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Berries in the menu of children

Ideally eat berries separately from other products. But from them it is possible to prepare a huge number of dishes tasty and very useful to children: mashed potatoes, ragout, baked puddings, cutlets, berry soups, compotes, kissels, mousses. They are added to porridges, dairy products, prepared with meat and fish. What for treasures disappear in berries?

of Berry are rather poor in fats and proteins and, first of all (as well as a number of other plants used in food) are valuable storage of vitamins and mineral substances. They are rich with vitamin C, P and folic acid, contain a complex of vitamins of group B and rare vitamin K, and red and orange fruits - are saturated a beta - carotene which in a human body turns into vitamin A. Among “berry“ minerals the special place of honor is allocated for iron and copper, and without them “construction“ of any blood cells is impossible. Berries - a well of various Sugars (them the organism as “fuel“ uses), organic acids, essential oils and tannins. One more indisputable advantage of fresh berries - pectinaceous substances. Their set of useful properties, for example, getting in zheludochno - an intestinal path, pectins protect a mucous membrane from influence of various microbes and toxins. And food fibers (cellulose) promote development of useful microflora in intestines and regulate advance of food on a digestive tract... Now let`s consider advantages of some berries in more detail.

Star berry

Quite so call a miracle - berry strawberry which got to Europe from Chile only... in the 16th century. But since then this fragrant beauty is considered one of the most tasty berries.

of Feature. the Main advantage of strawberry - a saturation folic acid (it it is more, than in raspberry and grapes) and vitamin C. For comparison: in five average sizes vitamin C berries as much, how many in one large orange. And the unique strawberry smell a miracle - to berry is provided by more than 50 various aromatic substances which cause inflow of excellent mood after eating of strawberry.


Than it is useful. Speak if every day there are these berries, the immune system and walls of vessels become stronger. And thanks to powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic properties strawberry is used in treatment of any catarrhal diseases.

How to give. Unfortunately, all usefulness of strawberry only those kids who were not noticed in an allergy to this berry can estimate (it strong allergen). The first time is the best of all to treat the baby with a cheesecake closer by 2 years and at the same time to allow to wash down it with any fermented milk product.

Recipe. For preparation of this hypoallergenic dish to you needs 500 ml of kefir (or any other fermented milk product), 200 ml of cream, 200 g of strawberry and 50 g of sugar. Crush strawberry the mixer, gradually adding at first cream, and then kefir and sugar. Shake up all weight to a condition of magnificent foam.

Berry - raspberry It was known to


still B.C...

of Feature. raspberry contains vitamins C and P, the pro-vitamin A, folic acid valuable to an organism macro - and minerals: potassium, copper, iron (on 100 g of berries to 4 mg), calcium, zinc, magnesium and cobalt. It is a lot of pectin and cellulose.


Than it is useful. This sweet queen of our woods and gardens - the great Aesculapian! In all medical reference books it is specified as fine catarrhal diseases medicine. It is known also that berries of raspberry improve appetite, well influence activity zheludochno - an intestinal path, anesthetize and are capable to remove heat.

How to give. As well as all berries - in any option: is fresher, in the form of jam etc.

the Recipe. This dish will help the baby to fall in love with raspberry even if he flatly refuses to eat it. At the rate on 4 portions: 250 g of raspberry, 2 Art. of l of icing sugar, 150 ml of cream, 4 small bananas, 300 ml of vanilla ice cream. Lay several berries of raspberry for ornament. Pass other berries through a sieve and mix with icing sugar until it is dissolved. Mix the raspberry puree received in such a way and a half cream, and shake up the second half. Now cut bananas and lay them on saucers. From above put on a ball of ice cream and sprinkle raspberry cream. Decorate with whipped cream and the remained raspberry.

Iron “lady“

Bilberry - a branchy bush with small (6 - 8 mm) berries (it is black - blue outside and with darkly - purple or it is reddish - violet pulp).

of Feature. to bilberry it is not a lot of Vitamins B as in other berries, but it is rich, for example, with tannins, pectins, organic acids, essential oil. Seeds contain fat oil and proteins. Bilberry - a source of manganese, chrome, copper, and on “a berry scale“ it takes the leading place on the content of iron. At the same time iron in it is in such connections which are acquired by an organism much better, than from other berries.


Than it is useful. interesting feature is characteristic Of berries of bilberry - fastening intestines at ponosa, they at the same time treat... chronic locks. However, it is considered that dried berries have more the fixing effect, and fresh help at a lock better. Apply them in the form of infusion (10 g of berries on 200 ml of boiled water). Densely welded (to cook not for long) fresh berries of bilberry heal any injuries of skin. For this purpose bilberry gruel with a thick layer is applied on the skin affected with rash, the spots, household wounds burned or the scalded places.

How to give. Give to kids years in any kind are more senior: in fresh and processed, in the form of drinks (juice, compotes, a fruit drink), cook soups and jam (it is considered that it improves sight in the dark), do jam and jam, with bilberry bake pies and cakes. And having prepared bilberry for the future (having closed, having dried), you will be able to provide the baby with good vitamin feed all the year round. Dry bilberry at a temperature of 50 - 60 ° C. Store dried berries in the boxes which are laid out by paper, and leaves - in bags.

Recipe. For preparation of bilberry soup to you needs 50 g of fresh ripe bilberry. Touch it, wash out, fill in with 1 glass of hot water and heat to boiling. As soon as water begins to boil, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and again bring to boiling. Now in soup pour in 5 g of the potato starch (1 teaspoon) divorced in a quarter of a glass of the cooled bilberry broth and let`s boil once again.

Berry - the champion


, currant, especially black - the most popular berry culture.

of Feature. First of all, blackcurrant berries - an invaluable well of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). And by amount of this vitamin she takes the fourth place (after green fruits of a walnut, a dogrose and fruits of an aktinidiya). Only 25 - 30 g of berries (a small handful) will provide to the kid daily need for an askorbinka. Blackcurrant and other vitamins is rich: E, groups B, PP, D, etc. Besides, in berries of any color there are a rare vitamin K and pectins, from - for whom so valuably currant jelly. Berries of blackcurrant are rich with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese... And one more important feature of berry - record-holders - it accumulates a few nitrates.


Than it is useful. the Description of food, dietary and medicinal properties of currant demands the separate brochure. And of course, the main curative advantage of currant is that it increases immunity. It is used at colds, an anemia, zheludochno - intestinal diseases. And if the baby caught stomatitis (tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis), let it rinse a neck the currant juice divorced boiled water 1:1.

How to give. Currant is eaten fresh, wiped with sugar etc., the Recipe. On 1 kg of berries of blackcurrant you need 1,5 - 2 kg of sugar. Select ripened (but not overripe!) large berries, pass via the meat grinder and mix with sugar. It is necessary to mix before full dissolution of sugar. Spread out the received weight in banks and cork.

a wood Legend

On one of legends, blackberry is the scattered and stiffened blood of Titans who rose against Gods and for a while arranged them a dressing down...

of Feature. Appreciate blackberry a large amount of potassium and magnesium (they; well influence heart), copper, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and manganese. Blackberry is rich with various sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose), pectins and aromatic substances. Blackberry is valuable vitamins A, With (in its wild-growing blackberry it is more) and E.


Than it is useful. Blackberry - curative berry which is taken since the most ancient times. For example, leaves, roots and berries use for treatment of a sore throat, wounds and diarrhea. Blackberry and as means against an allergy is famous for the anti-cold properties. And leaves of blackberry stop a wound at injuries and cuts.

How to give. Pies and ice cream with blackberry, fresh berries (or wiped with sugar), blackberry fruit jelly, jam and jams are always a matchless delicacy for our kids. By the way, it would be quite good to stock up with blackberry for the future - to freeze. For this purpose spread out berries in one layer so that they concerned each other, freeze and then shift in the plastic container or a bag for the freezer.

Recipe. Take 2 tablespoons of blackberry, wash out, knead a tolkushka, wring out juice through a gauze, boil a residue in 200 - 250 ml of water and filter. Put 1 tablespoon of any grain in broth, weld to readiness, add on 1 teaspoon of sugar and butter, let`s begin to boil once again, remove blackberry porridge from a plate and pour in it in fresh juice.