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How to bleach nails of

Nails can turn yellow from excessive hobby for color varnishes, and also from their wrong application. Smoking, visit of a sunbed, problem with health can also provoke emergence on nails of yellow spots.

can Bleach nails and to put them in order by means of the checked house means, and behind the special bleaching preparations it makes sense to go to a drugstore or to cosmetic shop.

Among house means for bleaching of nails by the indisputable leader in the right the lemon is considered. The lemon is just cut on two halves and immerse nails in pulp of a fruit. It is also possible just to wipe nails with the squeezed-out lemon juice.

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mix from several drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Carefully wipe with ready mix nails by means of a wadded tampon. Then nails accurately polish with a nail file.

to Bleach nails essential oils can help. Preparation of an effective mask for nails requires juice of one lemon, one teaspoon of oil jojoba, several drops ilang - an ilanga. Mix is carefully mixed and applied on nails by means of a wadded tampon.

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of the Tray with a camomile useful to fight against the turned yellow nails too. Several spoons of a dry pharmaceutical camomile are made boiled water and allow to be drawn within 20 minutes. Then in infusion of a camomile lower fingers and hold 10 - 15 minutes there. For nails 2 - 3 times a week are recommended to do such tray, at the same time rubbing in in nails of lemon juice will be not so superfluous.

the Salt tray for nails is not difficult to be prepared at all. It is necessary to dissolve several teaspoons of sea salt in warm water. Fingers lower in a tray for 10 - 15 minutes. At will besides salt it is possible to add lemon juice and several drops of essential oil to warm water. Achievement of good result will require 2 - 3 weeks.

Pink water is widely applied by

in cosmetology, it is possible to use it and for bleaching of nails. Mix 40 ml of pink water, 10 g of glycerin, 50 ml of peroxide of hydrogen (3%). All ingredients carefully mix, apply ready mix on nails by means of a wadded tampon.

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For bleaching of nails solution of peroxide of hydrogen and baking soda. One tablespoon of peroxide of hydrogen and two tablespoons of baking soda are placed in nonmetallic ware, mix is stirred to a paste consistence. Mix is applied on nails and left for 2 - 3 minutes, then washed away warm water. Nails can be cleaned in addition a brush.

Glycerin is mixed with hydrogen peroxide in a proportion 1:5 and applied on the turned yellow nails. Peroxide of hydrogen can cause irritation of skin therefore this means is applied on nails not longer, than for 2 - 3 minutes. Use three-percent peroxide of hydrogen, more concentrated solution cannot be used.

the Professional covering with the bleaching effect of Nonyellowing Top is made by the American company Duri Cosmetics. This means is applied on nails, it gives the opaque leveling effect, it can be used under a varnish for brighter manicure. Regular use of Nonyellowing Top prevents yellowing of a nail plate. The bleaching means of Mava - White of the Swiss firm Mavala has similar effect on nails.

the Known American company Orly especially for bleaching of nails developed means of Nail Whitener. This sparkling powdery bleach with oil of a tea tree deletes yellow spots from nails, it can be applied both for natural, and to the increased nails. In warm water dissolve contents of a bag, hands lower in solution and hold them there within 5 minutes. Then hands need to be washed up clear water, it is possible to use a brush for removal of pollution from - under nails. This procedure can be carried out regularly for maintenance of normal healthy color of nails.

the Nubar Company offers

a mask for bleaching of nails of Nail Clear. The mask eliminates yellow spots, prevents yellowing of nails, keeps initial color of the French manicure. The Nail Clear mask has white color, it is applied on nails with a thin layer, after drying it becomes transparent, then the surface of nails is polished with a special napkin.

Before applying on nails a layer of a color varnish should not forget

that it is previously necessary to cover nails with a transparent basis - it will help to prevent yellowing of nails. The obligatory part of weekly manicure can be made trays of salt or of a camomile.