintenance the stout woman has to do gymnastics and sport. She has to show herself the ruler of the nature and cheerfully have in the opinion of all the obesity.

the Secret of a charm of the woman what it was - is in never to show shortcomings or errors of the nature.

the Thin woman is a ruler of this century. Such is command of fashion. Live and harmonous, it possesses that grace, mobility and grace which make an ideal of each woman“. “The ladies` world“, 1916, № 2.