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The father on check. Inspection of the man before conception of

Unfortunately, future fathers wishing to have any training for conception of the child, much less, than future mothers. On the one hand, it is justified: the woman should take out pregnancy, and health of the child in many respects depends on health of mother. On the other hand, you should not forget that success of conception in many respects depends on the father.

the Program - a minimum

the Urologist is the most important man`s doctor. The urology is engaged in the majority of those diseases which can lead to problems with conception or even to its utter impossibility. Inspection at the urologist has to reveal or exclude these diseases. Careful inquiry of the man allows to draw conclusions on possible presence at it of any diseases or predisposition to them. At survey the urologist pays attention to a structure of genitalia, checks the size, a form and a condition of testicles, and also conducts rectal research - research of a prostate gland through back pass. Further several analyses which give the doctor all missing and necessary information are carried out.

the Analysis on sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections if they are present at an organism of the man or woman, can cause inflammatory processes and diseases that influences also probability of conception, and the course of pregnancy. Therefore inspection on sexual infek? tion by preparation for conception is one of the main.

the Most exact and popular method of detection of diseases, sexually transmitted, is the PCR (polimerazny chain reaction) method. By this method it is checked soskob from a mucous urethra at men, and detection of DNA of the activator is positive result of the analysis. As a rule, it is necessary to obtain information on several bacteria and viruses. Bacteria - hlamidiya, trichomonads, gonokokk, mycoplasmas, ureaplasmas and gardnerella, viruses - a herpes virus, a virus of papilloma of the person, a cytomegalovirus, a virus Epstein - Burra. Also it is worth making the analysis on toxoplasma.

Detection in the studied material DNA of any of the listed activators tells

about the corresponding disease and most often demands treatment. At the same time, as a rule, treatment has to concern both partners, Inspection of the man and woman is carried out independently: if any disease is not revealed at one partner, it does not mean that it is not necessary to look for it at the second. If at the man this or that infection is revealed, and at the woman is not present, then need of treatment of the woman for each case is discussed individually - depending on existence any another infectious - inflammatory pathology at the woman.

Usually before the analysis by PTsR method is recommended to make by

provocation - to take the measures promoting an exacerbation of a disease. Provocation can be alimentary (food) or medicinal. Food provocation is the simplest and most often the most pleasant diagnostics in all this part: the man is offered to accept a small amount of spicy or salty food and alcohol on the eve of inspection. Medicinal provocation is carried out by the doctor, there are different methods. Today PTsR is the most exact method of inspection, the accuracy of positive result reaches 97%.

the Maximum programme

Is wider list of inspections; they will allow to reveal such a stalemate? a logiya which can directly not influence a possibility of conception, but can lead to these or those problems in the future and prevent a possibility of full-fledged paternity.

the Urologist can recommend to

the following inspections.

the Spermogram is the main method testifying about vozmozh? to Nosta of conception. The spermogram is a research of sperm of the man under mi? kroskopy. This analysis gives an idea of concentration, quantity, under? a vizhnost and a structure of spermatozoa what allows to draw conclusions about a way? to Nosta of the man to conception and about probability of conception in the natural way. Also a number of additional indicators of a spermogram gives an idea of functioning of testicles, a prostate gland and a number of small gonads that it can also be useful when determining the reason of aberrations of the main indicators. If infertility is diagnosed for the man, on indicators of a spermogram it is possible to draw a conclusion on an infertility form, to decide on tactics of its treatment and to give the forecast for its efficiency.

This analysis demands a certain preparation. Within several days to the analysis, at least 3 - 4, the man should not take alcohol, plank beds - kotichesky preparations (it is possible to carry energy drinks to them, and so - a number of sleeping pill and anesthetics of preparations), it is better to exclude any drugs, and also spicy or spicy food these days. Also the man should not overcool strongly, as well as, on the contrary, overheat, should not be exposed to severe stresses, excessive physical activities, influence of any radiations. And besides everything listed, within 3 - 4 days to the analysis sexual abstinence is necessary.

Material for carrying out a spermogram - sperm, turns out the man by masturbation. Some laboratories accept condoms with the sperm which is contained in them, however greasing which are covered all a prezerva? tiva, exerts impact on spermogram indicators therefore you should not resort to this way. Technically performance of a spermogram has only one complexity. Between receiving material and implementation of the analysis to laboratories there have to go no more than 3 hours. If for any reasons research is conducted later, its results cannot be considered as objective. Ideally material for a spermogram has to be received directly in laboratory or in medical institution where research will be conducted. But in the conditions of our reality most often patients receive house material in a special disposable container and quickly bring it to laboratory. It is very convenient when the laboratory is equipped with special rooms for receiving sperm.

in the presence of any deviations in the main indicators of a spermogram the first that is recommended to be made, is to repeat the analysis in 2 weeks with observance of all above-mentioned conditions. Only on the basis of results of 2 - 3 spermograms executed thus it is possible to draw conclusions about a disease or infertility.

of Research of a secret of a prostate gland. At identification by the urologist during survey of any deviations in structure of a prostate gland or in the presence at the man of the symptoms allowing to suspect problems with a prostate (crotch pains, unpleasant feelings at an urination, frequent desires in a toilet etc.) carrying out a number of analyses of a secret of a prostate gland is necessary. The secret of gland is allocated from an urethra during massage, gathers in a test tube or for a fragment of glass and is brought to laboratory. Usually it is microscopy and crops of a secret of a prostate. The microscopy of a secret of this gland gives information on existence or lack of inflammatory process in iron, and also about its functioning. Crops of a secret allow to reveal bacteria which are in iron and can cause its inflammation. This information is irreplaceable at purpose of treatment concerning sharp or chronic prostatitis because it allows to pick up adequate and effective treatment of that form of a disease which takes place in this case. Analog of crops of a secret of a prostate gland are sperm crops.

the Therapist is engaged in inspection and treatment of the diseases connected with different bodies of a human body. Survey in total with a number of analyses will allow to be convinced of lack of so serious signs zabo? levaniye, as bronchial asthma, hypertension, vegetososudisty dystonia, aggravations of various chronic inflammatory processes. These diseases, most likely, will not render direct influence on conception, but predisposition to the majority of them is descended and sometimes can affect very strongly health of the child since first days of his life. Therefore surely it is worth taking presence of such disease at someone from parents or close relatives into account and to consult with the corresponding expert.

the Therapist will appoint by

to the man the following inspections.

General blood test. It is usual blood test from a finger or from a vein. At it the quantity of the main blood cells - erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets is counted, and also a number of additional measurements is taken. On blood test it is possible to define or assume very large number of different diseases - the anemia lowered or the increased coagulability of blood, inflammatory process and many others. Inspection concerning almost any disease begins with this analysis, you should not neglect it and before the planned pregnancy.

General analysis of urine. This analysis allows to gain general idea about that, how safely everything is at the man with the urinogenital sphere. The quantity of leukocytes in urine speaks about existence or lack of an active inflammation in this area. Availability of salts testifies to predisposition to an urolithic illness. Concentration of protein and glucose in urine gives an idea of functioning of kidneys. If any aberrations come to light, it demands obligatory consultation with the nephrologist.

Biochemical blood test. For this analysis blood undertakes from a vein. Biochemical blood test includes check of a big number of indicators of blood which reflect work of different bodies and systems - a liver, a pancreas, a spleen, kidneys, etc. Very often this analysis can reveal violation in work of body still before the first symptoms appeared. For example, one of important indicators of biochemical blood test is glucose level in blood. Sharp increase of this indicator happens at diabetes.

the Analysis on definition of a blood type and a Rhesus factor - a factor. For this analysis blood from a vein also undertakes. Often it is done along with biochemical blood test. In principle, it is not obligatory to do this analysis if the man precisely knows the blood type and a Rhesus factor - a factor, or, for example, if in its passport there is such mark. But most often it is necessary to do the analysis nevertheless. The knowledge of a blood type of parents allows to give the forecast concerning a blood type of the child. It, of course, is useful, but nevertheless is of rather academic interest. And here the knowledge a Rhesus factor - a factor of both parents is necessary for the most practical reasons. The positive Rhesus factor - a factor at the child which he can inherit from the father at negative a Rhesus factor - a factor at the woman can lead to development so-called a Rhesus factor - the conflict which can be reflected at some other adverse factors in the course of pregnancy and lead to its spontaneous interruption. If the father has a Rhesus factor - a factor negative, then problems will not be. Manifestations a Rhesus factor - the conflict can be smoothed or to prevent completely, but only if the doctor who is engaged in conducting pregnancy is ready to it in advance.

Blood tests on HIV, Wasserman`s reaction, hepatitises B and S. can reveal Practically only in such way at the person the corresponding diseases - AIDS, syphilis, hepatitises, before emergence of their expressed symptomatology. You? the phenomenon of any of these diseases so seriously influences all further human life that about conception soon, as a rule, the speech does not go any more. If couple in such situation continues to plan pregnancy, in it there is nothing impossible, but pregnancy has to take place surely under supervision of the corresponding expert. Besides, the situation at which one of partners is infected is possible, and another not yet. The situation when future mother is not infected, for a fruit does not constitute danger in general, but, unfortunately, it is improbable.

Blood test on hormones. This analysis shows activity of work of various endocrine glands. First of all, of course, in our situation the level of sex hormone of testosterone is of interest. Its shortcoming can lead to serious consequences up to besplo? the diya, but also a surplus causes development enough unpleasant problems too. Other hormones (for example insulin, gonadotropny hormones) can also affect probability of conception.

of an electrocardiogram. all men can recommend to make Elektrokardiogramma aged 40 years are more senior, and also to the men suffering from the increased arterial pressure, headaches having various it is warm - vascular diseases, the suffering excessive weight or having addictions (smoking and the use of a large amount of alcohol). At detection of any aberrations consultation of the cardiologist and additional inspection will be required.

of ultrasonography. ultrasonography of bodies of a thorax, including heart and an abdominal cavity, allows to exclude a large number of possible diseases, from - for what need for carrying out many other analyses and inspections vanishes.

in conclusion wants to tell that conception is always simultaneous coincidence of a large number of different events. Never it is impossible to be sure, it will come or not. But at same it is never impossible to tell that it is not enough chances or not at all - science for the present study these circumstances? ny it is not enough. Therefore never lose a good spirit and confidence in success.