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Raven of

we Will begin our acquaintance to a raven with the fact that we will reject beautiful words about this remarkable bird and we will look at things soberly and impartially.

of Crows ordinary (corvus corax) - the largest of family vranovy. Wingspan of 120 - 150 cm, length of a body is 60 - 70 cm, weight is about 1,4 kg that approximately time in one and a half - two there is more gray crow (corvus corone). Tail either wedge-shaped, or poorly wedge-shaped. The adult healthy raven has a plumage with blue outflow. The raven quite carefully concerns to the person, prefers the old dense woods. However in the last hundred years ornithologists observe a partial sinatropization of these birds - they can be met on suburbs of the cities trading on garbage cans, especially in a cold season. In the central Europe the raven is rare. Lives in couples. Couple is usually formed for the rest of life. Nests in hard-to-reach spots (the highest trees, rocks in the territory). During the nested period in the territory behaves aggressively, especially at a nest, attacking uninvited guests.

Today the raven became very popular bird that, of course, depresses. Often it is brought to force of the “image“ created by literature and cinema to stand out, as an interior subject. It is possible to observe result of the thoughtless relation every spring and summer when a large number thrown out meets, lost, starved and patients from the wrong keeping of birds.

So, you had a desire to get a crow. No matter, that served as the reason of they are saw at someone on the street, read in the book or watched the movie. If it is a minute rush or desire to get a bird for appearance, then it is better to refuse acquisition of a raven at once - he lives long, requires a lot of attention, and if something happens, it will be very difficult to attach a bird in kind hands.

needs to be understood At once that the raven is the most difficult for contents and education by a bird (without exaggeration!) . This bird cannot be supported in a cage - the large mobile bird will break to herself plumage. To a raven it is necessary or the open-air cage of 2 in size × 2 meters, or special prisada. The bird who is contained on a prisada needs more time for walks, it should allow still at least hour a day to play in the room. The raven needs to bathe either every day, or every other day.

Monetary charges of a raven considerable (however, as well as for proper maintenance of any other animals): equipment of the place, toy, stock, veterinary medicine. Include here and the cost of periodic repairs in the apartment. In the conditions of the city apartment the large active bird needs to spend for something the energy. Therefore the peeled wall-paper, plinths, eaves, the broken utensils and home decoration, the opened lockers, the torn documents, money and books - a commonplace. If the raven in the room somewhere also is not able to reach at once, then it will work on it and eventually will achieve the objectives. Therefore, living in the rental apartment or in a communal flat, it is necessary to forget about acquisition of a raven. Also the fact that during departure for a raven it is very difficult to find overexposure is important: friends in the first day if not hour, howl, relatives - especially. And a crow not always with yourself you will take.

Marital status as it is ridiculous, at acquisition of a bird should be considered too. Will be able to cripple the small child of crows easily (there were cases when the wounded wild raven had a bite to the person a finger), to kill small animals, and not from - for feelings of hunger. In your house the raven will attack guests. The raven chooses to itself one owner (except for a case when all family is engaged in education of a bird), with other family members there can be conflicts because of jealousy (and the raven clashes quite painfully). Therefore the crow is better to get to already taken place adult with steady mentality who is responsible for the acts having the housing and an individual transport. Then there will be no torn nerves and regrets about acquisition “not that“ the pet. Of course, the raven can quite present to the owner unforgettable minutes of communication, but for this purpose it is necessary to make considerable efforts and patience.

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of Ravens (despite assurances of some sellers). On withdrawal from the nature of a bird special permission is required. Every year, as it was already told above, on the street many young ravens which former owners refused are thrown out. And if there is a firm decision on acquisition of a raven, then it is better to wait for “refusenik“. it is better for p to take

of the Baby bird at the age of 2 - 3 weeks as already six-month-old sletka are quite difficult tamed. The first one or one and a half months should be spent constantly with a baby bird: feeding each one or one and a half hours, cleaning, communication and t.

Cannot get two birds at once - they will be focused at each other, and will not perceive the person.

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to the Adult bird in day about 2 - 3 hours. He should be walked, trained that then it was possible to release to do some flying. Train a crow approximately as well as hunting birds. It is silly to think that the untrained raven will not be lost and will come back to the owner therefore it is necessary to allocate time for trips to suburban fields (in the city better not to release a bird in free flight). The raven which flew away incidentally from the owner after the correct contents and education will be able quite to accustom to life at liberty, after wrong - no. That a crow it was possible to walk, it is necessary to accustom at first him to oputenka (to leather thongs on pads). The earlier to make it, the better. Ideally, as soon as the small raven rises on pads. Oputenki is the best of all to do of a split - velor or of skin from a top of women`s boots. By carbine to oputenka it is fastened dolzhik (analog of a lead). Dolzhik becomes attached or fastened to a semicircular ring on the falconer to a glove. It is necessary to approach the choice of equipment with all care, from - for wrong ammunitions of crows it can be traumatized or be lost. Equipment of a raven the same, as at hunting birds.

the expert defines the Sex of a raven easily, according to external data. For the beginner it is almost impossible. Character of a male and female at a raven differs quite seriously already at ptentsovy age. The male is more aggressive, he is more active, is interested in world around more (and in couple of ravens the male dominates). The female is quieter, more judicious, accurater, is more attached to the owner. If you have no experience of maintenance of a raven, it is better to get a female. The technique of training of a raven is similar to training of hunting birds therefore before acquisition it is desirable to acquire knowledge in this area, and also it is important to get acquainted with the general biology of birds.

the Basis of a diet of a raven - meat: beef, chicken necks and the heads (the heads and necks it is better to break the hammer), boiled chicken, daily chickens, quails, mice, meat of a rabbit. It is impossible pork - too greasy food. But the bird cannot be fed with one meat therefore at a diet there have to be buckwheat and oat porridges, low-fat cottage cheese, berries, carrots, apples, eggs - chicken (boiled) and quail (crude). It is considered that vranovy it is desirable to include in a diet a dry dog feed (no more than 1/3 diet, and only a premium or super - a premium class). It is impossible solanaceous (tomatoes, potatoes) and a citrus, sweet, fat, milk, black bread. The food should not be salty at all: salt can be deadly to a bird. Contrary to ordinary opinion, deathbirds prefer meat is fresher.

the Diet of a little baby bird to monthly age consists of soft food: bourgeoises from porridges, cottage cheese, grated carrots, baby food (without preservatives), meat pieces (a rabbit, beef). Surely have to be present at food calcium (organic, not a gluconate!), vitamins and minerals. Solar bathtubs are important. The baby bird who is not able to keep on a hand yet should be taken out in a basket or in an open box on the street. The main thing that the baby bird did not overheat.

to an adult bird of crows becomes

Physically equal in half a year, being finally made out in a year. Finally adult the bird can be considered from 3 years.