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Without consequences. Contraception after the delivery of

Pregnancy behind, childbirth too, intimate relations are restored. At this time special relevance for spouses is acquired by a question of contraception. What methods are most effective at first after the delivery?

Man`s contraception

Besides contraceptive effect, a condom protects the woman also from infections. The last is important in the first months after the delivery when the organism of the woman is still very weak, and in the first 1 - 2 month there can be bloody allocations from a uterus (at least in insignificant quantities), and a uterus neck though slightly - slightly, but remains slightly opened. It creates risk of infection of a uterus and serious complications. By the way, for this reason renewal of intimate relations is not recommended before allocations from a uterus stop.

At the same time after the delivery at many women the hormonal background why there is a dryness in a vagina changes. Therefore the condom “rubs“, its application brings discomfort to both spouses. Use greasing - and gradually everything will return to normal. Only do not forget that latex of a condom can crack at contact with oils therefore it is necessary to use only gel greasings, but in any way not vaseline, not hand cream and similar substances which appeared near at hand at the last minute. Even at undisturbed integrity of a condom oil greasings can lead to formation of microcracks in its wall that increases risk of unplanned conception.

to stop In time

the Interrupted intercourse is such sexual intercourse at which before an ejaculation the man takes a penis from a vagina. This method of contraception, is considered the most inefficient. Sperm can contain to an ejaculation in the man`s greasing - and the closer by the time of an ejaculation, the this risk is higher. Even if before pregnancy you used this method, the best time now to say goodbye to it forever.

Natural methods of contraception

Calendar method. This method is based that in the middle of a menstrual cycle when the ovulation is most probable (an ovum exit from an ovary), sexual contacts are excluded or these days additional methods of contraception are used. It is after the delivery better not to use this method - even if before pregnancy personally you with it had no “misfire“. Restoration of menstrual function, unpredictability of days of an ovulation, sometimes shift of these days from a cycle to a cycle - all this does a calendar method extremely inefficient in the first year after the delivery for most of women. And of course, it is wrong to count days of a cycle of day of childbirth (some women for some reason equate it by first day of monthly). Here when the cycle will completely be restored - then, maybe, and it is worth returning to calculation of “prolific“ and “fruitless“ days. That is on condition of breastfeeding it will be possible to return to a calendar method only upon termination of a lactation.

Measurement of bazalny temperature. This method allows to define more precisely day of an ovulation (this day temperature in a rectum increases). But measurement of the bazalny temperature (BT) cannot be considered as a reliable method for the women who are nursing, having the child till 1 - 1,5 years. On the one hand, BT depends not only on the level of certain hormones, but also on a condition of genitals. Postnatal processes in a uterus and ovaries can imitate fluctuations of BT that leads to mistakes in an assessment of a picture and to risk of undesirable conception. On the other hand, it is necessary to measure BT after not less than 6 - an hour quiet dream. And for the feeding mother and even for many mothers who are not nursing the babies, a dream of such duration - dream, the sweet imagination... So efficiency of a method does not exceed 50% that, of course, it is not enough.

Hormonal contraception

Hormonal contraceptives traditionally win first place among warning facilities of pregnancy and give the highest percent of protection. Hormonal contraceptives suppress an ovulation, i.e. interfere with development and an exit of an ovum from an ovary. Under the influence of these preparations the structure of an internal cover of a uterus - an endoma also changes? thorium therefore the impregnated ovum cannot be attached to uterus walls. Hormonal contraceptives condense tservikalny slime, doing a neck of a uterus impassable for spermatozoa.

Pass - saw. For use the special preparations which are not influencing feeding after the delivery recommend. Such preparations are called “pass - saw“ (the low-dosed oral contraceptives). Kontinuin, Ekslyuton, Femulen, Mikrolyut, Charozetta treat them, for example. They contain only one hormone - gestagen which acts on the level of a uterus and does not change property of maternal milk (if mother nurses the child). Pass - saw it is necessary to accept daily, without breaks, strictly at the same time to maintain constant concentration of hormones in an organism (a plus-minus 1 hour). It is possible to stop reception of a preparation in any day. These preparations are developed especially for the feeding mothers, they are suitable also for women of the advanced reproductive age (after 45 years). When using in other cases they can cause violations of a menstrual cycle (shortening, intermenstrual bloody allocations).

of the Injection. other form of gestagenny contraceptives - injection Is. It is a preparation of Depot - pro-belief which is entered intramuscularly 1 time in 2 months. It is not necessary to pass time of the next injection: efficiency of a method at the same time sharply decreases. A preparation as however and any other hormonal contraceptives, it is possible to use only after consultation with the doctor.

Efficiency of contraception
In 1939 the American gynecologist Reymond Perl offered
an index for numerical expression of fertility and an assessment of efficiency of contraceptives. Perl`s index is equal to number of conceptions within one year at 100 women when using this or that method of contraception and characterizes its contraceptive action.
Female sterilization 0,4
Man`s sterilization 0,15
Intrauterine system of “Mirren“ 0,1
Intrauterine contraceptives (spirals) 1,0
the Combined oral contraceptives less 0,5
Pass - drank less 4,3
Implantation contraception (Norplant) 0,3
Injection contraception (Depot - pro-belief) less than 1,0
Condoms 12
of Spermitsida 21
the Interrupted sexual intercourse 19
Without contraception 85

Implantation contraception. At last, by means of an implantation form of a gestagenny contraceptive it is possible to solve a pregnancy problem for the next 5 years. Such drug (Norplant is most known) is injected by the doctor under skin in the form of small capsules and gradually released from them, creating contraceptive effect. It is clear, that this way the least troublesome, but demands accurate plans concerning the future though removal of capsules is possible at the request of the woman at any time. Against Norplant character of periods changes: they become poor, rare, at the same time, it is possible, irregular. Not all gynecologists own a technique of statement and Norplant`s removal therefore at statement of a contraceptive it is desirable not to lose contact with the doctor owning this equipment during the entire period of action (5 years). Norplant`s introduction is though small, but nevertheless surgical intervention after which are possible infectious - inflammatory complications. It is impossible to tell that in our country this technique is widespread.

the Combined oral contraceptives (ok). It is those oral contraceptives which are better known to most of women. The number of their names is close to two hundred. Unlike pass - pileas which contain only one type of hormones - gestagena, the combined oral contraceptives contain estrogen and gestagena. Such tandem allows to support a hormonal background at the natural level characteristic of women out of the breastfeeding period, providing sufficient contraceptive effect and regular menstrualnopodobny bleedings. The gynecologist will help to choose tablets, considering the general and hormonal condition of the woman, existence of these or those diseases both the sexual sphere, and other bodies and systems. Do not risk, independently buying what is praised by the girlfriend: these tablets can cause side effects in you.

Besides, combined OK is used only after the feeding termination by a breast. The matter is that these preparations contain two components - gestagena (they are and in above described pass - pilyakh, injection and implantation forms) and estrogen. And, in oral contraceptives these hormones contain in large numbers. In turn, hormones come to the child`s organism with milk that is unsafe.

At last, enough contraindications about which the woman knows not always OK have

. Therefore before their reception it is desirable to pass a certain inspection, especially, if such contraindications existed earlier.

Postkoitalny contraceptives. Such contraceptives, like Postinor which contain very high doses of hormones are used already “after the come true fact“. They “work“ by the same principle, as any other hormonal contraceptives. In the postnatal period it is better not to use and apply these means only in case of emergency. Besides, postkoitalny contraceptives quite often cause complications in the form of bleeding - and happens not clearly, it is connected with a preparation or with complicate? niya after the delivery. The amount of the hormones which arrived with milk to the child in this case will be very big. So postkoitalny contraception remains as and it is necessary to it, emergency - i.e. as a last resort.

Thus, from all hormonal contraceptives as the safest for the feeding women it is possible to consider pass - saw. The women who are not nursing can use any preparations after consultation with the gynecologist.

Once again should emphasizing

that reception of any hormonal preparations needs to be discussed with the doctor. Contraceptives can make heavier the course of various chronic diseases, and therefore are contraindicated at thrombosis of vessels (if it was earlier, during pregnancy or is available now), jaundice or heavy get sick? liver vaniye, tumors, bleeding from a genital tract and many other states. Sometimes the gynecologist conducts examination before he recommends to the woman this or that Apprx.

Intrauterine contraceptives

the Intrauterine spiral (Naval Forces) is a subject which is placed in a uterus to interfere with a germ attachment to its wall, that is the beginning of pregnancy. The spiral does not interfere with fertilization, and causes a superearly abortion. For application of Naval Forces there are contraindications so this question needs to be discussed with the gynecologist. Besides, Naval Forces establish not earlier than in 6 weeks after the natural childbirth proceeding without complications. Naval Forces do not establish after Cesarean section: the hem in a uterus is regarded as “a weak link“ which can be damaged at continuous stay in a uterus of a foreign subject. Besides, there are many contraindications for installation of Naval Forces (inflammatory diseases of a uterus in the postnatal period, endometriosis, serious diseases warmly? vascular system, etc.) .

of Naval Forces does not influence quantity and? chestvo of breast milk. The break from the termination of use of Naval Forces before conception attempts is recommended not less than 6 - 12 months to the woman - that there was no pregnancy interruption threat.

Carrying Naval Forces assumes control of a condition of a spiral. Besides, if you carry a spiral, then it is necessary to visit preventively the gynecologist 2 times a year as the spiral can provoke an inflammation of a uterus and appendages - and this state needs to be prevented or diagnosed as soon as possible.

can Carry a spiral till 5 years, longer carrying repeatedly increases probability of development of inflammatory complications.

the system of “Mirren“ treats intrauterine contraceptives also which, as well as other intrauterine contraceptives, is entered into a uterus cavity, but has additional effect because constantly allocates small amounts of gestagen which make local impact. At the expense of it decrease, up to total temporary disappearance, menstrual allocations, the greatest contraceptive effect is reached.

Preparations of local action

of Spermitsida - locally active ingredients which in a certain look enter into a vagina. These are preparations in the form of candles or vaginal tablets, such as Patenteks the Oval, Farmateks, Kontratseptin, Ginekoteks. They are entered into a vagina in 5 - 10 minutes prior to the intercourse. The foam which is formed under the influence of heat of a body immobilizes spermatozoa, and also kills some pathogenic bacteria. Spermitsida quickly enough collapse, and also are brought out of a vagina during frictions. Therefore before each repeated intercourse during one meeting neobkho? dimo to enter a new candle.


help women to overcome postnatal dryness of a vagina, without resorting to additional greasings.

Surgical methods

Extreme types of contraception meet seldom: for them are necessary or the expressed testimonies, or serious intentions of the woman. Surgical sterilization , i.e. bandaging of uterine tubes as a result of which there is impossible a connection of an ovum and a spermatozoon happening in a uterine tube belongs to such methods of , for example: as a result of artificially created barrier female and man`s gametes cannot meet. Efficiency of a method reaches 100%, but can happen so that after many years of quiet life the woman will want to become a mother again. And the solution will be very difficult: it is impossible to restore passability of a uterine tube after bandaging, and pregnancy can come only by EKO (“the child from a test tube“).


concerns also of man`s sterilization which consists in crossing of semyavynosyashchy channels on both sides. As a result in eyakulit sperm does not get. Testicles remain safe and continue to produce hormones therefore sexual desire, the erection and an orgasm are not broken.

Summing up of

the result, one may say, that contraception methods for women are after the delivery also various and individual, as well as for all other women. To choose the best method - means to secure itself against undesirable pregnancy, a family - from the possible conflicts, and children - for offenses in the future. Think and begin right now!