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House cosmetics: Sometimes to the woman time is difficult to find cottage cheese and kefir

to be engaged in cosmetic procedures and just to run in shop to fill up the “arsenal of beauty“. In this heading we suggest to use means which always near at hand, always fresh and at the same time do not contain any preservatives and other unnecessary additives.

sour cream, cottage cheese and kefir are actively used by

Thanks to the unique properties in cosmetics. These products contain the balanced composition of active agents (vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates) possessing salutary action. They feed, humidify, clear, refresh and bleach dry and normal skin.

Kefir especially well is suitable

for the fat and combined skin which is regularly recommended to be wiped with the wadded tampon moistened in kefir. At the same time experts recommend to take not fresh kefir for wiping, and it is a little perekisshiya. For this purpose it is possible to leave it to be insisted in the warm place on one and a half - two days. Kefir well clears fat skin and narrows pores.

Cottage cheese and sour cream are suitable

for dry and normal type of skin. They remove irritation, soften, feed, smooth skin, give it elasticity.

For any type of skin

the Refreshing and toning mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of fresh sour cream and 1 h a spoon of table salt. Put a mask on a face and a neck for 20 minutes, after that carefully wash warm, and then cold water.

the Mask against a skin peeling

the Universal mask can be prepared for

from cottage cheese, kefir, olive oil and carrot juice. Such mask not only will feed your skin and will eliminate a peeling - it also will return you fine complexion. Mix all components in equal parts, properly pound in homogeneous mass and apply on face skin, excepting area around eyes and a lip. In 20 minutes for half-minute apply the napkin moistened in warm water to the person and wash away a mask.


- an egg mask


For dry skin 2 tablespoons of kefir, stirring slowly, connect to 1 h a spoon of vegetable oil and add to it a half of the shaken-up egg yolk. Properly stir mix and put on previously cleaned face a thin layer. Do not forget about a neck: it needs food too. It is possible to wash away a mask in 20 minutes warm milk.

the Peeling mask

Pound 1 yolk, add to it in the small portions 100 g of kefir, and then, without stopping stirring, pour in 50 g of vodka and the juice which is squeezed out of a half of a lemon. Put weight on a face, take 15 - 20 minutes and wash away warm water.

For fat skin

the Toning mask

Beat egg white, add to it 1 h a spoon of honey and 3 h a spoon of kefir. If weight turned out too liquid, then it is possible to add oat or almond bran to it. Clean a face kefir, and then apply on skin with a thin layer a mask. Around eyes and a border of lips the mask should not be applied on skin. It is necessary to hold it 15 - 20 minutes, and then to wash away warm water. Such mask is good when “issue“ is planned for evening and it is necessary to make for a short time toilet: it tones up skin and narrows pores.


- a grass mask


1 h a spoon of a sage and 1 h a camomile spoon, fill in mix of herbs with a half of a glass of boiled water and insist under a cover of 20 minutes. Mix 3 tablespoons of broth of herbs with the same amount of kefir and 3 tablespoons of rice flour or potato starch. Carefully mix everything and apply on the cleared skin. It is necessary to hold a mask 20 minutes then remove it from a face at first with the tampon moistened in kefir, and then with just warm water. The mask clears skin and narrows pores.

the Srub for problem skin

Fat skin on which there are a lot of black eels can be cleared by means of oat, rice, wheat grain and kefir flour. Crush oat, rice and whaet groats in the coffee grinder. You store the received flour in densely closed glasswares. For clarification of the person part 1 tablespoon of mix in kefir that gruel was formed. A pure wadded tampon wipe with this weight a forehead, a chin, cheeks and a neck. Mass skin roundabouts until weight begins to slide easily on skin. After that it can be washed away warm water.